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Explore How to Imitate These 5 Huge Companies That Nail Retail Copywriting

If you’re a retailer, you depend on good copy to help sell your products and services.

With good copywriting, you can garner interest in your brand, cultivate trust, and provide value to your audience. In turn, these aspects make them more likely to pull the trigger. This is when leads convert to sales, and you score.

Fantastic retail copywriting, however, is what sets apart the merely successful from the true stars of the market.

However, that level of writing is often hard to achieve. In short, you need the pros.

This is where a content creation and copywriting service swoops in to help you.

At Express Writers, we’re staffed with skilled scribes who know how to write engaging copy. We employ slick sentences, nimble turns-of-phrase, and alluring adjectives to present valuable information to your customers.

We write copy that gets you noticed. We do this in a few different ways, including using the same techniques that the big retailers use.

Get the gist of what we offer, then find out which major brands we love to emulate.

retail copywriting

What Express Writers Offers for Retail Copywriting

Our Content Shop is a treasure trove if you’re looking for great retail copywriting. Just a few of our offerings include:


We write your copy so you don’t have to, and we write it professionally. This means you’ll be a step above your competitors with snazzy copy that holds attention. It’s clean writing that alternately entices and engages your readers.

Your copy will be unique to your business and what you’re selling. Whether you offer products or services, we’ll make them desirable. We’ll answer the readers’ questions and position you not only as useful, but necessary to your potential customers.

Our Track Record

We have helped thousands of clients edge out the competition with solid, smart, well-written copy that’s SEO-ready and optimized for discovery.

Our successes are proven: our services have given clients boosts like high conversion rates, big increases in revenue, saved time, and high-ranking pages. We have worked with brands big and small and helped speed their way to standing out among their peers.

Our services make it possible – we’re ultra-flexible and can give you just what you need.


Our Products and Services for Retail Copywriting

You’ll find all kinds of options for custom retail copywriting in our Content Shop.

Product Descriptions
Excellent product descriptions highlight what you’re selling in a way that makes them unique but understandable. Customers will quickly get the gist of key features with well-written descriptions, but, more importantly, they’ll be enticed to click “Add to Cart.”

Ad Copywriting
You only have one chance to grab attention with your click-through ads. With professional ad copywriting, we write the kind of creative, fun, targeted copy that gets web users to stop scrolling, take a closer look, and click.

Web Pages
If you want to grab the customers who are looking for businesses like yours, you need SEO-friendly web pages that are easy on the eyes. We write readable, professional, custom copy that is up to Google’s high standards. This means more traffic and conversions for you.

At Express Writers, we know quality retail copywriting. As such, we’ve collected some of our favorite examples of awesome brands doing it right. When we work for you, we’ll aim to emulate these successful brands by using their tried-and-true techniques.

5 Examples of Big-Time Brands that Nail Retail Copywriting

According to Econsultancy, there is a formula to great retail copywriting. It includes:

  • A unique approach
  • A knowledgeable perspective
  • Seamless keywords
  • A readable format
  • An inviting, friendly tone of voice
  • Not too much technical jargon

Some of the best brands out there nail every aspect – and they make it look easy.

1. Apple


Time after time, Apple keeps on producing crisp, clean copy that grabs your attention and holds it. In fact, their words are like their products: sleek, crafted, and to-the-point.

But what are the nitty-gritty reasons behind why Apple’s retail copywriting works effortlessly? According to Kissmetrics, it’s based on a couple of key techniques:

  • There’s always one big idea. For example, in the above screengrab, the idea is simple: the iPad Pro is just like the older model, but better. With it, you can still carry out all the tasks you used to do – just better.
  • Sentences are short and broken. Most of the ideas Apple puts out there are rather abrupt in their wording. However, they all give you the sense that the company is making a firm, bold statement that they absolutely stand behind. They’re not suggesting, they’re telling.
  • The copy is memorable. The line “Anything you can do, you can do better” is not just catchy. It actually riffs off memorable song lyrics from the Broadway musical, Annie Get Your Gun. As such, it has a ring to it. It sticks in your head. Of course, that’s totally the point.

2. ModCloth


If there was an award for “best use of plays-on-words in product descriptions,” women’s clothing retailer ModCloth would win it.

Just listen to the names of some of these clothing pieces:

  • The Flair and Back A-Line Dress
  • Pull Up a Cherry A-Line Dress
  • Flourishing Flirtation Top
  • Patio Chatting Tank Top

According to Hubspot, ModCloth accomplishes enticing product names and descriptions because they know their buyer persona inside-out. This includes what will appeal to them. They know that the gals who shop their website are smart and savvy – and they run with it.

3. UncommonGoods


UncommonGoods immediately grabs your attention on their homepage with their unique product categories. Instead of settling for your standard “men,” “women,” etc., they instead zero-in on fun categories that directly appeal to special interests.

It’s fun and a little silly to name your “bestsellers” category “Selling Like Hotcakes!” – but it totally works.

4. Old Spice


Old Spice has set themselves apart from other men’s brands by just plain going for it. Their wacky, hilarious ad copy is everything from attention-grabbing to tongue-in-cheek.

Just look at that tagline in the screengrab: “Don’t smell yourself short.” It’s simple, memorable, witty, and funny. Old Spice’s ad copy takes itself incredibly seriously, but that’s part of the joke – and you can tell that they’re laughing right along with us.

5. Avocode


Avocode is nailing the simple, straight-to-the-point strategy. Combined with their clever and cool name, their copy tells you, in plain language and large font, exactly what they can do for you in one sentence.

As Kissmetrics notes, it’s not pushy or complicated, and it doesn’t scream for your attention. It tells it like it is.

Unsurprisingly, this makes you feel like their program might be equally as simple to use. That’s just smart retail copywriting.

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How to Emulate the Pros and Get Effective, Attention-Grabbing Copy

If you want to emulate the big guns and cultivate creative copy that translates into a tidy ROI, you totally can.

There are a few basic principles to follow.

1. Keep It Concise

Short and to-the-point is always better than long-winded and rambling when it comes to good copy.

As you probably noticed from the examples above, keeping it short keeps things punchy. After all, which is more likely to grab your eye: a huge wall of text explaining a product or service in fine detail, or a short sentence that captures its essence in one try?

2. Be Creative

Creativity will take you far with retail copy. Creativity is what makes you stand out from the pack. It’s what sets your message apart from the thousands of other brands that are similar to yours.

3. Be Approachable

Don’t be afraid to poke fun at yourself, and maintain a friendly tone. Approachable writing makes people feel warm and welcome – it invites them in and draws them closer.

4. Consider Your Target

Don’t write for teenagers if teenagers aren’t your target audience. Pay attention to exactly who you’re addressing with your retail copywriting, and think long and hard about what will appeal to them.

5. Hire Fantastic Writers

If you want to skip the hard parts and let someone else do the creative legwork for you, then you should hire fantastic writers to make your copy sing.

At Express Writers, our team is ready and waiting to take your retail copy needs and run with them. We have a variety of products and writing services that can get you noticed in the best way possible.

So, what are you waiting for?

To kick-start your retail copywriting, visit our Content Shop today and get rolling on your way to new heights with great copy.
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