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What You Need to Know About Hiring Top-Notch Financial Content Writers

by | Jun 21, 2022 | Content Marketing

The internet is the world’s directory for products and services. Whether you need to order groceries, find a dog walking service, or locate a home repairman, a quick online search enables you to compare options and make a decision.

One of the best ways to inform potential customers about your services is to produce online content attracting them to your website. Sheer content production alone, though, won’t continuously draw new customers to your business.

Instead, effective new content—blogs, business services pages, product reviews—is paired with search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to get your content to the top of a consumer’s search results.

Producing content for financial services providers or product sellers is no different. Consumers seeking to establish a new relationship with financial services providers, such as investment or wealth management, retirement planning, or financial planning advice desire an experienced company they can trust.

Outsourcing your financial content writing to an experienced writing agency saves your business time, effort, and expense while increasing your market share and customer reach.

How to hire financial content writers

Why Hire an Online Content Writer?

Customers use online content to learn more about a company’s product or service before buying it. But what is “online content”? Everything from your business’s “About Us” webpage to your staff listing and product descriptions is valuable real estate.

In an economy where 85% of customers find local businesses online, a strong internet presence is a must. Creating your online content optimized for online web search requires a trained in-house marketing staff familiar with SEO strategies meant to attract new and repeat customers.

However, depending on the size of your business, this may not be feasible. Even if you have an in-house staff, budget constraints may limit the resources your in-house marketers can devote to content creation.

Outsourcing content creation is beneficial to creating superior, typo-free, and relevant search-engine-optimized content. Perhaps this is why as much as 84% of business-to-business marketers and business-to-consumer owners outsource content writing.

What is SEO?

An effective writing service provider implements search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. Put simply, SEO is the process taken to get a website placed higher in the results provided by an online search engine (usually Google).

You can consider SEO to be the free analog to paid advertising. For example, you can pay to have Google provide your website when a potential customer searches for specific keywords. On the other hand, you could optimize your website so that search engines such as Google place it higher on the list of results when a potential customer searches.

Consider a blog comparing different types of retirement accounts. The most common are 401(k) accounts and Roth IRA accounts. If someone were searching for the differences between the two accounts, they’re likely looking for applicable income limits, contribution maximums, and investment strategies. If anyone were to find your blog, it would need to outrank other websites comparing these retirement accounts.

Using SEO can pull you up in rankings. But SEO isn’t only about strategic keyword placement. It’s also about content and design.

Writing Effective Content

To make outsourcing your content creation effective, the content must be high quality. A high-quality blog will not only include relevant keywords, but it will also provide a solution to whatever problem it is that readers endeavored to solve. The longer your audience engages with your content, the more favorable the ranking by the search engine.

Search engines also emphasize intent: Why did this individual search for this string of terms? Do they want to know how to do something? Are they looking to make a purchase?

When your writer understands the target audience, they write more interesting and engaging content.

Using Effective Keywords

The keywords you choose will drive potential customers to your website. The particular keywords you target aim to attract different audience segments to your site.

Imagine that you sell investment management services for clients able to invest at minimum $25,000. Ranking for a keyword like “cheap investment advice,” for instance, might garner thousands of clicks per month. But who would these clicks come from? People who might not have $25,000 to invest!

Keyword selection matters because you need to choose specific words that naturally occur to your audience.

Hiring a Content Writer in Your Field

Consistently publishing online content keeps your business relevant to consumers. For example, an error-free blog written on timely topics adds credibility and authority to your services. When this content pairs with SEO strategies, you make it more likely that consumers or businesses see your posts.

Outsourcing financial content writing will benefit your business in the following ways:

1. You can focus on your business.

Some small businesses consist of a handful of trusted and capable employees. Mid-sized businesses may have an in-house marketing department dedicated to reaching new consumers. In either situation—and all of those between—outsourcing content creation saves time.

Take a 1000-word blog explaining the difference between a certified financial planner (CFP) and an investment broker. While a relatively uncomplex topic, a thoroughly researched and well-written end product requires hours of sourcing and drafting. A content editor would need to review the first draft, while a manager would need to approve the product before posting online.

Posting a high-quality blog would require at least two to three levels of review, taking multiple employees away from other tasks.

When you outsource content creation instead, you allow yourself to focus on the business of running your business.

2. You keep costs down.

Employing a team of in-house marketing strategists is beneficial for businesses with a steady revenue stream capable of supporting multiple salaries. These marketing strategists provide a return on investment by building your client base and brand awareness and developing goodwill and identification in your sector.

But what if you could achieve all of these benefits without paying numerous salaries? Not to mention the additional employment taxes, employee benefits, and social security payments that you save on.

When you outsource your content creation, you only pay for the final deliverable—your new content. No need to pay employee wages and related taxes.

You would also save on non-monetary resources by hiring an outside financial content writer. For example, outsourcing means:

  • That there is no learning curve. A quality writing agency only employs content creators well-versed in their respective fields. The agency ensures each writer has professional experience with the required topic. Instead of wasting time searching for a freelance writer helter-skelter, outsourcing a financial content creator from an agency is a one-stop shop.
  • That the writer understands your audience. To write an online blog post, professional services page, or authoritative resource guide, the author must understand the target audience. The fact that the author knows finance marketing does not mean that the author can translate that information into easy-to-process language for the target audience.

Content creators employed by an outside agency, on the other hand, spend their professional lives communicating information in easily understandable terms. Compared to an in-house marketing team that composes online content as part of their job description, outsourced writers work exclusively to create effective content accessible to any audience.

3. You build authority.

Only content only matters if it’s authoritative. You want customers or other businesses to value it as a resource to learn more about your services, current industry trends, and how your company fits into the larger sector. Customers are more likely to trust your business when its online content is professional, clean, and typo-free.

Outsourcing financial content writing solves this problem. Writing services maintain and enforce strict quality compliance guidelines. This ensures that every deliverable meets your standards and speaks to your client base.

You can also establish authority by maintaining consistency across content forms. Consider your business’s brand identity: How will consumers read this blog and know immediately it comes from my website?

Developing a style guide will make uniform:

  • Using particular stylistic tools, like the Oxford comma
  • Employing images, infographics, or other visual media
  • Including numerical data or statistical information
  • Setting limits for paragraph length
  • Using a particular tone

Clients can tell when you aren’t using quality writers. Working with an outsourcing service ensures strict compliance to the highest standards.

4. You promote traffic to your website.

The point of your business’s website is to attract customers. Creating content on a consistent schedule gives them a reason to revisit your site time and again.

That said, the content you produce should serve a purpose. Once you’ve described your business’s services or products on your business services page, there’s no need to publish additional blogs reiterating what you’ve already said. After all, there are only so many ways to define and describe what a wealth advisor does.

Instead, use your blog to highlight new industry trends and illustrate how your company keeps its services current. This is where digital content naturally lends itself to search engine optimization (SEO).

Utilizing SEO can land your content at the top of the stack when a potential customer runs a query through an online search engine. For example, search engines rank a piece of content’s relevance by whether it includes certain high-traffic words and phrases as determined by the engine’s users.

A writer using SEO places those specific keywords throughout the content to drive traffic to your website.

5. You gain new insight into your industry.

Outsourcing your content creation provides you access to a larger pool of writers. These writers bring varied and unique points of view, generating new ideas for your business. One writer’s take on an assigned topic may provide you with an unexpected perspective you hadn’t considered.

Similarly, new business trends develop almost daily. A writing agency that effectively uses SEO tools can identify new areas of content centered on these trends for you. This keeps your website current while also keeping you in the loop.

As clients read your content, they compare your services with other information they have on the topic. When your information is original and provides a fresh perspective, it helps your clients connect with your brand.

6. You build a loyal client base.

Optimizing content for the online marketplace requires concise and shareable posts. When you upload a new blog, you capture your audience’s attention. Regularly updated posts encourage audience retention. As you build authority in your industry over consistent posts, your audience will come to trust you.

A trusting audience is a loyal client base. Loyal clients share their experiences with your content and products with their friends and family. While the way in which we engage with information has moved to the online space, traditional word-of-mouth recommendations from peers are still one of the most effective marketing tools.

When a loyal client shares a link to your blog on their social media or includes a write-up in a professional email, your business gains greater brand awareness.

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