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Quality Copywriting On a Big Scale: The World Cup

Where were you on June 25th? Nigeria, Argentina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iran, Honduras, Switzerland, Ecuador, and France were all battling it out at the World Cup. The chatter around the office was filled with score updates and talk about how the US was fairing. And there I was, glued to my computer screen, reading news about the world cup creating a global exposure opportunity.

Italy’s Mario Balotelli had made a request as his team entered a key World Cup match last Friday: he wanted a kiss from Queen Elizabeth II in the event that Italy beat Costa Rica, thereby keeping England’s chances for advancement alive. But this wasn’t really the breaking news. Balotelli had over 170,000 people retweet his message and managed to generate even more chatter for a game that bred 3.2 million tweets.

The Birth of a Global Opportunity

Preparing your brand for big sporting events is a no-brainer. Every year the Super Bowl rolls around and the world of copywriting goes crazy with new content creation. And it all happens for one simple reason: businesses see an opportunity for mass exposure.

It’s no surprise that the World Cup, one of the largest global events on the planet, has become the biggest-ever global event for social media. According to the Wall Street Journal, Facebook saw over 141 million users post over 459 million interactions during the first week of the event. Twitter recorded:

  • 12.2 million tweets during Brazil’s win against Croatia on June 12th
  • 8 million tweets during the U.S. versus Portugal match
  • 6.1 million tweets when Brazil faced down Cameroon

The World Cup is an outstanding example of exposure opportunity, grossing more social activity than the Super Bowl, Oscars, and Sochi Winter Olympics combined! There is no better time to jump in on a conversation and get your business or brand involved. We’re talking about engaging people on a global level because the entire world is watching this event. Is your copy up to the task?

Why Quality Copy Matters

It’s June. We’re half way through 2014. We’ve heard it all, from Google pushing the need for quality content to the latest trends in search engine optimization methods. We know the technical jargon behind the latest Panda 4.0 and Payday Loan 2.0 updates. We get it, already! So, was your copy up to par for global exposure?

We were all expecting the World Cup to make a social media impact. I mean, it only makes sense; it is the World Cup, right? The truth is any international or global event that you jump into on social media has the potential to gain extra exposure. A pithy comment on Twitter or Facebook could suddenly trigger publicity as curious spectators click to your profile and then to your website. And that, my dear reader, is why high quality copy matters. Forget Google. Forget SEO.  At that very moment, the quality of your copy will determine:

  • Whether a potential client decides to stay on your website. It’s been known to happen. Your profile comes up on a trending Twitter topic, and suddenly you have your first international customer. You’re staring down the barrel at a fresh, untapped, and potentially HUGE audience. If your copy isn’t quality, chances are they’ll never contact you. Ouch!
  • Whether or not you gain a new follower. There’s power in community. A new follower is a new audience member. If the copy you publish, from your blogs to PRs, is packed with value and quality, they’ll share. Before you know it, that one new follower turns into a trend of newbies from…Australia? England? France? Germany? It is the World Cup after all!
  • Whether or not you gain a new contact. As a business owner, you know the power of a network, especially a strong network of colleagues. If the visitor perusing your website happens to be a colleague, high quality copy will go a long ways toward their reaching out to connect. Suddenly, you have a contact with an international perspective!

The truth is we hear about the need to prepare and craft quality copy so much that we often forget just how useful sheer quality can be. The explosion of social media activity since the start of the World Cup has been a fine example of how the simplest bit of participation, the pithiest tweet, or the most lighthearted Facebook comment can lead to an unprecedented exposure opportunity.

So, is your copy ready to go global? Is it up to the task of making the perfect on the spot impression? It’s time to take a little inventory, do a little tweaking, and call in some expert help if you’re unsure. After all, you never know who is watching or, more importantly, who is reading.



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