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This October at Express Writers: Expanded Team, Two New Services

Hi, blog readers!

Happy October, and thanks for joining me today…you’re in for some fun stuff.

First up, I’m sharing all about the staff changes and implementations we’ve done here at Express Writers this month.

Next, it’s all about the super cool new services launched today in the Content Shop!


express writers new services

New Staff Members & Improved Quality Processes

This month, at Express Writers, we’ve been through some serious changes…although it’s been an absolutely crazy month, we’re ending on a very strong note.

For the past three weeks, I’ve been busy prepping and training our writers and managers for our two new services that are now live today in the Content Shop, Authority Content & Case Study Creation. The training I wrote and put out for Authority Content is super detailed – over 20 pages of exclusive, directional content that you won’t find anywhere else. I’ve worked one-on-one with our case study specialist, an inbound marketing expert, to craft the perfect case study for us before we started formulating how to sell it.

So, needless to say, I’m super excited about these two new high-ROI, turnkey content marketing services–read below for more details on both.

And, this month, we’ve been on-boarding and training new faces in the management staff to support the volume of incoming client inquiries and high-level project support. It’s been extremely hard to find reliable, high quality team members in the staff that can fully pass our rigorous tests and nail every part of the process, and be in our team every day working hard. We’ve had several people in staff come and go this year, who weren’t devoted to performance and the hard work it takes to survive in this industry.

It’s taken us a while to find the right people, but we’ve been able to onboard a fully dedicated staff editor for large projects ($8,000+ per month client spend), and a dedicated WordPress posting editor, besides our regular editing team. Bringing in a wealth of experience on all fronts, our new editors have our quality at heart!

Earlier, in September, I had the honor of hiring the talented Tara Clapper, who comes from SEMrush and brings a wealth in years of content marketing experience to Express Writers, from knowing the ins and outs of online content strategy to hosting webinars and networking at events. Tara has been very successful at helping us on the editing team and giving our clients spectacular insights for their content success.

Janeka, one of our social media experts, was recently multi-tasked with the role of Content Support Specialist, and she’s been rocking it out.

new faces in the staff october

New Logo & Content Shop Icons

As most of you know, we’re on the verge of a major relaunch we’ve been building for 1+ year: a custom developed Content Shop and teamroom. Till then, we decided to run with some major brand improvements early!

instagram-logoOur new logo is an expression of how our brand has truly taken flight this year, despite all the difficulties in our way. ✈️ As a content agency, we are constantly evolving, adapting, and growing. Writing is a skill that takes great mentoring and lots of practice to perfect. That is what we believe in, and our goal and mission as a content writing agency. This year, we’ve never been more focused on our mission and more capable of delivering amazing quality – the content that 2016 marketers need. It was time to take our paper plane and let it fly!

New look in the content shop: 40+ brand new icons for each of our services, shaped and colored in the flat, poly style of design that our new logo is in. Our designer rocked these out in less than a week!

Other fun stuff: we’re going to be hitting up the Search Engine Journal Summit in New York City on November 2: my CTO Josh, Tara, myself, and our SME Krystal! (Want 15% off tickets and a chance to get a copy of my book for free? Check out the details here!) Come say hi if you’re in the area. We’d love to meet you!

Now… ready to hear about our new services that went live today?

express writers new services october

What Are the Two New Writing Services at Express Writers This October?

Let me start the new product discussion (yay!) by asking you a question…

Does there ever come a time when you write, create, publish, publish, rinse, repeat…

And you stand back and realize:

Where is the ROI in all this content that I put out?

There’s so much information out there about how to do it. More content, not less… but hey, let’s not forget quality over quantity

How do you trim the fat?

Create powerful, effective, meaningful content that WILL get ranked well and read, shared by real people who actually got something from your content?

There’s only one way: by creating the most authoritative piece on the subject.

But that means a ton (and I mean a ton) of work has to go into it.

First, you have to research to find your perfect low competition, high volume long-tail keyword before you even write it.

Second, you have to write an authoritative, expert, long-form post (1,500-3,000 words is what Google ranks the most) that nails the specifics of what the topic should give the reader, and is written in an engaging, readable, optimized style.

Thirdly: you’ll need to create custom graphics and visuals for your long-form piece to represent the key points, and finally, a feature graphic branded to you that will go with it everywhere on social media.

The Answer to Your Most In-Depth, Amazing Content Need: Authority Content

I took those points into consideration, picked the best four writers out of my team of over 50, and over the past month I sat down and created a workflow process where we nail all three of those points, called Authority Content. You know what? The workflow means four people are involved in creating one post.

That’s what it looks like nowadays when you want to nail content.

Be the biggest name in the book.

Outshine every other result in the SERPs and be THE result people WANT to click on…

And when they click through, present them with the content piece that answers every question they had on the topic.

Then, and only then, do you truly get ROI for your content.

Why create if you’re just adding to the noise?

Enter Authority Content.

Launched TODAY live in the Content Shop, I’m excited to offer a content product where I’m so sure we’ll nail the topic you want us to research and create an authoritative piece for, that your money will be given back if we don’t.

This month, I sat down, picked the best four writers out of my team of over 50 creators, and wrote a workflow process and extensive guides where we nail all three of those points. (I even created a five-point structure for winning at every single intro.) Then, I mentored my best writers on the process I wrote, tested them, and trained other team members for the other parts of the process (designing custom graphs, researching the keywords). I was hoping to launch it this week, but the quality process took longer than I expected: and today, it’s live!

You know what?

Four people from my team will be involved in creating one piece of authoritative content. Not counting editors. (Yes, they’re involved.)

Here’s a preview of the input form for Authority Content (activates as soon as the order is placed in the Shop, click the + to expand.)

See an example of an authoritative post on our site!

Second Product Out Today: Case Study Writing & Design (A Full Package)

A content type that is worth every penny of your time and money to invest in is case studies.

And, they’re a hot ticket item in content marketing, if done correctly.

You basically take a happy client of yours, create their story, and repurpose it as content that will sell your leads on why you.

You’ll need to interview your case study participant: if possible, get a direct quote. Take all the information and copywrite a beautiful, flowing case study with actual data. Then design it into a PDF for marketing; create a landing page where people can access it; and, if you really want to go places, write a blog story around it with a link to the downloadable resource.

Everything I just outlined is part of the process in how we create case studies. We have an exclusive, inbound marketing certified copywriter ready to interview and write; and our team designer that will put the PDF together in a beautiful design.

Our new case study service, live in the Shop, offers four services in one product:

  • Copywritten case study page (landing page)
  • Designed PDF (perfect for your marketing materials)
  • AND a short story blog about the success you had with your clients.
  • We even take care of approaching and interviewing your client participant, included in the cost and perfect if you don’t have the data or time to grab a direct quote (we’ll professionally represent you!).

Here’s a preview of the input form that’s live and ready to go as soon as Authority Content is purchased in the Shop (click the + to expand.)

See an example of a fully designed Case Study live on our site!

That’s It, Folks!

Convinced yet?

Go check out Authority Content in the Content Shop…

and Case Studies, here.

Thoughts, feedback or suggestions? Let us know in the comments!

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