This June, our little ol’ team at Express Writers is becoming bigger and better than ever before.

We’ve spent some serious time and resources (might add, blood and sweat to that) to update our major content products and launch some brand new things.

One thing you can say about us—we are not your typical content writers. We’re a firm that’s dynamic, ever updating, and developing new things internally that are ahead of the curve. Our staff is passionate and involved, and we all love what we do! Ready to hear about all our new changes?

Express Writers Re-Launch This June: What Are Our Major Changes & Updates?

For about three months now, our CTO Josh McCoy has led his team of developers in creating an ultra-custom Membership system that will be accessible to our ongoing clients. As our CEO, I’ve sat down and recreated our major Content Strategy training and written tests for all our Strategists, as well as wrote and launched content standard quality tests for every single one of our writers and editors. Our team is better than ever before, and we’re staffing more people almost every week to keep up with our growth.

1. Membership Platform

The long-awaited Membership platform and program is finally here! Custom designed on a platform built from scratch by our development team, the Membership system replicates our Content Shop with an online ordering platform only accessible to clients who deposit and spend a minimum of $1,000 a month. When the deposit is placed, it activates the platform and clients will be able to see and order with their ongoing membership rates on every product. Besides the discounted rate access, membership clients will have easier input forms that allow them to simply upload monthly project specs: and we’ll also dedicate a project Editor to each membership client account that comes in with a style guide.

Membership Benefits:

  • Membership platform, allowing clients to access and order all the discounted products.
  • Dedicated Staff Editors, exclusive to Membership accounts only: we train one of our staff Editors on your style guide and requirements for long-term, specific editorial attention. This is an optional add-on, starting at $85 for 20 pages.
  • No contracts, ever. Just deposit and spend $1,000 per month.
  • Consistently lower rates on all our products – up to 20% off!

Learn more and sign up here.

2. Content Quality Standards Update

We’ve completed training and testing our entire staff of writers and editors on the proper use of high quality citations, checked with the MozBar, in all our blog content. We’ve also updated our content formatting rules to include high quality headlines and sub-headers that will better attract and engage readers. These fundamental quality updates will ensure your blog content meets and exceeds Google’s content standards. See our Content Shop Blog Prices.

3. Content Blogging Plans Update

We’ve done a thorough audit of how our blog plans work, and found that a word span within 1,500 words works best for the average blog. (Longer words are always favorable for Google rankings, as long as it’s quality: we recommend buying or creating single blogs over 2,000 words a few times a month for posting on your blog.) We’ve also created an additional plan for more versatility. All blogs will include high quality citations and text formatting. Lastly, we’ve introduced add-ons for blogging that include the revamped Content Planning service (a full monthly Editorial Calendar and more); as well as optional premium designed images that we can create for every blog. View our Blog Packages in the Content Shop.

4. Content Planning Replaces Content Curation

Formerly called Content Curation, our Content Planning is an entirely re-vamped product in our Content Strategy lineup, available as an add-on for all of our blog plans, single website pages content planning (research and title creation), and fundamentals package for clients with new websites or blogs.

Our revamped product, Content Planning, adds a new section to the Editorial Calendar we deliver monthly, as well as overview reports, called BuzzSumo Analysis. In this analysis we conduct research on your industry influencers and what is currently trending on the web (the people who are succeeding at content in your niche) and using BuzzSumo, we’ll look at what content they are writing, how many shares it gets on what platform, and prepare a topic analysis report. Finally, our Content Strategists will identify any competitor and influencers shortcomings and notate how you can do it better with a few top suggestions and takeaways.

Tools we used: BuzzSumo, SEMRush, WordTracker, Hubspot/Portent title helpers, Quora, human eye of our Content Strategist.

Content Planning Offerings (view the Content Planning product in our Content Shop)

  • Content Planning Package: This is where you’ll experience the most out of our content planning products. Our ongoing Content Planning packages are for those who have our blogging plans and are looking for total content planning, organization, and creation. We’ll analyze what content is currently trending in your niche using BuzzSumo, research keywords and topics, and create an Editorial Calendar mapped out for best monthly content. Clients also get to talk to their Content Strategist in a 30-minute monthly strategizing meeting.
  • Content Planning Fundamentals: This is a packaged plan for those who do not have an existing content plan, blog, or web content going: or are looking to re-vamp their current content. Our Content Strategists will deliver a Content Planning Overview excel report with page or blog suggestions, full keyword analysis report, and a BuzzSumo Content Analysis. Clients can (optionally) meet with their Content Strategist for a 30-minute discussion.
  • Content Planning For Websites: Perfect for the new (or revamping) website owner who doesn’t know what pages to plan for and add to their website. We’ll conduct keyword research, deliver a BuzzSumo Content Analysis, and create an overview report that suggests categories and specific pages to add for successful web content. Clients can (optionally) hold a 30-minute meeting with their Content Strategist to share input.

5. Social Media Improvements

We’re now creating custom, branded & designed images with Canva, using our stock image subscription from Getty Images/iStock. These custom images will be created for and included in all of our re-vamped social media packages. Our social media managers have been fully trained on how to use Canva to create and post your branded images. Premium designed images have been proven to boost re-tweets and social engagement by 35%. (SocialMediaExaminer).

Here’s an example of a tweet with an image we created:

If your business isn’t taking advantage of this engagement tool, you are missing out. That’s why we’re integrating it into our products.

Why Canva?

Canva is quickly growing to be the #1 premium designed image creation tool and is used by millions of people! It allows the user to create beautiful, engaging visual elements that will attract and convert readers much better than a standard image. (Also, they are rocking out on their content marketing, we love these guys: see their blog.) We compared this tool to PicMonkey, the other leading one, and Canva has far more features (more templates that are social media and blog friendly, more options).

Besides premium-designed imagery, we’ve also trained our social media managers on using Pinterest. Every plan now includes Pinterest. This social platform is becoming more and more crucial for businesses to be present on: more than 72 million users exist here, a whopping 93% of which usually shop online while they pin. And pins with prices get 36% more likes (SproutSocial). Read more about why you should be on Pinterest on our blog The Rise of Pinterest: 5 Reasons It Should Be Part of Your Social Media Mix.

New Social Media Plans (view in the Content Shop).

6. Content Auditing

Our content auditing has undergone an improvement with the addition of BuzzSumo as a tool our Content Strategists will use to research and discover clients’ best competitors and influencers. We’ll put these findings on a new tab in the content audit report, with notes on what the competitor is doing for their blogs and social presence. These discoveries can help clients replicate the strategies of successful businesses in their niche in creating and sharing content, with actionable takeaways listed. We’ve also added Wordtracker, a Moz recommended keyword tool, as an additional tool besides SEMRush for even more powerful keyword strategy and research; and we’ve included PDF guide overviews that will explain the audit process and reports. View Content Auditing in the Content Shop.

7. Keyword Strategy

We’ve entirely revamped our research process for clients’ best keywords. Our former two products, keyword research and topic research, are replaced with one all-inclusive, comprehensive and powerful product: Keyword Strategy. For this new product, we now partner with and have a paid subscription to these three tools:

  • BuzzSumo, a leading content insight analytic platform
  • SEMRush, one of the best SEO software programs online
  • Wordtracker, a MOZ-recommend, high-performance Keyword Tool

BuzzSumo and Wordtracker are brand new to our team, we’ve just finished training our Content Strategists on how to use them. Our Content Strategists are fully trained and ready put to full use the power of our new tools to create a thorough keyword and content strategy. We put together clients’ best keyword findings in an Excel according to competition, CPC, search volume per month, and more; send a full content analysis from BuzzSumo that shows how hot a keyword or topic is currently trending online, and our Content Strategists will write full content topics using the keyword findings.

Deliverables: a full keyword research report, with top 10 keywords and over 200 full cut findings; topic research, where we’ll write 10 optimized, ready-to-go, topics using the top keywords in our findings for blogs and content pieces that you can create (or have us write): and a content analysis report generated by BuzzSumo to show you what content is currently trending on the Web for your keywords.

View our new Keyword Strategy product in the Content Shop.

8. Premium Designer.

We’ve fielded for a great designer to fulfill the marketing, infographic, and formatting areas of our content. Our new premium designer resource is an award-winning consultancy designer who currently creates visual content for Johnson & Johnson, ESPN, US Government, and many more worldwide companies. See an infographic example.

Our new design capabilities include:

  • Bespoke infographics
  • Illustrated print and e-book covers
  • Premium formatting and visual elements for e-books, brochures, whitepapers, and presentations
  • Storytelling character elements & more! 


That’s It, Folks.. For Now!

We’re excited to introduce this new and re-vamped lineup to launch off our summer, this 2015! And we’re grateful to each and every one of our valued clients that make it possible for us to keep growing and getting better.

Did you like our bespoke custom creation? You can have one too! Buy your infographic from Express Writers’ Content Shop.