September Is our Record Content Production Month!

Howdy, blog readers!

Big news! We hit over 150,000 words in written content for 1 week in September. Since launching a two-person team in May 2011, we’ve never, ever been this busy.

A note to the reader. The true purpose of this blog is not in the self-congratulatory list of accomplishments below but will be found in the second half…so keep reading!

This week (inside 7 days)… 

  • We had an incoming order of over 100 articles done through Google Docs
  • We had an order of 180+ articles for puppy breeds
  • We had an order of 100 articles for a new marketing agency
  • We had ongoing orders of 150 descriptions
  • We had ongoing orders of 75 WordPress blogs
  • We wrote over a dozen press releases and distributed 3 through PRNewswire
  • Plus all our miscellaneous 2-page, 10-web pages, etc.

Here’s a little recap of our accomplishments:

  • Over 150,000 words in Press Releases, Articles, web pages, product descriptions, and all written content (that’s over 300 pages!) inside 7 days
  • 60 WordPress Blogs
  • 40 active writers all writing in the team this week
  • We are projecting that inside the entire month of September (30 days), we will have produced over 675,000 words inside the month in various content (PRs, articles, website pages, blogs, etc.)—that’s over 1,300 pages!

That’s a lot of writing manpower!  We barely had time to write this post for you curious folks, but no problem—we’ll just add this to the thousands of words we are writing this week. 😉

Now, here comes the best part.

This is not just a “kudos-to-me” post. The true meaning of this post is to extend heartfelt gratitude to three kinds of people:

  1. Our Clients. You have been with us through thick and thin. Several of you gave us weeks of extra time when we hit a hard spot and lost a couple of our best writers. Some of you trusted us with your own clients, and we did our best to give them high quality written content. Many of you have re-ordered, not once, not twice, but many pages times many. We appreciate you…from the bottom of our hearts.
  2. Our Staff. Some of you have stayed up way past graveyard shift hours to bug the late writers, finish work yourself, edit when no one else was around, manage the incoming and outgoing workloads with minimal errors, set up hundreds—yes, hundreds—of tasks in a single day, and here’s the best part—stick around. Some of you have put in more than a healthy man will ever do in a full week’s work shift. Thank you. For everything.
  3. Our Writers. Without you, we would be a no-man’s land. We would be a dreary expanse with a beautiful company name but no production, no power-plant, no nothing. You are our staff and our bones. We are so grateful to every one of you, those of you who are still with us today and those of you who are some of the best of the best in the (dwindling) pool of true writers.

To commemorate this week, we are:

  • Hiring more writers: The workload got too intense for just 40 people!
  • Boosting in-team morale with bonuses: We’ve awarded three lucky writers with On-Time writer award, Best Writer award, and Busiest Writer award, with matching cash bonuses.

And for our clients…we are here, whenever you need us.

Visit Express Writers for content writing that is never spun, ever—it’s written with blood, sweat and tears by a real human. 😉

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