Over twenty-something million pieces of content are shared every single day on the Internet, so there is no doubt that content is truly King and content marketing is its most trusted advisor. When it comes to creating web content, more is not always essentially better. You need to know that creating QUALITY content is way more important.


Good Content Marketing is Vital to Building your Business

Since the dawn of the Internet, content marketing (also known as article marketing) has been one of the most vital tools used by companies for Internet marketing. Many individuals use web content to tell their stories and reach out to as many people as they possibly can, thereby changing lives one post at a time. There are those who believe that imagery will overshadow content, but these people are dead wrong. Website content will become even more vital in the future. Harnessing the sheer power of words is important for creating long-term success for any company with an established Internet presence.


The Truth about Content Marketing

Unlike a good number of marketing efforts used by online marketers, content marketing is not mainly about driving sales (although that is DEFINITELY going to happen with quality content marketing). It is important that you understand that the first, and major, goal of all web content is to build relationships with clients, customers, or readers. For example, posting exclusive information on top social media platforms will help followers feel totally connected to your brand. You can take that step further by simply following up and directly interacting with readers through the site’s comment section. This will make your readers feel like you are giving them special one-on-one attention – this will require major commitment on your part.


Having a good quality website or blog content will make readers want to visit your site again, and share the content with the people they know. When building relationships with your readers or clients/customers, it is vital to make use of different kinds of quality content so that potential customers can interact with your brand on a regular basis. It is of the utmost importance for every company or individual with an online presence to build SEO pages that focus on people over keywords and rankings.


The 5 Most Popular Types of Content Marketing

A couple of the most vital trends in content marketing involve technologies and tools, which were not even in existence a few years ago. One of the smartest things business owners need to do is to make sure that they keep abreast of the most recent types of web content, and then utilize them correctly to woo potential customers.


Here are the 5 most common types of content marketing:


1. Blog Posts – Business blogs are becoming more and more popular and are a requirement for any business to become successful on the Internet.

2. Electronic mail (email) Newsletters – Clients expect to get top quality content from businesses they are doing business with. Delivering valuable information about the brand via email is an effective way to meet clients’ expectations.

Please Note: It is important to send quality written, error-free, email newsletters. Poorly written content just screams “unprofessional.”

3. Video – Video is a cool way to communicate with your target audience.

4. Podcasts – The great thing about podcasts is that it offers companies the opportunity to speak to their clients or customers in a more personal way than an impersonal advertising medium.

5. Social Media – Facebook posts, Tweets, Google+ updates, and other social media platforms are a wonderful way to interact with target audiences. You can utilize TrendsMap in order to know what is trending on Twitter within your city or in other top cities in the country. These social media platforms allow for a two-way interaction between your business and your customers, which is a really great way to develop strong relationships.


Providing Value to Target Audiences

The biggest trend to expect in 2014 and beyond when it comes to every type of content marketing is the value of the content created. A few years ago, it was possible to write total nonsense, publish it online, and get away with it. Currently, more and more people want to get great value for the time that they invest in reading online content. In other words, people do not have the time or the patience to read content that they consider absolute “garbage.”


As a business or website owner, it is your responsibility to find out what questions your target audiences need answered. Take advantage of the top content marketing tips in order to create content that is engaging. Then use content marketing to provide the answers to their questions or offer solutions to their problems. This could be as easy as providing information about the best coupon code websites for highly coveted products or services. Providing target audiences with the information that they need is exactly what content marketing is about.


When content marketing is done properly, you can count on creating a customer or client base that is not just loyal, but also assists your business with word of mouth advertising. There is no doubt that this is THE most effective and powerful type of marketing, so business owners will need to develop and implement a valuable web content marketing strategy for the future.


Amazing Content Marketing Information You Should Know for 2014

It’s no secret that content marketing is here to stay. In fact, 93 percent of B2B marketers use content marketing. A large number of marketers also have plans to increase their budget for content marketing in 2014. Nonetheless, there are still some challenges faced by many marketers as they struggle to generate interesting, quality, and engaging content. Many buyers become irritated when they see content that they consider just self-serving, unashamedly promotional, and not filled with valuable information. In addition to this, a considerable amount of marketers say that they are not able to assess how well their content marketing effort is helping their business grow.


Check out these amazing content marketing truths to help you find out which web content marketing strategies are very popular, which ones are underused, and how businesses can make their content marketing efforts much more successful.


Is Content Marketing Popular?

  • Oh yes, content marketing is popular! As mentioned earlier, 93 percent of B2B marketers use content marketing. However, just 44 percent of these marketers actually have a well-documented content strategy.
  • Over 50 percent of marketers have said that content marketing will be their top social priority for 2014.
  • According to eMarketer, a study showed that 35 percent of marketing experts across the world mentioned that content marketing would be their major focus for 2014, followed by social media and search engine optimization (SEO).
  • A large percentage (87 percent) of B2B buyers believe that content plays a huge role in the vendor selection process.
  • 82 percent of business owners have plans to spend more on content marketing in 2014.
  • 25 percent of marketing budgets in B2B firms are spent on developing, delivering, and promoting content in order to drive leads.


Content Marketing – What is the Return on Investment?

  • The great thing about content marketing is that it costs way less than conventional marketing and helps businesses generate thrice as many leads – if this is not a great ROI, then what is?!
  • Just 10 to 20 percent of a business’ web content drive 90 percent if its website traffic!
  • Nearly half of the United States’ business organizations turned to social media in 2103 in order to boost brand awareness.
  • The 3 web content marketing tactics known for delivering a high return on investment are: featured articles, video, and white papers.


Top Challenges in Content Marketing

The 3 major challenges when it comes to creating content are:

  1. Lack of time
  2. Incapacity to create sufficient content
  3. Failure to create quality engaging content.


Although, other studies revealed that the 3 major challenges that hamper content marketing are insufficient budgets, limited number of staff, and the stress of generating new content.


Knowing the answers to the questions of target consumers is one thing, being able to create content that will engage the readers and provide them with the solutions to their problems is another thing entirely. This is where experienced and skilled writers come in. They know how to create compelling content that will rank high in search engine results.


How Important are Blogs in Content Marketing?

In plain English, blogging involves putting your views, advice, thoughts, memories, secrets, or anything that you feel like writing on an online-based journal where visitors to your web page can see it, read it, and possibly share it with others. Unlike the conventional way of writing a journal where you keep your thoughts in a little book, blogging is simply the idea of making your journal public – online. Many online-based business owners are seriously taking advantage of the blogging power. Yes, more companies all across the world use blogs in order to connect with their target consumers and create significant brand awareness. You need to understand that the Internet is filled with bloggers. If you want to draw-in readers, you will need to ensure that you establish some sort of credibility.


Do not make the mistake of blogging about just anything; ensure that you choose a topic that you are very passionate about – a topic that you have a lot of experience with. According to Heidi Cohen, headlines are important when writing blogs that will make your copy stand out, arrest the attention of your target audience and compel them to read your posts. Are you wondering what the most important elements to include in your blog titles are? Well, most readers just love headlines or titles that contain numbers such as “Top 10 Ways to Lose Fat in 72 Hours!” some readers prefer blog content titles that literally addresses them by including the term “You”. “How to” titles are also a big hit with readers all over the world. A good example is “How to Get a Loan with Bad Credit.”


Creating Web Content that Ranks in 2014

The cardinal rule of online business is to make sure that you market your website aggressively, especially if you are in a highly competitive industry. It is only natural that you want your website to be on the very first page of search engine rankings when people search for the product or service you offer online. This will require a lot of perseverance on your part and a commitment to ensuring that you produce quality content.


Content marketing is no doubt the effective technique that has been developed to help you market your brand effectively and to gain a lot of exposure. This technique means that you will need to churn out articles around a keyword or key phrase that is connected to your site. Although, this tactic is quite effective, it will require you to submit a large number of quality articles that people would actually want to read. This way, steady targeted traffic will be directed your way.


It is important that you only post website, SEO, or blog content that is well written. Your website or blog page is like the window through which readers see your business. If you post poorly written articles peppered with misspelled words and grammar errors, you will only be sending your readers the wrong message. It would shock you to know the level of damage poorly written content can cause. It is in your best interest to seek the services of experienced and skilled writers who know what to do with an idea and a blank sheet of paper. SEO copywriting experts generate content guaranteed to get past Google’s picky search engine robots. These robots are designed to weed out poorly written content and send them where they belong – a long way down the search engine rankings.
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