why your content marketing isn't working

Why Your Content Marketing Isn’t Working (Video)

Content marketing works. 🔥

I’ve talked about this and written about it for years in my blogs, guest blogs, emails, case studies.

The reality of blogging and content marketing ROI is growing greater year by year, as consumers get smarter and ad money goes down the toilet.

Just look at these three top statistics:

  1. Hubspot studied over 13,500 bloggers and found that the more blog posts published, the more inbound traffic publishers got to their website.
  2. In the same Hubspot study, it was found that an accumulation of more content brings more leads: companies that have published 401+ blog posts get 2x as much traffic as those that have less than 400.
  3. The current ROA (return of advertising) is .6x, down from 11.8x in 2016. You’re losing money, most of the time, on ads. The ROI (return of investment) of organic content is anywhere from 14-16% of traffic (conversion into sales). (Ad Strategist)

But here’s the thing.

The average time span to see content marketing results can be 12-18 months.

After building up a repertoire of content, we’re seeing results – like ranking in the top 3 of Google results for “digital content strategy” in as little as 30 days.

So, faster results can happen, only if you build up the right foundations.

And here’s the secret about content marketing.

It doesn’t work if you don’t set it up to work.

Watch today’s video for three ways to set up your content marketing foundations to start earning (and seeing) real results online. ⬇️

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Why Your Content Marketing Isn’t Working (Video)

Video Summary: How to Build a Strong Content Strategy for Your Content Marketing

Hi, I’m Julia McCoy. You can call me the content hacker. That’s the name of my new personal brand launching in June. I’m a growth-focused content marketer, the CEO of Express Writers, blogger, and author.

Thanks so much for joining me on today’s video!

Content Works – But It Doesn’t Work If You Don’t Set It Up to Work

I’ve been sharing those statistics that I shared with you at the beginning of this video for years now.

I’m here today, creating a video just for those still in the rut of zero action in their content marketing.

I’m calling you out because I care about you. Your success can happen — you might just a few feet away from content marketing greatness.

But here’s the thing.

If you’re not getting the fundamentals of great copy right, and you’re not stepping into consistency and greatness in content production.

All the while, complaining about the things you don’t have.

Not enough leads.

Not enough sales.

Not enough people on my website.

I can tell you, if you just sat down and fixed the content marketing problems staring you in the face —

Those leads…

Those sales…

Those people…

Would come.

The problem with most content marketers is that marketers think of content as a quick fix, instead of thinking of it as a fundamental, like building a house.

And they complain about all the things they wish they could have, while they’re ignoring this big, glaring situation of ignoring the fundamentals.

Which they could have — if they fixed their content.

If they stopped being absent on the company blog. If they got the broken areas of their website rebuilt. If they took another look at and fixed all that icky content written more than two years ago.

It’s time for content marketers to stop complaining about the leads, traffic, and sales they don’t have. And it’s time to start doing something about it.

Content marketing action-takers are the content marketing winners.

It’s time for content marketers to stop complaining about the leads, traffic, and sales they don’t have. 🛑 Content marketing action-takers are the content marketing winners. 📈 @JuliaEMcCoy Click To Tweet

My story is proof this can happen — and I’m a college dropout that learned all this by a ton of trial and error!

For 8 years, I haven’t missed a week in blogging. Guess what our results are? Over 90,000 monthly visitors and an income built 99% through our on-site traffic. Our traffic converts at 14-16%.

blogging case study express writers

We’re not the only story of success after content done right — we’re just one of many brands, completely built through content marketing! (See a case study of four marketers and teams that have built huge presences with content marketing.)

3 Ways to Start Turning Things Around and Seeing Real Success From Your Content Marketing

If you’re not seeing success from your content, here are three ways to immediately step it up and start seeing results. All of these three things require some time and effort, but they’re going to be worth it.

1. If your site isn’t fast, user-friendly, stable, well-built, or built at all — this is your first step.

Site speed and quality is everything.

Google has said that conversions drop by 12% per second of load time. The more time it takes to load your site, the less your lead, your human, will even stick around. Website time is money! A study done in 2017 showed that one full second can decrease conversion rates by 70%.

Use a tool like Pingdom to test your website speed.

Hire a good WordPress designer from platforms like Upwork to fix, clean or build your site, make it lightning-fast, Google-friendly, reader-friendly and beautiful.

You don’t need to spend more than $30-50/hour to get a great WordPress developer, and you can by the hour and work done. If you need a brand new site, expect to spend a minimum of $500 or $1000 for a solid, well-built 3-page website. More if you want them to build more content.

Get a great website. (Build one if you don’t have one. Rebuild one if yours is crap. Seriously. You’ll thank me later.)

2. Research and put together a keyword report. I do this weekly.

Think of finding the right SEO keywords like paving a driveway to your house and adding your house number on your mailbox. Without a house number, mail couldn’t get to you! Your friends wouldn’t be able to find your house! Without a driveway, people would have trouble getting to your house.

The same is true of building a site without doing keyword research. After 8 years of doing consistent SEO keyword research, I still find untapped keyword opportunities that no competitor or major industry publication has found yet! There are so many opportunities for low-hanging fruit that you can create great content around that will help your ideal audience member or even buyer find you and your site.

Remember, once you have SEO keywords researched, it will do you no good without great content formed around them. Get a writer to help re-haul all your content if it’s icky, or hire a writer to create some content for you! You wouldn’t leave remodeling the kitchen up to yourself and a friend, would you?

Maybe if you’re a professional contractor, you would. Don’t leave writing up to you and add it to your long to-do list, if it’s hard to make a priority OR if you’re not a professional writer by trade. Trust me — Google puts heavy emphasis on your content quality to rank your content.

3. Plan and set a consistent amount of content to happen on your site regularly.

The best way and easiest way to do this is through a blog. I have a goal of a minimum of one blog per week at the Write Blog. I’ve been able to commit to that for 8 years and running. Other marketers besides me have committed even longer!

Think about great images you can add to your blogs. You can even go for custom illustrations and have a designer create header sets for each blog in a branded color that matches your brand and logo. This is what we do at the Write Blog.

You’ll need to get your social media going, too. Share the posts you publish on your site.

That’s it! Three ways to see success from content marketing. Like I said, it’s a lot like building a house, not a cheap or fast trick to get traffic and sales. It’s a long-term commitment to see long-term success. But isn’t everything good in life like that? A marriage — you have to put in daily effort to love that person! Parenting — you have to spend time with your kid every day! Writing a book, building a business, on and on. So why are we trying to do anything different with our content marketing?

By the way, if you need content help, this is what we do every day at Express Writers. We write blogs, research keywords for our clients, plan out consistent content, design beautiful, custom imagery.

That’s it for today’s video! Want more content marketing real talk? Hit that subscribe button and tap the bell so you get notified right away when my new videos are out. Let me know what you thought of today’s video in the comments – I’d love to hear from you! See you next time.

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