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Got high-quality, high-volume demands? We’re your perfect partner.

 In search of a scaled content writing solution for your agency? We offer hands-off, high-quality content creation at volume, without a loss in quality.

 If you’re managing a busy agency, the last thing you need to do is worry about sorting through a tangled workflow, hiring extra staff, or overseeing edits, revisions, and timelines when it comes to the massive content creation process that’s involved in scaled content projects.

That’s what we’re great at. If it’s a hundred inbound campaigns you manage as an agency, we are specifically suited to serve your needs.

Since our founding date in 2011, we’ve built our lean, strong internal team and many of our processes especially to handle scaled clients.

We offer your scaled project(s) a different, customized process that allows you to be more hands-off. Your content calendar and/or spreadsheet will be under the eye and management of our Content Manager, who will place all the orders on your behalf after you deposit. One of our best features is our strong internal writer management structure and processes. We staff 1% of the people we interview, and we only hire people that care. You can breathe easy, knowing we have the capacity, skill set, knowledge and aptitude to handle your scaled content writing in a high-level manner.

You don’t ever have to worry about unhappy clients — we’ll guarantee success on every project. And on the slim chance we’re human and make a mistake, we work till it’s right with free revisions. 


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Get high quality, tailored industry content at scale. Delight your agency clients.

Expert Content Writing Staff When You Need Them

Never field for or hire an elusive industry writer (or a dozen) again.

Are you focused on providing your clients with the best in marketing services? Need hands-off, customized content creation? We’re going to be a perfect match. 

We play well with agencies that work hard to provide powerful inbound marketing and real, online authority-building services for their clients. In our team, we’ve built a repertoire of nearly a hundred qualified, handpicked industry expert writers that you’ll be able to tap into on the regular — without a single HR worry again. 

By tapping into our content creation team at Express Writers, you don’t (ever) have to worry about content writing staff costs and redundancies. H.R. and staffing around content can be a huge headache — we know. On average, our hiring process rules out 95-99% of the candidates that come our way. After years of consistent honing and fielding, we’ve got the writers and the process for scaled agency orders.

Included in the cost of your content, we’ll manage matching up your clients to a perfect-fit, qualified writer, and consistently maintain on-time delivery. No matter if it’s HVAC, bioengineering or business finance, your industry-vertical client will be matched up to a qualified expert writer. 

Our vertical industry-writer-matching process combined with on-time delivery, completely managed by our staff, offers our agency clients transformative peace of mind. Plus, it results in content satisfaction for your clients, which is always a win.


Web Pages

$95 /starting per
500-600w page


$120 /starting per

Email Sequences

$450 /per
5 email sequence

“Julia and her team have been helping us with expert-level content. We’re reviewing the final drafts. It’s really good. I’m really impressed with it and you guys have done a tremendous job taking a stream of feedback and implementing it. Especially within our scope, considering ourselves more advanced, thoroughly happy with the work. For anyone reading this, Express Writers is the place to go.”

Ryan Stewart

Marketing coach, SEO leader

Content Creation Project Management Included

The pressure is officially off.

We know you’re busy. That’s why our price includes expert project management, done to a level where you can be completely hands-off, while we’re laser-focused on getting you the content you need — when you need it. 

Got volume? We’ve got you. We’ve worked with Fortune 500 digital marketing agencies, creating hundreds of pieces of content for silos of sites on a weekly basis. After every scaled project is complete (we’ll take ongoing ones, too!), we edit this page and update our spot opening. First come, first serve! The amount of content writing talent we hire, field and train on an ongoing basis is limitless. You’ll be able to tap into an incredible resource by hooking up our team to your agency client services. We currently have two spots open for managed, scaled accounts.

Our client dashboard and Content Shop makes it easy for your agency team members to order and reorder content. We can even dedicate industry-match writers specifically to your agency clients, to minimize learning curves and errors. Need ongoing check-ins and updates? We can set up weekly meetings and provide spreadsheets so you can track progress anytime. 

Breathe, finally. We’ve got all your agency content writing needs covered.

Proven Content. Proven Results.

No more guessing if your agency content writing needs are covered.

 The Top 2%

Our creators are vetted, interviewed, and consistently trained. Only 2% pass our interview process.

High-Performing Content     

Engaging writing by industry-match experts. Includes SEO optimization and an editor’s eye.           

Real Results

In-depth research, original copy, and authority-checked internal citations for agency content success.

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