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Uplevel Your AI Content Game with the Human Touch

by | Sep 11, 2023 | Content Marketing

Uplevel Your AI Content Game with a Human Touch

AI is here, and while it has generated thousands of pieces of content already, those pieces of content are still not quite up to the standard you would expect (or Google for that matter) when it comes to expertise. If your company is using AI-generated content, you may want to consider hiring a Subject Matter Expert (SME) writer to follow up and help you optimize and more importantly, humanize your content so that you do not sacrifice your position in the SERPs.

AI-Content Generation Doesn’t Understand E-E-A-T, But a Writer Does

AI creates content by pulling words together based on the prompts you provide. It can optimize content with keywords, but not in a reader-friendly way. Likewise, the tool provides outdated stats, which means you could be quoting something as much as two years old – and in the content marketing world, that might as well be 10 years. Content marketing trends come and go more than the tides, and now that Google has made it clear E-E-A-T is the standard, quickly generating content with AI and not following up with human AI content optimization is a risky chance to take.

What is E-E-A-T?

E-E-A-T stands for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. This was designed for Google’s quality search result analysis and helps feed into the infamous algorithm that every website owner is trying to attract. 

While E-E-A-T doesn’t directly impact your rankings in the SERPs, it is a strong SEO factor that you cannot ignore and E-E-A-T is more likely to increase conversions, according to SEMRush, because if a customer trusts your site, they are more likely to use your service. 

Examining How AI Struggles to Meet the E-E-A-T Expectations

AI content is written by a computer, and while the technology can perform tasks such as intelligence, learning, reasoning, and even decision making, there is a lot that it cannot do. From the content marketing side of things, AI lacks significantly in terms of creating personalized narration, building character, establishing trust, and even being factually correct.

Right now, ChatGPT3.5 only has data back to 2021. Asking it how many blogs there were worldwide created this response:

ChatGPT Limited Data

A simple example

As you can see, its knowledge goes back to September 2021, and worse, it didn’t even have an answer then. 

In case you’re curious, there are more than 600 million blogs as of 2023. 

AI doesn’t have the ability to pull statistics, and statistics build two very important components of E-E-A-T:

  1. Authoritativeness
  2. Trustworthiness

If you cannot prove to your audience what you are saying is factually correct, where is your authority and how can they trust you?

Easy, they can’t. 

What is AI Content Optimization?

AI-generated content has its flaws, but it definitely is cheaper and faster than your average writer. That said, despite AI automating numerous processes in our lives, it cannot go unsupervised – especially when it comes to content. Instead, you need content that has a human touch, essentially human-optimized AI content, so that your message gets across and leaves a profound impact on the reader.

5 Reasons to Consider AI Optimization Done by a Writer

In most cases, you can generate hundreds of blogs for free, but you still want to optimize your content using a human. At Express Writers, we do offer human optimization for AI-generated content, and quite a few clients have used this service so far to help amplify their AI-created content without sacrificing their SERPs.

For human optimization, we recommend using our General Blog service. It is affordable, has a human optimize for SEO, rewrite for flow, add branding and personality, and most importantly, infuse your content with up-to-date statistics. 

Still not sure? Here are some reasons you need to use a human to optimize your content. 

Humanized AI Content Offers Personalization

AI is repetitive, robotic and has no personality, but it is a computer, so you can’t expect it to have a personality. Your marketing copy, however, and those who read it, do expect to see some personality in the words you provide. 

We are overwhelmed with dozens of marketing messages, emails, blogs and social media posts each day, so you need something that stands out, and AI content cannot do that alone. Instead, it needs that human touch.

AI might automate generating your blogs for you, but you still need a human to help that piece of content resonate with your audience and offer authenticity. 

AI Has Writing Flaws

AI is by no means perfect, and while they continue to learn and release new versions of AI-generation tools, they still have too much missing. AI does understand basic grammar, but the output sometimes repeats itself and doesn’t read well. 

For example, I had ChatGPT3.5 write me a 100-word paragraph for a blog on “reasons to start running,” and requested it to write a catching intro.

Here is the intro it came up with:

ChatGPT Intro

Not awful, but also, not really catchy either. It tends to ramble, it doesn’t understand flow, and some of the text feels more like fluff/filler than something that hooks. Speaking of, where is the hook? Do you see a profound hook that makes you want to continue reading a blog based on this intro? 

A human needs to go through these paragraphs and pick out what matters, refine points brought up, and here is the perfect opportunity to add an interesting fact or stat that catches the reader’s eye.

A Human Writer to Help Infuse Stats into Your Content

Stats are crucial for content. Not only do they provide backlink opportunities – yes, backlinks are still important to SEO, but they also help you satisfy the Authority and Trustworthiness requirements of E-E-A-T. When you have statistics to back up statements or claims within your content, the reader feels more confident in what they’ve read rather than just making a statement and offering no insight or high-value resources to back it up.

Offering Accuracy Checks

You can use AI to generate your first draft, but you need human eyes to go back and review the content for accuracy. As shown above, AI content tools have their flaws, and sometimes they can be inaccurate, especially when it comes to more industry-specific content. Having an SME writer review the content for inaccuracies within your niche, including the wrong use of special terminology, etc., can greatly improve the overall quality of your content. 

You Need a Human for Empathy

While AI-generated content can certainly create as many pages of content as you would like, it cannot offer empathy, and that is crucial in content marketing. The reader needs to think that you are on their side, you understand where they are coming from, and you are developing a relationship with them. 

AI cannot do that. Instead, you need your content to be compelling and the reader needs to feel as though you “get them,” which requires a human.

AI is a First Draft, but You Need a Real Writer to Take it to the Finish Line

Yes, AI can be a great tool for coming up with blog ideas, generating first drafts and even writing up an outline, but once it comes to the meat of the topic or even taking that content to publish status, you need a human writer. 

Whether you want your content optimized or outright humanized, the SME writers at Express Writers can help get the job done. We can edit, rewrite for flow, add in your branding and optimize for search engines. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you add that human touch to your AI-generated content.