I’m so excited to be back creating more videos for you!
I had to take a two-month hiatus from YouTube, but I’m back today with a brand new video (and super excited to be in the hot seat, filming again). 🔥
Today’s topic?
How to use my favorite content writing tools to help you create content that NEVER falls flat.
In today’s video, I’ll spend under a minute recapping my last two months, so you get a little glimpse into my life and the behind-the-scenes. Then, we’ll dive right into today’s topic with practical advice on my top three favorite content writing tools.
content writing tools

3 Content Writing Tools to Help You Create Awesome Content (Video)

Video Notes: Behind-The-Scenes in the Life of a Full-Time Content Creator

My August was one of the craziest, most unexpected months I’ve had all year.
We went through three managers in the agency. It was an extremely rough patch, but we got through it. With Korilynn back and a new team member, Marisa, added in the support department, we’re stronger than ever. Then, I started taking on a few initial gigs through Content Hacker, I ran into a completely unexpected nightmare client situation. I had to fire them for my own sanity. (Thankfully, that was only one out of four clients — the other three have been dreams!)
Then, the first week of September was a massive highlight. I went to Content Marketing World: it was the first year I went as a speaker, third year going to the conference.
I co-presented with good friend Jason Schemmel, and created an actionable talk called A Masterclass on Creating and Publishing Authority-Building Blogs. Our room was packed out with a line out the door. The CMWorld team put my books out in the Expo Hall, and they ended up selling out of all my books early! See my blog recap of the event here.
Okay, on to today’s topic. Are you ready?

3 Content Writing Tools to Help You Create Awesome Content

We’re going to cover three of my favorite, most-used content creation tools to help you in the ideation stage.
Ideation is arguably one of the most important stages in your content creation process.
Ideation is arguably one of the most important stages in your content creation process. @JuliaEMcCoy Watch her video on the top three tools she uses for her #contentmarketing creation process 📹 Click To Tweet
Back in 2016, after five years of creating content and hundreds of blogs created, I realized a lot of my content was falling flat. I decided to stand back and get more strategic about it.
That’s when I came up with what I call the three-bucket topic strategy. Read about my three-bucket topic strategy.
Basically, once you have a source of never-ending ideas that come from REAL places, like your customer pain points or relevant keyword research, you map each topic to a clear goal.
Ask yourself and your team creating this content, Can I rank in Google? Can I build sales and connections? Can I build my brand name in the industry? If you can’t map it to a goal, you put the topic in the trash can.
So what I’ll talk about in the next few minutes are tools to give you sources for content ideas and inspiration to create better content day in, day out.

Tool #1: Mangools’ KWFinder

70.6% of all traffic on the web today starts with a Google search (Backlinko & Sparktoro). 71% of B2B buyers are reading 3-5 blogs in their buying journey (The Economist Group), and the ROA on ad funnels as low as .6x (Ad Strategist).
It’s worth your time to research and write around keywords that you can compete for and win a ranking for in Google.
70.6% of all traffic on the web today starts with a Google search. Stat from @backlinko and @sparktoro #SEO #contentmarketing Click To Tweet
Mangools’ KWFinder is one of my favorite keyword research tools.
Let’s say we’re looking up a keyword related to “how to blog.”
Here’s what that looks like in KWFinder:
kwfinder example
The #1 factor you need is relevancy when looking up the right keyword. Once you know these are keywords your ideal prospect is actually searching, run them through Mangools’ KWFinder to hunt for a keyword you can actually rank for. Then, you want to find “easy to rank for” keywords. So, right away, how to blog is out. It’s hard, and I’d have to go up against sites like neilpatel.com, which has a super high DA. But right below it we have how to become a blogger, which scores as 43, or possible. Since these scores change all the time, you’d want to create content on this keyword and publish it within 15 or 20 days. I would recommend a 3,000w guide on the topic.
Once you have a focus keyword to pull in synonymous keywords to help you structure a great article, use Google’s Searches Related to. Use these in your subheaders and throughout your content.
synonymous keyword usage
synonymous keywords

Tool #2: BuzzSumo

It’s important to look through a content analysis tool for insights on trending topics, and BuzzSumo is one of the best out there. You can use it in a few ones. For one, search your own domain to see your most-shared content. This will give you topic umbrella ideas to write more content under. For example, our top-shared post is a thought-leadership blog I wrote on how to find your “content differentiation factor,” a unique concept I came up with. Interesting! So, I could write a follow-up post with more current insights and new details on that topic.
You can also use BuzzSumo if you’re writing guest blogs to scout out for your publication’s most-shared pieces. Chances are, they’ll be more likely to accept a topic with proof that a similar topic to yours was extremely popular on their site. Just don’t copy topics. Take inspiration from them, but use your own data/slant/opinion on the topic.
Finally, use the Topic Explorer to identify topics in your industry that could be worth writing on.

Tool #3: Advanced Marketing Institute’s Headline Analyzer

AMI’s Headline Analyzer is a super simple, free tool that gives you on a 1-100 score the emotional impact of your headline.
Just insert your headline idea, pick your category, hit Search, and repeat until you achieve a score of 40+. 50, 70 and beyond are unicorn scores.
advanced marketing institute headline analyzer
I had no idea I’d hit a 70 on the first try in the video! 😅

That’s It for Today’s Video!

That’s it, for today! I’ll have links and timestamps in the description so you can quickly get to the tools I mentioned and learn more about them.
Want me to address your questions about content? Put a burning question you have for me in the comments, and I might make a video about it with a shoutout to you!
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