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Release a Press Release That Nails Today’s PR Rules

The decision to release a press release is still smart. This classic newsy kind of material is not dead, but it has significantly changed (which is probably why it is rumored to have passed).

Are you planning to release a press release for your company?

Sarah Skerik reports that the viewership of press releases on PR Newswire is now 30% higher than in 2009, confirming that this move can boost your visibility at hardly any cost. The good ones spread news about your product, event and company far and wide.

Press releases are sent to editors and journalists, and today, they are listed in web directories too. Because to release a press release is easy, the email accounts of media outfits are flooded with all sorts of materials from decent to bad to downright ridiculous.  In short, quality is very important, but every PR writer has to remember the rules have changed a lot since the invention of this tool.  Study these new techniques on how to release a press release effectively and succeed like the pros.

Make it Shareable

Release a press release that is nimble, which means it can be easily, quickly, and appropriately shared in a variety of formats including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. It should also be SEO friendly, which means the right keywords in the right place at the right density should be used.  To release a press release of this caliber is definitely more challenging than it sounds because adjusting to different online venues is a tough balancing act.

Here is an example of an okay but not particularly shareable press release (because it’s just so boring): “[company name], a leading manufacturer of medical technologies, today announced that results from its study will be published in an upcoming print edition of the journal of [insert journal title here].” We don’t care what happens next, do we? To release a press release of this sort kills your chances of going viral.

A little witticism and humor would be great too, but it has to be tempered with specificity. When you release a press release, you may—with great caution—headline this way: “New strategy for tax preparation: take a nap” or “Tech to detect when driver dozes off.”

But your headline or lead paragraph doesn’t have to be funny to be interesting. The following headline piques the interest of readers without trying too hard make you giggle: “Student-designed App ups learning rate by 50%.” If you come across this type of information, wouldn’t you want to share it to your friends?

A great picture is another excellent addition when you release a press release.

Make it Concise

Ever since people learned to release a press release, economy of words has been important, but it is even more critical now that web readers go through titles and texts in a fraction of a second. When you release a press release, be as straightforward and informative as possible. For example, you can start your paragraph this way: “A new accident-prevention technology could help detect when drivers feel tired and sleepy.” There is no need to use words like breakthrough, amazing, unbelievable and so on. If the text is relevant and interesting, readers can instantly tell without the overload of positive words and adjectives.

Expert writers who release a press release that is concise weed out the unnecessary and stick to what is essential, written in a manner that is easy to read and understand.

Pay Attention to Relevance and Impact

When you release a press release, the worst possible reaction to it is “So what?” People need interesting tidbits of information they can use to ease the daily grind.

A press release is basically a piece of news about your company or product. Your story doesn’t have to be mind-blowing to be good, but it does need to be useful and fresh.

Consider the following titles before you release a press release.

  • Free E-Course Offers Online Marketing Training
  • Wellness Website Gives Away Free Juicer to Biggest Weight Losers
  • Credit Card Forever Waives Annual Fee If You Apply Now
  • New App Promises 20% More Productivity


Do they make you want to read through the whole text? Probably yes, because they all highlight benefits to the reader.

Generate Leads

The object of lead generation is to expand your network of contacts and add to your roster of prospective clients.

This requirement is an offshoot of digital public relations and marketing. It didn’t used to be necessary when writers release a press release but given the highly competitive nature of modern markets, it would be a shame not to use your material as a tool to generate more leads.

Including a call-to-action is a new must for the modern press release.  When you release a press release, make sure that it encourages your desired action as much as it informs.

Understand Distribution

Find out which media outfits might be willing to publish your story and why. Don’t submit a story on business at an online beauty magazine. They’ll think you’re weird for not feeling out of place.

Do your homework and find out which online magazines or blogs cover the topics related to your business and send them a very professionally written email that is as concise and informative as your press release. You may also reach out to local or national press. Finally, you may submit your story to web directories that will list your material in appropriate subject categories possibly for a fee.


Release a press release that is short, sweet and shareable. Release a press release in all the right places too.

The big take away from this article is that writers who want to release a press release should be dynamic and updated on the new trends. The classic press release may have been face-lifted beyond recognition but it is just as powerful as ever. To release a press release that reaches your target audience, you must be familiar with new strategies and really try to learn how others successfully do it.


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