If you’re like most people, you grew up with some specific ideas about how to be successful.

Most of them revolved around school. 📝📚

Get a degree, they said. You’ll be successful, they said.

It’s the only way, they said.

In the U.S. alone, two million recent college graduates enter the workforce every year, clutching their new and shiny diplomas.

Yet, according to one study, only 13 percent of U.S. adults, 11 percent of C-level executives, and 6 percent of university trustees say college graduates have work-ready skills.

That means most people are leaving college without the ability to earn a living from their degree. 🤯

If only there were a way to invest in yourself, get the skills you need to follow your dreams, AND avoid that insane college debt…

Turns out, there is.

Dr. Ai Addyson-Zhang (#ClassroomWithoutWalls) and I wrote a book on it.

In Skip the Degree, Save the Tuition (which is out today), we show you how to thrive as a confident, self-taught professional who makes money online with a valuable skillset.

Skip the Degree, Save the Tuition

The Story Behind Skip the Degree, Save the Tuition (What Inspired My New Book)

When I started writing this book…

If I had set out to nail a “trend,” or just make money…

I would have given up on the journey weeks in.

Skip the Degree is a literal byproduct of both my co-author (Ai Addyson-Zhang) and myself setting out to TRANSFORM education.

It is a heart mission for both of us.

skip the degree, save the tuition authors

In their new book, Skip the Degree, Save the Tuition, @JuliaEMcCoy and @aiaddysonzhang show you how to thrive as a confident, self-taught professional who makes money online with a valuable skill set. 🔥 Learn more and get your copy 👉👉 Click To Tweet

Dr. Ai has two degrees. Yet, she identifies as a “professor dropout.” Dr. Ai dropped out of a highly paid, well-respected position teaching college students PR and social media marketing.

She resigned from her six-figure position when she saw firsthand in the classroom that her students weren’t going to graduate with real-life marketing skills. It was a wakeup call she couldn’t ignore. She took on educating herself first, becoming a practitioner, and today she’s teaching her students life-changing skills in entrepreneurship, dreaming big, and becoming digitally-savvy.

I run a writing agency, Express Writers, that takes on 200-300 projects per month. We’ve been around for 10 years, mostly because we have high standards.

Show up. Write well. Deliver on time. Consistently. No B.S.

We have to hire, constantly. Those five traits are hard to find. What’s more, we often have to “unteach” college graduates their academic writing skills.

And as of 2021, we’re still filtering through college grads, looking for immediate client-ready writing skills.

Having to turn most of them away.

Instead, it’s the self-started freelancer that followed a passion and taught themselves a skill that we’re able to hire.

After nine years, and thousands of candidates we had to say ‘no’ to… COVID-19 hit last year. It created even more issues. The hiring dilemma became a problem I truly couldn’t ignore. Far more candidates flooded the online workplace, and our ability to hire went from 1% to .5%.

Skip the Degree, Save the Tuition was a book I’d planned to research and write leisurely, to launch in 2022.

It was the Holy Grail for this problem. It would teach everyone the pathway on how to uncover their passion and map a direct path to a digitally profitable skill set.

When 2019 happened…

I made it a goal to launch the book within a year. Well, we did it. We conducted 50+ interviews (but who’s counting), worked with countless people, and did immeasurable work to put forward the powerful information revealed in our book. And we did it all inside a year.

skip the degree, save the tuition content

Skip the Degree is our BIG, GROUND-FLOOR answer to today’s problem in education.

Watch the full interview I recorded with my co-author, Dr. Ai Zhang, on YouTube:

Get your copy now.

How to Build a Non-Perishable Digital Skillset (in 4 Steps)

What does it take to get ahead in today’s world? A lot.

You’ll need grit 💪, to break a sweat 💦, and stay quick on your feet 🏃🏾 while you adapt to the changing world. 🌎

But most importantly, to succeed in today’s world, you need real, tangible skills that stay current no matter your industry.

All the degrees can’t help you if you don’t have those.

That’s why Dr. Ai and I wrote Skip the Degree, Save the Tuition. We put our heads together to combine her expertise in education with the knowledge that I’ve gained through a decade of becoming a self-made entrepreneur.

We aren’t here to teach you perishable facts or static skills. Instead, we’ve built a pathway for you to develop your own skill set based on what we’ve done.

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The pathway to success is simple … but difficult. It goes like this:

1. LOVE What You Do.

If you don’t absolutely LOVE what you do, you aren’t going to make it very far. You must not just love it, but breathe it, prepare to live it every second of the day – because as any successful entrepreneur will tell you, you WILL be for the first few years. ❤️

First, uncover your passion. Find your interests, your aptitudes, and what it is that fires you up. That requires self-reflection and self-awareness. Lots of tools exist to help you with this. From personality mapping to quizzes and more, we’ll show you how to deep dive into who you really are.

2. LEARN Everything You Can.

Once you know what you LOVE doing, map your passions to a real skill set and start building that knowledge. 📖

In this step, forget college – the internet is your oyster. Anything you want to learn you can learn online. We’ll show you how to find resources that are worth your time, what to look for when you’re researching, and – most importantly – how to figure out the most future-proof skills you must develop.

3. LABOR Away!

Remember, success is 10 percent inspiration and 90 percent perspiration. Roll up those sleeves and get your hands dirty! 🔨

It can be scary to go into business for yourself, but making money online isn’t as hard as you think. We’ll show you how to test the waters and experiment with making money at what it is you love to do.

You might be surprised at what you can accomplish!

4. LEVEL UP to the Big League.

I say it a lot: consistent quality over time brings success. 💰

That’s because it’s true. Consistency (or lack thereof) is what makes or breaks ventures – it’s the quality that separates hobbyists from successful entrepreneurs.

But more importantly, it lets you build skills, establish your credibility, and bloom into the professional that you’re meant to be.

As you grow and refine your skills, you’ll be able to charge more, secure higher-end clients, and create a business that withstands the test of time.

Skip the Degree, Save the Tuition, and Step Up Your Game

Are you ready to thrive in the future where SKILLS matter, not degrees?

If so, you’re a part of a growing movement of people who aren’t going to put up with what the higher education industry is doing.

Thanks to Dr. Ai’s formidable research, created from my expertise that’s grounded in REAL WORLD work – and input from over 40+ other experts – you’ve now got a plan, a map, and a goal.

Go forth, skip the degree, and prosper.

Get Skip the Degree, Save the Tuition on Kindle, in Paperback, and Audible.

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