Woman Rising launch day

My Third Book, Woman Rising: A True Story, Is Out Today! (Video)

It’s launch day!! 🎉

My new nonfiction narrative memoir, Woman Rising: A True Story, is out right now.

You can find it on Amazon in whatever format suits your fancy: Kindle, paperback, or Audible audiobook (narrated by me)!

I’ve been jittery with excitement for this day to finally arrive so I can share my story with you.

The thing is, this book is totally different from everything I’ve written in the past.

It’s been a long time coming: 2.5 years, to be exact. That’s the time it took to make this book a reality, to corral my memories and experiences and explain how I became the person I am today.

Needless to say, I’m downright thrilled it’s finally launch day.

Just in case you missed my first announcement about the book, or aren’t sure what the story entails, I’ve got you.

Today we’re also debuting a new, short film that showcases the book’s major themes. Find out more (and watch the film!) below. 👇💥

Woman Rising launch day

@JuliaEMcCoy's new nonfiction memoir, Woman Rising, is out TODAY. Check out the short film about the book and find out where you can grab your copy! 📖💥👉 Click To Tweet

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What Is Woman Rising About? Why I Needed to Write and Share This Story

This is the true story of my life growing up in a religious cult under the thumb of my controlling, abusive father, the cult leader.

It’s the story of how I kept my hope and passions alive despite the odds. It’s the tale of how Express Writers was born, and how it eventually became the means I used to enable my escape.

This book also charts the road I traveled to healing, and how I grew my tiny business into a bonafide brand (missteps and all).

Watch the short film about Woman Rising:

If you follow the Write Blog or any of my social media accounts, you know my other books and projects have all been centered on content marketing strategy and writing. Woman Rising represents a departure from that realm, but it also fits right in.

Woman Rising cover

If you follow the Write Blog, you know my other books and projects have all been centered on content marketing strategy and writing. Woman Rising represents a departure from that realm, but it also fits right in. ❤ - @JuliaEMcCoy ⚡ Click To Tweet

I can’t tell the full story of how I got into this industry without including my formative years, when my strength and hope were tested daily in an environment of abuse and control.

Many parts of my story seem, in fact, hopeless. However, I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t managed to find the light and escape my father’s household. Since then, I have built a thriving business, created a loving family, and emerged from the ashes of my upbringing stronger than ever.

“This is the story with the kind of hope that starts small, like a single ray of sunshine on a dark floor, building over time to become a blazing, all-encompassing orb that radiates through every pore, every cell.”

This is the story with the kind of hope that starts small, like a single ray of sunshine on a dark floor ⛅, building over time to become a blazing, all-encompassing orb that radiates through every pore, every cell. 🌟 - @JuliaEMcCoy Click To Tweet

Woman Rising: A True Story – Get Your Copy on Amazon TODAY

I am BEYOND excited to finally share this story with you.

My hope is it inspires you to follow your dreams and passions.

No matter what stands in your way.

Despite the obstacles, and despite all odds.

Grab your copy today on Amazon.

To your happiness, 


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It’s Book Launch Day! Julia’s Second Book, Practical Content Strategy & Marketing, is Here

My book, Practical Content Strategy & Marketing, is out today!

Get it:

This 366-page paperback is my answer to a huge industry need – practical, real-life content strategy & marketing teaching! I’ve spent the last 7 months compiling it, and poured more than 500 hours into research, creation, and whittling down the essence of my last six years full-time in this industry into this book as practical, ready-to-use knowledge.

This book accompanies my new course, The Practical Content Strategy Certification Course.

I have the honor of having the foreword written by Mark Schaefer. Plus, early editorial reviews from Madalyn Sklar, Andy Crestodina,’s founder Guillaume Decugis, Dr. Ai Addyson-Zhang Digital Consultant, Curata’s founder, and MANY other top influencers! Read all the editorial reviews in the first 5 pages of the book.

Finally: Practical Content Strategy & Marketing is a real-life, practical guidebook on content strategy and marketing.

Practical Content Strategy & Marketing is your go-to guide on a practical content strategy and marketing education, created as a written accompaniment to my new course, the Practical Content Strategy Certification Course.

If you run a business, or if you’re trying to break into a top-dollar content marketing career, you need to know the practical concepts involved in content strategy and marketing.

The “how,” the “why,” the “where” of content.

Content marketing itself involves so many platforms, formats, content types, strategies, tools—and to get the most ROI from your approach to content marketing and strategy, you have to know how to do the most important content marketing practices. Forget FOMO and trying to figure out too many things. This guide will teach you the most important foundations and skills you actually need in order to get far in our booming industry of content marketing.

For the first time in the industry, Practical Content Strategy & Marketing lays the “hows” of content marketing and strategy out, in a step-by-step approach, book form. Each section has written exercises built to solidify what you’re reading and learning—you’ll be able to fill these out with a pen. Don’t be afraid to mark this book up!

Why is this book different? You’re not going to find corporate, birds-eye, mumbo-jumbo fluff in this content marketing guide. Quite the opposite.

I won my way to the top (awarded as the top 33rd content marketer in 2016) the hard-knocks way. I dropped out of college and built a content agency, Express Writers, on nothing but $75 and the tenacity to go and follow my dream and see it through. Five years later, my business has served over 5,000 clients and employs over 40 team members, and my content consistently ranks at the top of Google and in the highest-shared on the publications I write on.

My go-to marketing strategy? A practical, hands-on content marketing approach that has ended up bringing in 99% of the clients our agency currently works with.

In this book, learn the principles and physical “how-to” behind these six key cores of effective content marketing:

  • Module 1: Core Foundations of an ROI-Based Content Strategy
  • Module 2: Audience Persona Discovery, Sales Funnel Content Mapping, & Style Guidelines
  • Module 3: Understanding Keywords, SEO Opportunities, & Creating Keyword Reports
  • Module 4: How to Build Content Cores (Your Content House) for an Authority Presence Online
  • Module 5: Practical Content Creation (Your Site & Guest Blogging)
  • Module 6: Content Promotion, Setting a Budget, Preparing Your Editorial Calendar, & Maintenance

Along the way, you’ll actually get to build a content strategy from the ground up, using the Brand Strategy Exercises in each module. Have your pen and thinking cap ready—and a brand you want to build an entire working strategy for!

Practical Content Strategy & Marketing is a field guide for the smartest content marketers who know that strategy is the key to thriving in our world of new marketing through content.

Leading business marketing expert Mark Schaefer joins me to write the foreword, and guests Sujan Patel, Michele Linn, Steve Rayson and more appear in guest lessons throughout the book.

Launch Day Bonus: The Online Course Accountability Journal

course journal

Before the book came out, I brainstormed, sat down and thought out the bonus I wanted to give away. I also ran a few polls in my community. I came up with a course journal planner.

Turns out…a course accountability system is what a LOT of course students want!

So, I created one, mapping it out all day on my floor.


And if you get a copy of Practical Content Strategy & Marketing today…

You can get a FREE PDF of the journal, when you buy Practical Content Strategy & Marketing! Just go here and let us know.

The journal is also on Amazon as print.

Last thing….

DON’T FORGET to join us for the launch party tonight!! Get a reminder here ??

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