The Great Content Roundup: Week 7, Succeeding on Social Media

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How’s your social media doing?

I know: it’s a loaded question. But it’s one that’s frequently in discussion. Should I keep or kill my Facebook page? (That’s a question I’ve asked myself, given that our Facebook page rarely to never blows up the way our Twitter does.) Should you use acronyms on social media, or not? I’ve listed some of my favorite reads lately on these very topics below. Enjoy, share the love, and feel free to leave your resources and thoughts in the comments!

The Great Content Roundup Week 7: Resources For Succeeding on Social Media

Neil Patel’s 11 Tactics to Get More Click-Throughs from Social Media is a great read. Use pictures on Twitter and you could see 108% more engagement, like Neil did. Interestingly, he also says that you shouldn’t post too often. For self-promotion, follow an 80/20 rule. 20% of your social content can and should be self-promotional—but only 20%, folks.

Search Engine Journal, author Martin Beck, Is a G+ Breakup Coming for Photos & Hangouts? Google + could be slimming down and focusing on Hangouts and a separate way to host photos. Interesting news about this ever-changing network.

Buffer’s extensive guide The Definitive List of Social Media Acronyms and Abbreviations, Defined –a must read for any serious social media marketer. There’s even a quiz to test your knowledge.

From All Acroynms, 669 Social networking acronyms and abbreviationsincase you didn’t already know what BFN, or F2F, or AFAIK means on social media.




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If your head’s not under a rock, you’ve heard about #TheDress this week. But you might already feel like Grumpy Cat, above.

I’ll end this with a post by Danny Sullivan about #TheDress: Best Brand Tweets On The Dress: White & Gold Or Blue & Black?


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