Introducing My Upcoming Third Book, Woman Rising: A True Story (Video)

Introducing My Upcoming Third Book, Woman Rising: A True Story (Video)

by | Nov 19, 2019 | Video

I’m positively THRILLED to share with you that after two years of writing (I’ve lost count of the hours put in), my third book is in the final stages of publication! Woman Rising: A True Story is about to hit the bookstores and Amazon Prime in all formats — audiobook, hardback, paperback, e-book! — February 10, 2020. Sign up for the launch at

I’m feeling all the feels today. This book has been a cathartic journey, my heart and soul wrapped up inside its pages. It’s incredible to be able to come out of the writing closet, so to speak, and finally share my story with the world.

February 10, 2020 is the official release date!

Woman Rising is a left turn from the other two I’ve written, which were in non-fiction, marketing genres.

With this new book, I’ve returned to my writing roots – narrative storytelling – to share one of the craziest stories I’ll probably ever pen. It is the harrowing true story of my childhood within a cult, of creating a business online and my escape at age 21. And, it’s the story of what happened after. How I built multiple businesses, a life I love living, and found joy and restoration.

I wrote this true story of my crazy life to inspire and change lives. If I can be who I am today, you can build your own dreams into reality, too.

I wrote this true story of my crazy life (escaping a cult, finding happiness, building successful businesses) to inspire and change lives. If I can be who I am today, YOU can build your own dreams into reality, too. @JuliaEMcCoy on her… Click To Tweet

I’m super excited because this is more than just a book. It’s a cause, too: The Woman Rising Project, Inc. (more on this in the video interview). My cause is in the final stages of being filed as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit. My goal is to be a voice for those that have none – because I was once that child, adrift in the torrential sea of parental abuse, done in the name of religion, without a single ally on my side. I will be partnering with seven other nonprofits that have come personally recommended, making real changes in the issues of hidden abuses at home. I want to impact and help abused yet “invisible” children and women that grew up in, or experienced, trauma and abuse at home. I also want to touch on and make a difference for women and children in slavery, religion-based domestic violence, sex trafficking, and starvation.

I will be sharing my time, donating copies of Woman Rising, and lending my creative energy to these nonprofits to make a real difference in these issues happening right here inside the United States.

Today’s video is an interview-style story of my book. My husband, Josh interviewed me. We had fun, and it was pretty crazy diving into what my life used to look like. Enjoy.

P.S. I’d love your help with the message and cause of this book. Join the Facebook Woman Rising Project page and the private Facebook group associated with that page, if you want to be a part of my launch team and beta readers (for a limited time only).

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Woman Rising, A True Story (Video Story Behind the Book, Coming February 2020)

[email protected]'s NEW book, Woman Rising, is coming out February 10, 2020! Learn all about it and watch the video interview here. Click To Tweet

The Book: Woman Rising, A True Story (Coming February 2020)

woman rising

As a child, I had a perfect life – from the outside.

To everyone around us, we were lovely. I was an A-student, had close bonds with my siblings and we were all exceedingly well-mannered. Yet, if you looked closely, you might have spotted a few unusual things about me. I only wore long skirts, only ever sported certain colors, and I always seemed to run on a disciplined, precise schedule.

Those were the only clues of the fear and terror with which my father ruled his family – a full-fledged religious household molded by his twisted interpretation of the Bible.

It was a reality that no one saw – because no one realized that my life of perfection was a façade.

Woman Rising: A True Story is a narrative of my life growing up in that household that looked perfect from the outside. I’ve shed light on my past and my history with this visceral retelling of all the pain and horror that you’d expect of life inside a cult.

Against this backdrop, I share the story of my curious rise to success as an internet entrepreneur – at first seen by my father as a way to fund his Church, and later, become the means of my escape.

After failing college and an attempt to get an R.N. degree, a degree my parents forced me to pursue, my way out came almost accidentally. First, by meeting Josh – the man destined to be both my business partner and my husband – then by stumbling into the creation of a business where seemed like all the odds stood against success. But once the door was open, it was destined to forever and completely change the rest of my life, giving me a road to adulthood and a life of forever freedom. And above all, a life I truly loved living. (Which was an unthinkable, unattainable reality. When I left the cult, I believed I was broken for good.)

Ever have one of those split-second moments of “let’s just run with it” moments of inspiration?

That was Express Writers, and I never dreamed that it would last beyond a year. Not just last, but thrive it did – eight years later, I’ve gotten further than I ever dared to dream. I’ve launched three more revenue-earning brands since, including The Content Strategy & Marketing Course, The Expert SEO Content Writer, and Content Hacker. Today, Woman Rising launches. (Well, the announcement that it is on the way launches. )

Part 2 of Woman Rising is the true story of building four brands from scratch, including all the downs – momentous failures that taught me incredible lessons on the way to success as I started the hard journey of healing. I hope to share this as my “entrepreneurial manual” for success. In it, I hold nothing back in sharing each of the steps I took, including the steps that were backward, in building my brands out of nothing.

I know my story isn’t singular – in fact, as the media routinely reveals, abusive religious households are scattered across the US, hidden behind a façade of normalcy. Woman Rising is a story meant to be fuel, an inspiration for those who are searching for a way to embrace and manifest their dreams in the face of terror and abuse. I hope that my story helps anyone struggling in similar conditions to realize that you’re powerful and you’re enough.

I’m completely thrilled to share it with you!

'Ever have one of those split-second moments of 'let's just do it' inspiration? That was @expwriters, and I never dreamed that it would last beyond a year. Not just last, but thrive it did.' @JuliaEMcCoy on her new book, Woman Rising. Click To Tweet

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Be A Part of the Woman Rising Project

I’ve shared my story of what can happen beyond the label of victim in the hopes that others can find their voice. I was once a child, living inside of a home that terrified me. No one helped me. Everyone was fooled by our exterior. With this book, I want to bring a voice to an issue that is prevalent right here in America. I want to make a real, positive, lasting change for good.

Besides her new book about her real-life story living and escaping from a cult leader, @JuliaEMcCoy created The Woman Rising Project, Inc., a 501 c3, to help children and women living in domestic abuse. ‍ ‍ Join the project too! Click To Tweet

To join the project, go to and get signed up for the beta launch.

Then, go follow The Woman Rising Project page on Facebook! (While we still have access to the private group, I’d love to invite you in, so look for that group as it will be posted on that Facebook page.)

Finally, set your calendar – and sign up for an email reminder! – for February 2020.

If you can’t be a part of our beta reader/launch team group, a simple “Julia’s book is out, go buy it!” will spread the word and help us get this important, potentially life-changing message out.

One person’s life forever changed for the better – one at a time. Imagine if you were responsible for that? Just by getting one reader involved, you could be.

Thanks for sticking around to read the news of my book. I cannot wait to hear your thoughts when you read it!

– Julia

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