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The Secret to Effective Resumes & Cover Letters

Is there actually a secret to creating
effective resumes & cover letters? Some would certainly say so, but it’s important to understand that success with this type of professional document is more about proper execution and skill than it is about lock-and-key secrets.

Check out the following suggestions and tips to help make sure your resume and cover letter combination is guaranteed to positively wow your next potential employer. It all begins with careful research in regards to the subject at hand and ends with knowing where to turn for help if needed.

1. Look to Samples for Ideas
There are actually many templates and samples of resumes & cover letters to be found online these days, so modern template databases would be an excellent point at which to begin your search. The design should be simple, yet also have some sophistication to it. It should be professional, yet appealing to the eye as well. Stay away from ultra bright colors and crazy fonts when putting together the actual body of the letter or resume. It’s always best to stick to classics that are easy on the eyes – plain white backgrounds and standard fonts like Times New Roman, Arial, or Helvetica.

2. Highlight Your Skills
The most effective resumes & cover letters are targeted to match a specific skill set. For example, if you are applying for a graphic design job, you’ll want to create documents that highlight relevant experiences and skill sets, keeping things completely on point. That wouldn’t be the time to talk about all the volunteer work you’ve done with your local church or talk about your skill with children. Stick to relevant programs you know how to use, previous design experience, and so forth to avoid appearing too scattered.

Many people like to make sure their cover letters especially appeal to a potential employer’s needs by doing a little homework on the company in question before sitting down to revamp their documents. Visit the company website in order to get a feel for what they’re looking for. Pay special attention to company mission statements, tone of the content on the website, and so forth for important clues on how to make your resumes & cover letters really shine in the way you want them to.

3. Hire a Professional for Help
When it comes to crafting truly effective resumes & cover letters, you may feel more comfortable enlisting the aid of qualified professionals when it comes to getting your message exactly right instead of hoping you get it right on your own. Professional writing teams in particular offer an excellent solution that is affordable, convenient, and flexible to boot. Most have trained, experienced cover letter writers and resume writers on staff that can help you make your documents everything they need to be. They can help you with everything from formatting, to help projecting your unique voice, to organizing your information according to current industry standards.

At the end of the day, effective resumes & cover letters aren’t exactly rocket science. They just take a little care, consideration, and attention to detail in order to make sure they’re as effective as they can possibly be. Look into your options today and you’ll be on your way to your next big career position in no time flat!

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  1. Eva
    Eva says:

    i feel like my resume has been stuck in the 90’s . I never thought of using a template before! Anything to catch your soon to be bosses eye and make you stick out from the crowd sounds like its totally worth the effort. I’ve been meaning to update… 😉

  2. Amanda G. Olson
    Amanda G. Olson says:

    Be careful who you hire! I hired career builder to re-build my resume for me. I only did it because they had done an amazing job with my boyfriend’s resume. It turns out that my resume writer was horrible. I could have done a better job myself for free. I paid her 80 bucks for a sub par resume. It was a waste of time, energy, and money. Make sure that whoever you hire will work with you on your resume until you are completely satisfied. You also need to be sure that they are not using a template. If you are paying someone to write and/or re-organize your resume for you, they should be creating you a unique resume from scratch and not just entering your information into a template. Templates make life easier if you plan on writing your own resume. If you choose to use a template, make sure you find one that suits your skill set and the job you are applying for. You have to be careful with templates because they can be difficult to change or tweak. Some people sell resume templates. Often, these companies will have may different types of resumes and you should be able to find one that fits your specific needs. If you feel like being creative, you can create your own template or just write your resume from scratch. There are a lot of techniques on how to write your own templates on


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