#ContentWritingChat Recap: Getting Maximum ROI From Facebook Advertising with Amanda Bond

There’s no denying that Facebook advertising is HOT.

Ads, when done right, can be an effective way to reach your target audience and ultimately give your business a major boost.

But how do you make sure you’re going about Facebook advertising the right way? Well, that’s exactly what we discussed in this #ContentWritingChat!

#ContentWritingChat Recap: Getting Maximum ROI From Facebook Advertising with Amanda Bond

Our guest host for this month’s chat was The Ad Strategist herself, Amanda Bond. Amanda is a pro when it comes to Facebook ads and she shared some incredible tips with us throughout the chat. Be sure to check her out, but first… Let’s dive into the recap!

Q1: What makes Facebook advertising worthwhile and how do I know if it’s right for my brand?

To get things started, we asked everyone to share why they felt Facebook ads are beneficial for a brand’s overall strategy. And how can you determine if you’re actually ready to invest in advertising? Here’s what some of them had to say:

Amanda mentioned that Facebook ads can be a wonderful investment when they’re done right. But as she pointed out, not everyone is ready for advertising because it can lead you to lose money fast if you aren’t sure what you’re doing.

She feels you need to have a sales process that’s already converting if you want your ads to be a success.

Other things to consider, as Ray pointed out, include whether or not you have the budget for advertising and if Facebook is the best place to target people. If your audience isn’t actively using Facebook, focus your advertising efforts on the platforms they are using.

Lexie agrees. If your audience isn’t using Facebook, it’s not worth your effort to run ads there. You’ll want to find a better platform to use.

Q2: What are some key elements that every successful ad should have?

Once you’ve decided that you’re ready to create ads of your own, you want to make sure they’re standing out from the crowd and generating results. These tips just might help you do that!

Amanda knows that having a strategy is crucial when doing Facebook advertising. You need clear intentions, goals, and ways to measure your results if you want to ensure your ads are performing as you hoped.

Besides just having a strategy in place before you begin crafting an ad, the ad itself should have strong copy and a clear call to action.

Ray’s plan to master Facebook advertising is definitely a winner. And it all starts with knowing your goals.

The ads that grab Julia’s attention have a solid plot, relatable characters, and contain comedy and storytelling.

Elizabeth feels great ads have compelling graphics, a clear call to action, and a measurable goal for the brand to track.

Mara feels that great ads are eye-catching. You need to get them to stop scrolling and take notice of your ad. She feels that bold colors and a great font can help with that.

Q3: Do you have any tips for creating captivating copy and eye-catching images for ads?

We know that copy and visuals will make or break your ad, so how do you make sure you’re appealing to your target audience? Keep these tips in mind:

Amanda loves the look of “stealth ads,” which look more like a typical Facebook post than an advertisement.

When creating the ad, design it with your audience in mind. Consider who they are, what they do, and why they behave the way they do.

Gerry suggests incorporating animation or video into your ads. He also feels the copywriter and graphic designer should work together to better tell the story in conjunction with one another. This will help avoid any disconnect between the two.

Things like an attention-grabbing headline, getting straight to the point in your copy, and speaking to your audience’s imagination will surely make for an effective ad.

Truly connecting with your audience through your Facebook advertising will really pay off!

It’s also important to make sure you’re following Facebook’s guidelines about advertising, including how much text you’re using in your visuals. You don’t want to do anything that may hurt your ad’s overall performance.

It’s also worthwhile to pay attention to the ads that stand out to you. Note the qualities you like in these ads and determine how you can evoke the same in your own.

Q4: What do you think makes an ad irresistible to Facebook users?

So, what’s the secret to making everyone stop and check out your ad? And then making them actually take action? This advice is sure to help!

For Amanda, it’s all about honesty. Don’t pretend there’s limited seating when there’s not. Don’t pretend your webinar is live when it’s not.

And ultimately, it’s about making sure your ads are truly relevant to the people you’re targeting and providing them with some sort of value.

Irresistible ads offer a solution to the pain points your audience is experiencing.

You want to show your audience you understand them by speaking to their interests and needs. Otherwise, it won’t be relevant!

Ray suggests running ads from organic content you’ve already shared that performed well. This could be the ticket to generating great results.

Q5: How do you know if your Facebook advertising efforts are generating the right results? Which metrics are important to track?

It’s crucial that you’re paying attention to the data. If your ads aren’t performing as well as you hoped, you can’t keep running them. You have to make changes! These tips will help you identify if your ads are driving results:

One of the first things to look at is whether or not your Facebook advertising efforts are actually bringing in any cash. If not, something needs to change!

These are the top seven metrics Amanda likes to track, which you might want to look for on your own ads.

Carla agrees that it’s all about whether or not you’re making money.

Even here at Express Writers, our ad goals ultimately lead to sales and conversions.

The metrics you pay the most attention to will always be dependent on the goals you’ve set for each individual campaign you’re running.

Elizabeth agrees that it all goes back to knowing your goals and what you’ve set out to achieve.

Q6: If you aren’t hitting your goals with your ad, what kind of tweaks should you make to see improvements?

Don’t completely abandon your ads if they aren’t performing. Figure out what’s wrong and fix it! Here’s some advice to help:

If your ads are bombing, Amanda says to turn them off! From there, you need to put in the work to figure out where the leaks are in your sales process.

Ask yourself whether they’re clicking on your ad and then not converting. If so, it could be an issue with the landing page. If the ad itself isn’t generating clicks, it could be your copy or visuals.

Elizabeth also feels it’s important to narrow down where the issue is occurring. Are your visuals and copy truly resonating with your target audience? Is your landing page covering and functioning properly? There are so many factors you need to check out.

Ray’s advice is to change one independent variable against your baseline and testing accordingly. Running multiple ads with small changes on each one will allow you to see what’s resonating and what’s not.

Make sure you’re reviewing things like ad placement, copy, visuals, the call to action, your budget, and your demographics.

You may want to try something as simple as swapping out your visual to see if it that creates a better response.

Carla also suggests checking your sales copy, keywords, and your target audience.

Q7: Which brands are doing a great job with their Facebook advertising? Have you seen an ad that really stands out on your feed?

Get some inspiration for your next ad from these brands!

Amanda loves checking out the ads the brands in her program are creating.

Storytelling always resonates with Julia and this is one ad that recently grabbed her attention.

For Lexie, the holiday ads are certainly getting her to stop scrolling this time of year! Pay attention to any that catch your eye the next time you’re on Facebook.

Q8: Open Q&A for Amanda!

Here are a few of the questions that were asked as the chat wrapped:

Educate yourself first!

Great advice for calculating your budget beforehand.

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