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12 Blogs of Christmas: Express Writers’ Most Visited Blogs of 2014

Here at Express Writers, every day feels like Christmas with top-notch content that keeps on giving. We had our share of popular blog posts this year, not to mention a pleasant surprise from a Google update not too long ago, resulting in a huge bump in web traffic flow.

Speaking of web traffic, we decided to have a little fun and conduct a Christmas time roundup of our 12 most popular blogs this year. These particular blogs had a high amount of organic traffic, and it makes us smile ear-to-ear knowing that our content is spreading cheer all year long. With our 12 best blogs of Christmas, you’ll find 12 more good reasons that content marketing is a game changer in your overall online marketing strategy.

12. Content Marketing in 2014: 11 Predictions to Expect 

We can’t all have a glimpse into the future like Mr. Scrooge, but we can certainly make guesses as to where content marketing will take us each year. In the beginning of 2014, we made a few solid predictions as to where content marketing is heading.

We predicted that social media will play a larger role in content marketing this year. So far, this has been the case with the recent push in content curation and using unique content as an engagement element. This really comes as no surprise, since social media is all about connection and sharing useful information.

We also predicted that top quality content will be in huge demand. This is becoming more and more prevalent, especially with Panda rolling out regular updates.

As content marketing experts, our audience looks to us for guidance and future trends. We already pulled together a few content marketing predictions for 2015. Let’s see if this becomes a top blog post for next year’s round up.

11. Content Marketing vs. Copywriting: Top Strategies for 2014

Content marketing and copywriting are sometimes used interchangeably to those who don’t understand the difference. However, copywriting and content marketing go hand-in-hand for creating the most compelling content possible.

Copywriting is the seed that makes the content marketing flower grow. Content marketing is all about engagement, establishing connections, and educating your audience. In order to market your content effectively, it must be well written and easy to understand.

This blog gives a smart yet simplistic breakdown of content marketing and copywriting. With its useful techniques and helpful hints, this blog comes in at number 11 on our top 12 blogs of Christmas.

10. Comprehensive PR Writing Guide with Press Release Examples

Writing press releases can be a bit tricky. Formatting alone can trip you up, and then there’s the question of what to talk about. In our number 10 blog on this list, we wrote a step-by-step guide that includes best practices for press release writing.

This guide is educational and helpful: two primary elements that takes content marketing to higher levels. With our useful templates and tactics, readers can discover the best ways to write press releases with a kick.

9. 34 of The Craziest Words in English

At Express Writers, we like to have a little fun with our blogs (and so should you). To take a step back from industry news and how-tos, we put together a quirky list with 34 of the craziest words in English.

Our number 9 blog hits both the entertainment and education elements, which translates to a hole-in-one for awesome content marketing. Blogs in this style are super sharable and fun to read, which is a big reason why it performed so well on a web traffic level.

8. How to Blast Off Your SEO Content Rankings for 2014

Making more money and gaining new business is a goal for nearly every company on the face of the earth. Tech-savvy business owners understand that SEO and content marketing are gold mines for growing your business, and having a plan in place will put you on the path to success.

Our number 8 blast-off blog helps readers to create a smart strategy for the upcoming year. The good news is that these tips are still helpful for 2015; it’s not too late to get your SEO and content goals in gear.

7. Why & How You Should Create Infographics For Your Company

Content marketing isn’t always about writing. Infographics have become a big hit over the last few years, and they’re a perfection solution to presenting your content in a new light.

We all know how important visuals are to hammering our message home, and this is why infographics are so essential for content marketing. Our number 7 blog highlights the popular techniques and uses for infographics, along with tips for creating an infographic of your very own.

6. 5 Rules of Copywriting You Should Never Break

OK, so there’s the saying that rules are meant to be broken. In copywriting, that statement shouldn’t apply. This commandment-style breakdown does an excellent job of overviewing the essential rules of copywriting. In our number 6 blog of Christmas, we’re keeping it simple for our readers: follow these rules, and thou shalt have content marketing success.

5. A Timeline History of Web Copywriting

The 5th blog of Christmas is more of an infographic, but it still scored high with our readers nonetheless. Our beautifully designed (and Pinterest worthy) infographic gave an interesting history lesson in SEO and content marketing, and we included a convenient embed code for our readers to share.

Making history interesting can be a challenge, but adding pretty pictures and useful content made our goal easily achievable. This blog scored high organic traffic because it is educational, relevant, and linkable.

4. The Next Big Thing in SEO Content? Using Citations and Internal Linking

With SEO, there always seems to be the next big thing — this time, it’s citations and internal linking. Citations are nothing new in the world of Internet marketing, and they are used to give credit to online media and information sources. Internal linking helps Google understand the hierarchy of a website, and it also helps with website navigation.

Our 4th blog of Christmas breaks down the importance of the two SEO strategies, helping readers to understand why it is an important element to implement on their own websites.

3. Get Ready for 2014: Those Little Things Called SEO Meta Descriptions and Titles

Touching on another element of search engine optimization, our 3rd blog of Christmas demonstrates effective writing tips for meta tags. Meta descriptions and titles are easy to overlook, but the right words will help drive traffic to your website.

Our meta description and title blog gets high marks in both traffic and viewer appreciation, with helpful hints and techniques on how to boost your click-through-rate. Increasing your click-through-rate can ultimately lead to conversions — and it is all accomplished with 150 characters.

2. Hiring The Best SEO Content Writers

We must have a few hiring managers reading our blog here at Express Writers. Our 2nd blog of Christmas highlights the traits to look for when hiring SEO content writers, and judging by the traffic numbers, this blog post gives quite a few helpful pointers.

At Express Writers, we’ve had our fair share of hiring SEO content writers that get results. We understand exactly what makes a high quality SEO writer, and we share our inside secrets on how you can find those awesome writers, too.

1. Is Keyword Rich Anchor Text No Longer Useful In SEO Content?

Our number one blog for 2014 is our partridge in a pear tree. With Google’s various updates that target spam and low quality content, it can be difficult to determine the best practices for using keywords.

Keyword rich anchor text is an outdated SEO tactic that is bound to get you a lump of coal in your stocking. This particular blog demonstrated several useful techniques for using keywords in anchor text. Not to mention, we included a handy-dandy flow chart with a one-way path to the overall goal: always have a strategy in mind.

keyword anchor text

We take keyword usage and research seriously here at Express Writers, and we have a solid concept for how to make that anchor text flow naturally in your content.

Our Best Blogs of Christmas Make Their Mark in Every Season

These may be our 12 best blogs of Christmas, but they stand the test of time in terms of high quality content. Our highest traffic blogs score high marks for education, relevancy, entertainment, and value. We anticipate 2015’s roundup to feature these staple qualities, giving our readers much more than calling birds, French hens, and two turtledoves.

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