The Future is Content Marketing Writers: How to Write Content for Digital Marketing (Video)

The Future is Content Marketing Writers: How to Write Content for Digital Marketing (Video)

by | Jan 20, 2020 | Video

Want to learn how to write content for digital marketing or become a content marketing writer?

You’re in a good place.

The content marketing industry has reached an incredible high: it’s about to be worth $412 billion in 2021. What’s more: 91% of B2B marketers are using and implementing content marketing. ‍

This demand naturally correlates to a demand for expert content marketing and digital marketing writers.

Content marketing is increasing as a $400+ billion industry = content marketing writers are needed!

Sadly, the fact though is that AP English and online content are two very different practices — and not enough writers are graduating with the right kind of knowledge to break into content marketing.

Despite the gap, it’s humans, not bots, who will craft the authority-driven, engaging written content that builds the trust and loyalty necessary for results.

Without content marketing writers, none of it would work.

But… what IS a content marketing writer?

What do they do?

What type of content do they write?

Who hires content marketing writers?

In today’s video, learn all about a content marketing writer, sometimes also called a digital marketing writer — and what they do! I’m going to cover easy ways that show you how to write content for digital and content marketing. This is a trade I taught myself back in 2011, and a method I’ve personally used full-time to grow four businesses. Let’s get into it!

how to be a content marketing writer

The Future is Content Marketing Writers: How to Write Content for Digital Marketing (Video)


First, what IS a content marketing writer, if you define it in terms that a business looking to hire one would relate to?

A content marketing writer is an expert communicator who is responsible for creating online written content – blogs, articles, ebooks, white papers, social media copy, infographic copy, and more – that builds trust and loyalty with readers while engaging and informing them.

So, what do you need if you’re a newbie writer looking to break into this space?

Recap: 5 Ways to Become a Digital Marketing or Content Marketing Writer

Here are five points to know if you want to become a digital or content marketing writer.

1. Develop a Content Marketing Writer Background

Study the greats. I recommend reading and absorbing posts from SmartBlogger and Content Marketing Institute, and you can check out my blogs which focus on content marketing advice at Express Writer’s The Write Blog.

Secondly, you need some experience! Remember, action is critical. There’s no better first step then, well, taking the first step. The best way to learn is just to get started. Make a profile on a freelance site like Upwork, Freelancer, ProBlogger, job boards, and apply to writing gigs. (We’re hiring! Send samples here.)

I wrote a guide on how to find the 50+ best freelance opportunities — check it out at Content Hacker.

2. Understand Strategic Content Marketing & Why It Matters

Get some skills under your belt.

I recommend books, courses, and classes.

I wrote Practical Content Strategy & Marketing for new marketers, writers, and entrepreneurs that want to emerge and make a real difference in this field as a growth-focused content marketer, and it was recently listed as one of the top 100 marketing books of all time by BookAuthority, and an ultimate content marketing pick by Content Marketing Institute. Those two book lists also have fantastic book recommendations in the same genre!

Ann Handley, Andy Crestodina, Mark Schaefer are top authors I recommend who will share nothing but practical, useful advice with you — a must if you’re going to work in the content marketing industry. (Be careful. There are a lot of ‘fluff’ marketers and content out there trying to ‘guide’ in this industry.)

Shoutout to my amazing producer, Renata, for inserting this in today’s YouTube video — a quick slide of my recommended authors:

content marketing authors

3. Find Your Niche of Expertise

Picking an industry sets you apart from all the rest of the digital marketing and content marketing writers out there. Is there any industry you had a previous life in? Were you an attorney, a customer service representation, maybe you worked at a software firm? You could write blog content for law firms. You could specialize in an angle; if you worked in customer service for years, position yourself as a writer that thinks of the customer. You could write blog, web and ad copy for SaaS brands. This list of opportunities goes on and on. It’s important to pick something that you’ll enjoy doing.

4. Know Your Worth (The Average Content Marketing Writer Salary)

Indeed, Glassdoor and PayScale offer good baseline ideas on salary, if you’re looking for employment. Freelance pay can be all over the place. If you’re going solo and freelancing, price based on your skills. Clients will pay good money, for example $100/500w, if you’re an amazing writer and know both content creation and your industry.

Here’s an easy way to price your writing expertise in a way that is both fair and makes solid income. If you’ve chosen an industry, match your rate to the hourly rate of an expert in your industry. For example, an accountant or attorney can charge upwards of $100-250/hour or more. However, avoid charging hourly. Charge by the project and word count, so you can get it done in less time as you pick up practice and writing speed and still make great income. As an industry expert, you can easily charge $250/1000 words.

How many words can you write in an hour? 1,000? Think of matching your hourly rate to offering a ‘fixed-rate service.’ However, hot tip: Never, ever charge hourly. Know what you can produce or do in an hour, then put a ‘fixed price’ rate and offering on that. As you get good at your content marketing writing craft, you should be picking up speed at what you do (and it’s okay if it’s never done in one day — content should, and will, take days plural — I’m talking more about your process overall getting quicker), you don’t want to lose money and time unnecessarily for getting locked into time, rather than project rates.

5. Demonstrate What You Can Do as a Content Marketing Writer

You need a portfolio! Show off your best samples, and prove that you can create great content for your clients’ digital and content marketing campaigns.

6 Types of Content & Copy You Need to For-Sure Know as a Content Marketing Writer

1. Headlines

2. Blogs and Guides

3. Ebooks and Lead Magnets

4. Creative Copy

5. Landing Pages

6. Calls-to-Action

The Future is Content Marketing Writers: How to Write Content for Digital Marketing (Video)

See you around!