Have you made a great content campaign, but struggle with making it successful? One of the main reasons a great content marketing setup isn’t working is simply that you might not be directly marketing for your customer’s intent and needs. You need to change this up, and tweak your campaign, but how? You can understand what your client wants by simply researching and getting to know them. I am going to walk with you to help you figure out just how to achieve this and make that incredible campaign a successful one!

How Can You Get To Know Your Customers?

Getting to know your customers isn’t as daunting as it sounds. You’ll find that it can actually be quite easy if you take a few simple steps and apply them to your content campaign. Here are a few excellent ways I’ve found that you can get to know your client base:
1. Send Out Email Surveys For Clients To Complete. According to an infographic from QuickSprout, a great way to get to know your client base is to ask them questions. You can always do this via social media or blogs, but you might not get the response you want or need. Instead, you should consider doing email campaigns with a complete survey. Allow your clients to answer both multiple choice and opinion questions. This will help you get several participants, as some people might prefer multiple-choice answers, and others might want to make sure their voices are heard through comment boxes. A few questions you can ask are:

  • Do they like what your company has to offer?
  • What do they want to see from your company?
  • Why do they want these changes?
  • Is there anything that makes them unhappy? What about happy?
  • Find out if there is anything they’d suggest to make your content more effective.
  • Ask them their favorite websites (outside of social media) to gather information from.These websites can help you tailor your content to suit your audience, especially if multiple people in your client base visit similar pages.

2. Be Part Of The Buying Process As Soon As Possible. There are several times where you might feel that things could’ve gone a lot smoother for you and the customer if they had only brought you in sooner. This is something several businesses miss the mark on, but by becoming involved in the buying process as soon as possible, you are able to learn more about your customers. This can help you see any problem areas in the buying process, and how you can make things easier for future clients. A few ways to do this are to always allow your clients the ability to contact you throughout the buying process or have them talk to a sales associate for larger products or services. This will help both of you out while also helping you learn about your customer base.
3. Pretend You Are The Customer. This is vital because it can show you areas in your business that need to be improved. When you are starting to gather information about your customers, you should take the opportunity to stand in their shoes and pretend you are interested in your product. Ask yourself the questions a customer would ask and look to see if you have the answers readily available. If you are having a difficult time with this, head over to a site you’d be interested in buying something from and think about what questions you want to ask that company. You can see from their layout whether or not they’ll have the answers, showing you any holes in your own content marketing or what you are actually doing right. Just be willing to notice when you’re doing something wrong. This is one of the best ways to learn, even if it does hurt your pride a bit.
A great strategy big businesses take is creating a buyer or client persona. A buyer or client persona is a fictional “character” that you create to help you figure out what your customers want, and tweak your content for them. While this isn’t always exact, it can help direct you in the way you should go with your company. It can help you better craft surveys, getting the best information possible, and it can help you create new marketing campaigns that you can tweak as you learn more about your live client base.

How Can You Market For Your Customer’s Intent And Needs?

Now that you know a few ways to gather information about your clients, just how can you market to them with this information? I am going to look at a few great ways to incorporate your knowledge to better market for your customer’s intent and needs.
4. Publically Answer Frequently Asked Questions. Don’t just leave this up to your FAQ page, but actively answer them. First of all, this can offer excellent blog content. Secondly, you have the opportunity to give clients a more in-depth answer to certain questions. This might not be the case with all of your FAQs, but you might find that the more you answer frequently asked questions, the more likely you are to receive other questions from your clients. You can even consider hosting a blog series of “ask us anything” where you answer questions sent in by clients. This is not only a great way to answer questions people have, but also might help with improving blog engagement. This also offers you the ability to teach your clients through your blog, which is something that is vital for engagement and keeping a strong client base.
5. Use Your Social Media Accounts To Answer Questions. Another great way to market to your customer’s needs is to utilize social media. It offers you a great opportunity to answer questions, but it also helps you learn more about your clients through how they interact with you and what they feel is more important. While surveys can give you concrete data, you can also use intuition, basing things off of how a client reacts to a post. You might find this handy to help create a better social media campaign, tweaking things to meet what your clients want and need.
However, don’t fall victim to having a lot of traffic, and not engaging with your clients. One company I came across had incredible client traffic on their Facebook. It was amazing! However, the company wasn’t taking the opportunity to answer questions and engage with clients who were more than willing to engage with the company. The company did a great job at publishing and promoting content that clients liked, but failed at actually engaging with their clients.
6. Make Your Client Feel Important; Get To Know Them. You can make clients feel important whether you respond to them on social media, send emails to them, or respond to blog comments. You can also make them feel important if you take the time to get to know them. Many might feel that you are far too busy to talk with them, yet if you make an effort, they will greatly appreciate it. This is a great way to make sure you get an incredible client base, as well as maintain it. If you have a strong client base, you might find that they are willing to tell their coworkers, friends, and family about your business.
7. Never Be Afraid To Try Out New Things. According to the article I used earlier from Ideally Marketing, you should also never be afraid to experiment with your content marketing. Sometimes, you might find it difficult to get adequate answers, which means you should experiment with a few things to see what works. Oftentimes, companies are afraid to do this because they prefer staying in a comfortable setting, but it can be greatly beneficial. You never know when you are going to find that one magical idea that is really going to make your business hit that successful boom.
When you experiment, you can always tell your client base that you are trying something new. Take this as another great opportunity to survey your clients and find out how they feel about your new methods. This will help you find out if it will be successful, and can also help you figure out a few small tweaks to make it perfect.

In Closing, Be Thorough, But Always Ethical in Your Content Marketing

As you start to research your client base more, you will be able to tweak and tailor all of your content perfectly for them. One thing to be careful of is that you handle all of your research in an ethical manner through surveys, data collection from your own site, and other ethical ways. You’ll be quite happy to see just how well your content marketing campaigns do the more you learn about and work with your client base!
Photo credit: LDProd  / iStock