SEO Writing Success: How We Helped Ryan Stewart Create Epic Content

SEO Writing Success: How We Helped Ryan Stewart Create Epic Content (Client Testimonial)

by | Feb 28, 2020 | Video

Ryan Stewart of the SEO Blueprint had epic ideas.

He’d written about 60% of his book by the same name.

There was just one little snag.

The book wasn’t where he wanted it to be, and he wasn’t sure how to push it to the next level.

So, he reached out to me.

His book project was a collection of ten years of evergreen SEO knowledge. I’d known and followed Ryan for years, and had always been blown away by his incredible grasp on the art of good SEO. So, I knew he knew his stuff — and I knew this book had to be expert, authority-level content at a minimum.

By Ryan’s admission, writing this book was not an easy undertaking.

When we started working together, Ryan had written 30,000 words that needed editing, and was looking for between 20-30,000 words of expansion through ghostwriting. He had no time or writing patience to take his book from draft -> done.

After hiring us, he’s now getting ready to publish his book in just a matter of two weeks. (It’s available now for pre-order on Amazon.)

How did his content get to the next level?

Ryan kindly gave us permission to use his testimonial as a Write Blog feature. Let’s get into it!

@ryanwashere of The SEO Blueprint had epic ideas. 60% of his book was done. Just one little snag...finishing was HARD! Read (and watch!) how our team helped him get there in this Write Blog #client recap Click To Tweet

Ryan Stewart and Express Writers

Epic Content Takes Epic Effort: The Process of Generating Amazing Work

“My agency doesn’t do content creation anymore,” Ryan told me.

Why? It’s a huge undertaking to create great content. There are lots of cycles of back and forth — generating, rewriting, polishing, honing, and more — all to get the content ready to go out into the world.

That’s why generating excellent content is our sole focus at Express Writers. We don’t build websites, design full pages, or build “backlinks.” We focus solely on content creation.

In our full interview, Ryan asked me how I find and retain good writers.

I shared one “secret” that still surprises many people.

In eight years of hiring and interviewing, I’ve learned to completely stop looking at experience.

Say what?

We go through thousands of resumes every month. Our efficient alternative to studying experience, which can be inflated or straight up faked on a resume, is that every writer undergoes a rigorous writing test. This helps us see writers’ actual skills. This way, we ensure we only hire writers best-equipped to create killer content.

@JuliaEMcCoy champions skills vs. experience when hiring writers. As she says, experience can be inflated or straight-up faked on a resume. ‍♀️ Click To Tweet

The cream of the crop – our creator-base of 90 writers and eight part-time editors – collaborate across time zones around the world under the supervision of our Content Manager, Korilynn. She watches deadlines and manages the editorial queue to make sure content gets through the whole process one time. And as a self-proclaimed Cat-Herder, she’s no stranger to shepherding lots of moving parts in the right direction.

When clients send us a new project, we ask the right questions so we get the right answers in specific input forms. Our writers start writing immediately. After that, it’s 5-7 days to done, depending on the timeline the client needs and the length of the content.

We only send publish-ready content, which cuts way down on revision time on the client-side.

Epic Content Can Come at an Epic Cost (But It Doesn’t Have To)

Let’s be frank: Amazing content often comes at a high cost.

“For advanced SEO…it’s really hard to find writers,” Ryan told me, “Sometimes we’ll [pay] upwards of $1,200 to get a long-form blog post written.”

For advanced SEO…it’s really hard to find writers. Sometimes we’ll pay upwards of $1,200 to get a long-form blog post written. - @ryanwashere on the difficulty of finding affordable yet skilled content writers. More on the Write Blog ➡ Click To Tweet

An average long-form blog post clocks in somewhere between 2,000 to 3,000 words. Let’s estimate high and call it 3,000 words. That’s at least 40 cents per word.

Magnify that to a book with the vast scope of about 60,000 words and you’re looking at $24,000!


For Ryan, we hacked that cost drastically. The project fell in the $13,000-14,000 range: roughly half the rate he was paying elsewhere.

That’s not to say we’re cheap. We just like to keep the costs in an “affordable” ballpark.

With lasting principles on essential topics like executing high-quality (read: killer ROI) SEO campaigns, Ryan’s manuscript had a message that needed to get out there.

We paired him up with one of our writers, Alexander C., a trained Authority Writer in my team.

In 3.5 months, the project was finished and publish-ready.

Ryan told me, “I can vouch for the quality [of content]. I’m really impressed… you guys have done a tremendous job. Unless you have somebody in-house, it’s definitely worth it to go out and contract a company like [Express Writers] to get the right stuff done.”

Ryan Stewart and Express Writers

For the full video, check out Ryan’s awesome recap.

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