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20 Brands That Blow It Away On Instagram & What To Learn From Them

by | Aug 3, 2015 | Social Media | 0 comments

Have you ever snapped a picture, applied a filter, and shared it to your followers with a fun hashtag describing your feelings as you post?
Then you’ve used Instagram.
Instagram is an amazing social channel that provides people with the ability to give their followers a glimpse into their everyday lives.
Many times this means a ton of cat pictures, selfies, and the occasional food and beverage shot.
However, there are businesses and brands out there that are taking their Instagram game to a whole other level, hitting it out of the park with their strategy.
I am going to look at these amazing brands, helping you find some great Instagram inspiration for your own strategy.

Learn from the best out there.

Learn from the best out there.

20 Brands that are Amazing on Instagram

What are some brands that can give you excellent Instagram inspiration? I am going to take a look at some of the top ones when it comes to excellent content.
1. John Deere
Tractors, farming, spending time with family, and living off of the earth are all things that John Deere shares on their social channels. When you look at their Instagram page, you can immediately tell what they sell, and how much they value family and hard work. This is a great illustration of a brand knowing their audience base, and creating images to share that will easily connect with fans, followers, and customers.
2. Billboard Magazine
Keeping up with the latest music news is something everyone loves, and Billboard Magazine helps with that. They provide their followers with “insider info” and give behind-the-scenes looks at various projects, concerts, and more. BTS is a great way to interact and engage with your audience.
3. The White House
It’s pretty obvious that the White House staff is pretty stellar at social media. They understand that working with the public is a great way to bolster positive attitudes, which is a great inspiration for everyone, including businesses. Work to promote positivity, and you’ll start to notice more positive change around you.
NASA has a variety of excellent Instagram accounts, giving followers and fans excellent content that they all want to see. You can follow their main account, or you can choose different ones from different laboratories, space centers, and missions. This guarantees that you will be able to get the content you want, without having to sift through other content you aren’t interested in.
5. Intel
Seeing the latest innovations in technology and watching as awesome things are created can be an exciting thing for many people. When it comes to showing these, Intel is tops, giving all of us a great look into the future of technology. In addition, we see great behind-the-scenes elements, which creates great personal connections with all fans, followers, and customers.
6. Virgin America Airlines
Virgin is known for their swanky airline, and their Instagram shows just how awesome it is. Just a short, quick look at their pages shows some awesome photos of the airline, all with the signature purple lighting that everyone associates with them. This is a great illustration of keeping something consistent, whether a particular color scheme or voice, when it comes to using any social channel.
7. Taco Bell
You don’t have to like their food, but it is pretty hard for anyone not to laugh or enjoy this brand’s epic social media and advertising campaigns. They utilize humor in some of the best ways possible, making great connections with their fans and customers. But, like I said, even people who aren’t fans of their food still love their hilarious approach to all marketing.
8. Warby Parker
Warby Parker is a great place if you want designer glasses, as well as having a passion for helping those in need. The company knows that the main customer base they want to reach incorporates the younger generations, and their Instagram shows that. They truly are masters at creating content that young shoppers are likely to enjoy.
9. Macy’s
Fashion and fun are two major aspects of Macy’s Instagram account, and they capture it all amazingly. From giving suggestions on how to style the best minion outfit to celebrating the USA women’s soccer team, Macy’s knows how to connect with their audience. They are an awesome example of just how to utilize something that is currently trendy, as well as something that can bring everyone together in joy and celebration.
10. Game of Thrones
Whether it is when the show is airing, during a convention, or when the snow drifts start piling up, the Game of Thrones Instagram is on the ball. You get great behind-the-scenes looks at the series, plus fun photos of the cast at various Game of Thrones events. This really helps make all GoT fans feel like they are involved in this awesome series.
11. Starbucks
What’s Instagram without a picture of food and a Starbucks coffee cup? Their Instagram is filled with photos of the current marketing campaign, pictures of store locations, videos, and, of course, those coffee images. Starbucks is a great source of inspiration, no matter your industry, when it comes to social media.
12. GoPro
From an impactful bio to great fan-made images and videos, GoPro is an excellent example of involving clients and using Instagram to the fullest potential. You can expect to see amazing fan-captured items that are sure to make anyone want to use a GoPro camera. How can you implement anything from such a popular company? Simply by involving your clients and sharing media that is created by your client base; just share images they send in and have a blast.
13. H&M
H&M knows that their client base is one that appreciates fashion, fashion tips, and fashion industry news. And this is exactly what they share with their 8.4 million followers. You can see great style ideas for Bohemian-chic, how to relax at the beach, and the latest from whichever fashion week or show the brand is at. With fun videos, great behind-the-scenes looks, and excellent product images, H&M is definitely a leader in the world of Instagram. Take a look at their channel for some epic inspiration.
14. He for She
#HeForShe is an amazing social media campaign that is aiming to get young men involved in and supporting women’s rights all over the world. They mobilized this initiative over Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and have had an amazing social strategy that brings people together.
15. Habitat for Humanity
Habitat for Humanity is another excellent example of a non-profit and how they utilize social media. For this particular non-profit, stories are vital to connecting with their donors and volunteers. Their social channels are filled with the latest stories of families helped, which is a great encouragement for many to get involved and help others.
16. Target
When it comes to a brand that knows how to use social media and Instagram, Target is definitely one of the top ones. Their channel is filled with vibrant colors that make their whole store and online shop seem like an amazing, inviting place. There’s no way you can feel anything but happiness when you see a Target Instagram post pop up in your feed.
17. NFL
For many Americans, it is a sad day when football isn’t on the TV. However, football fans don’t have to wait until the season kicks off to enjoy excellent football related content. With the NFL’s Instagram account, fans get the chance to see excellent news from within the NFL, as well as great countdowns until football is back on everyone’s TVs.
18. Sharpie
Thinking outside of the box and creating an amazing and unique Instagram presence can really help you stand out from competitors. This is exactly what Sharpie does, with a feed filled with fun images and creativity. Get creative, and even get some great creations from your readership and establish an epic Instagram presence that everyone will remember.
19. American Express
This is a great social channel for anyone who enjoys traveling, seeing new sights, drinking coffee, or almost anything else. The goal of American Express’s Instagram is to show just how AE can be used for almost everything out there, which means they are always reaching out to different audiences. This is an amazing example of creating great, gorgeous, high-quality content that isn’t limited and can reach out to a broader audience.
20. A Lady in London
People love to travel, but it isn’t always feasible with tight budgets. But A Lady in London gives everyone the chance to travel around England’s famous city and see some gorgeous sights. She connects with people through images that people can immediately recognize, as well as showing them “off the beaten path” locations. This is a great way to engage with followers and give them amazing content they are sure to enjoy.
Insta-spired: Create an Epic Instagram Strategy
Take some time to get inspired by these excellent Instagram channels to create some amazing images to share with your audience.
You can find great ways to connect and engage with your client base, giving them quality images, and involving them with your business.
If you are looking for great, written social media content then look no further than Express Writers. We can make some epic written content for your business, helping you make that initial connection with your customers and followers.

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