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Go Fishing Every Time You Release a Press Release

The Internet is a vast sea of information. One can only imagine the successful quantification of the information contained in the worldwide web. This sea of information, and the people accessing this information, is a great location for you to go fishing if you know when to release a press release.

Release a Press Release – All In Great Timing


A Whole New World

Leonard Kleinrock, a brilliant pioneer of the Internet revolution, predicted the future of the Internet as, “A change in the way we do everything in our world and society.” Kleinrock was one of the few who were present at the conception of the Internet. He was awarded the National Medal of Science back in 2007; it’s the highest recognition for innovators given by the president of the United States, and Kleinrock got his medal for his contributions to computer science and the advancement of the Internet. His statement rings true in almost all aspects of society:  politics, multimedia, education, and more importantly business and public relations.

Have You Found Your Fishing Spot?

The Internet really changed the game when it comes to information dissemination, access, and usage. Print-media is starting to dwindle, and businesses need as much online presence as they can get. Despite this, the ever-efficient business decision to release a press release didn’t change much. The location of the competition just changed. Find your spot, drop your net and start fishing! And by ‘spot’ we mean your target audience and niche, by ‘net’ we mean your press release. Before deciding when to release your press release, make sure you have these two aspects down.

If you’ve already found your niche and target audience, that’s well and good but still tread carefully. Don’t release your press release without thorough analysis and planning.

If you haven’t found your spot yet, then be extra careful. Know exactly what you can offer and why people should choose you before releasing your first press release. Also, remember that your spot is new to you, so knowing and understanding what your niche and target audience actually need is basic.

The most important thing is, when your audience need information about what, who, where, when and how regarding trends in your selected niche, you can meet the challenge until you are so familiar with your spot that sensing their needs comes naturally.

Release Your Press Release to Cast Your Net!

Once you’ve found your spot, cast your net and release your press release to gain as much interest.  Compose your press release using engaging words and precise information to create a compelling net. How good the quality of your net is will determine how many you can draw to your business.

As long as you know the basics of smart press release writing and timing, you can get the attention of your target audience and they will soon be moving towards the net of their own accord. Once this happens, your business has successfully jumped off and you have a chance to haul a truly huge catch!

Maintain Your Net’s Quality

Once you catch a loyal audience, you have to make sure their attention stays with you and your business. This can be assured by the quality of your press release and its ability to entertain, inform, and even compel your audience to act. Reaffirm their decision to choose your services over those offered by others by maintaining your press release’s quality. Your net must be perfect for your purpose and your press release has to nail quality assurance checks every time!

The more people know about anything of value, the more chances they will share that information with at least one other person. Maintaining your press release’s quality encourages information sharing through social networking—a platform we all know can make or break a business’ reputation.

You don’t want to lose your catch just because your net has gaping holes on it! Give due notice and accept the gaps in your press release, and mend them as soon as possible. Being honest with your business and making it rise by putting things right are keys to genuine growth!

Cast your Net Regularly but Differently!

Once you have established a loyal audience in your fishing spot, and you have assured the quality of your press releases, you have to keep them interested and engaged. Regular improvements should go equally with your press release’s quality to catch your audience’s attention all over again.

Release your press releases in relation to what’s currently trending in your niche and schedule their timing carefully. Research until you come up with an effective publication schedule and try to look for new ways you can spread your press release around every time you release a press release. This way, your audience would feel that you truly care and understand their predicament every time they are able to turn to you.

You should always be prepared to cast a press release in short notice, for the times when some buzz in your niche is too great an opportunity not to get involved in.

Knowing When to Fish

Knowing when to release a press release is a challenge worth taking in this new world of the seemingly limitless information in the internet. Getting a press release noticed may not be as easy as who gets the publication in the best news papers anymore, but once you shift your focus in attracting the right audience and maintaining their interest, the number of people you can reach is undoubtedly greater than when print media prevailed. Like Kleinrock said, the internet will change the way people do things, so go with the flow.

All in all, getting a good haul every time you release a press release helps your business prosper. Remember that once you gain people’s attention, your press release should be able to keep them informed and satisfied enough to stick around. Never forget to offer something that your market needs and values and, at the end of each day, think of new ways you can improve your net before giving the go ahead to release your press release. Be as dynamic as your audience. Keep on fishing!

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