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Organizational Teamwork Is the Way to Cook Up A Press Release

Business owners and writers these days are agog over when to release a press release, what with internet information allowing seconds-speed access to an infinite sea of readers, critics, bloggers and business competition; it’s understandable to be somewhat overwhelmed. There is one thing that could help manage the tides and keep your press release on the right track: organizational teamwork.

Teamwork “Makes” Your Press Release


A Bit about Teamwork

You’ve heard the word ‘teamwork’ many times but what exactly does it mean?
According to the American Management Association, teamwork is the joint effort various individuals exert to complete a project whether temporarily or permanently. When different professionals, each burdened with their separate day to day tasks, work together to accomplish a common goal they are called a team. And the cumulative efforts to successfully finish a project while forging trust and taking proper responsibility is what is referred to as ”teamwork.”

Teamwork in public relations, particularly in knowing when to release a press release, is imperative. Read on to know why.

Teamwork Gives You The Proper Ingredients to Release a Press Release!

When you grill steaks for a dinner with the family, you don’t just place a slice of meat on the grill and serve it when it’s cooked. You let it swim in a marinade for a day or two, add some spices, and sometimes you even put your own spin on the recipe before actually cooking and serving it. Now why do you do that? Because you know what ingredients to use and how you want the steaks to taste!

Do you have enough information?

In its initial stages, your press release is similar to that piece of uncooked steak. It is something to prepare, cook, and serve to your target audience through the press. The main ingredient for a press release is information. No matter what your company’s niche is, your press release will only be as good as the information it is based on. And in order to make sure the information you get can be published into an effective press release, your company needs teamwork.

Your marketing specialists (adepts in promotion and advertising), product experts (gurus of your product or service features), researchers (your hope for innovative and fresh services), and press relations officers (your machinery to spread information to the public) carry out their personal tasks for your company every day. Nevertheless, they should be able to work together and give you the complete information you need from their respective areas of expertise by giving you the proper ingredients to cook up a satisfying press release.

Pre-heat the Grill of Accuracy For Your Press Release!

Once you have gathered the information you need to release a press release, you have to make sure that it is correct. When you think about it, releasing an effective press release can be completed with ease if the information you get from your researchers or advertising consultants match despite coming from various sources. Chances are, if there is a lack of teamwork between members, the information you get will contradict at some point. And when this happens, you’ll have to waste more time just to verify which source is correct!

However, if there is seamless organizational teamwork between the experts under your employ, the information you get is precise and valuable. This means ready-to-go information you can use to release your press release successfully! It definitely beats you having to sift through heavily sided reports right?

A grill of accuracy is exactly what you want when cooking up your press release. After all, your goal to release a press release is to prioritize fulfilling your target audience’s cravings for them to have something new in your niche. So cook your press release the right way and make it as enticing as possible using accurate information.

Warning: Don’t Cook A Press Release With Incomplete Ingredients!

Never settle for incomplete information when you plan to release a press release. Doing so can be detrimental to your business. Consider this example:

When you release a press release with too much focus on advertising and less information about your product or service, it may come across as too desperate for customers. In contrast, it may not gain any attention at all if most of the content in your press release only lists your products or your services’ features.

If you start cooking a press release with incomplete information, you might end up losing some of your loyal readers instead of gaining new ones. Be careful! It’s better to focus on improving teamwork between your employees first rather than planning when to release a press release based on insufficient information. All you’re going to end up doing is publishing sub-par press releases most of the time.

Teamwork Ensures Client Satisfaction From Your Press Release!

To successfully release a press release, the cooperation between various departments and professionals should be driven by teamwork for the final output to be as fulfilling to your target audience as it can be. Without the added spice of organizational teamwork, your press release will turn out bland and unappetizing to the public’s taste.

The skillful combination of accurate information and organizational teamwork grills up a press release that can fulfill your target audience’s hunger. When you decide to release a press release, it should be similar to the intrinsic way you prepare the steaks for your family dinner (It’s the same metaphor as the one above, you’re probably hungry now). First, you gather complete information (ingredients), compose your press release according to PR standards (recipe), and then cook up your press release at the correct grill temperature (accuracy and teamwork). The result: a sumptuous meal served through the press or the internet that your target audience will certainly gobble up.


It is vital to ensure organizational teamwork in your company especially if you want to know when to release a press release and if it would be fulfilling enough for your client base. If you observe that teamwork is weak from the get-go, think of ways to show your team how important it is to work together to successfully compose a press release. Once they realize just how easy things can be by working together, you are sure to cook up something new every time you release a press release.

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