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5 Ways to Find New Website Content Ideas For Your Blogs and Websites

Google LIKES fresh website content. In the way a cookie monster likes his cookies. So much so that Google Blog has said that the Web is experiencing growth at the rate of a few billion pages daily. That’s a lot of pages to index every single day—but Google is doing it. That’s one big cookie monster.


The good news from all this? We now know the best way to rank our sites. Post that content at a daily rate if you want to dominate. The flip side to this coin? Coming up with topics for all this content yourself. How in the world do you figure out what topics to write on, when that’s the last thing that comes easy to you?

5 Website Content Ideas That You Can Bring To The Bank


#1. Get Yourself A Writer

No lie: it’s probably easier for you to seal a few client contracts for your company than to come up with your daily blogs on time. From website owners to Fortune 500 company marketing managers, everyone is turning to the copywriter in this website content crazed era of the Internet. Make a worthwhile investment on your heart rate, brain power, and daily workload by getting a writer to create your website content. A copywriting agency can offer you editors and extra eyes on all your web content, as well as a larger-scale solution.


#2. Make Topics out of Your Keywords

This could be the most obvious subject for your topics staring you in the face, but knowing how to wield this one could be tricky. The basic rules are, for SEO, your exact keyword should be in the title. That goes for location-based keywords. Take some time and come up with a list of topics around each keyword – 1 per keyword. In the article, use related keywords along with at least a 2%-3% density of your keyword. Common web content topics around keywords are informative and how-to pieces. Example: If your keyword is attic ventilation, your topics can be 5 DIY Ways to Maintain Attic Ventilation, or 5 Ways to Maintain Attic Ventilation in an A-Shaped House.


#3. Be Inspired By Competitors.

Do not copy it word for word (ever!) but follow the leader for best results. Who is dominating on Google in your industry and/or getting the most social shares on their blogs and website content? Check out their topics and content and recreate it into your own original version (if you have a writer, have them do this). Your blogs will be equally amazing.


#4. Ask Yourself, What Would My Clients Ask?

Your most frequently asked questions from your customers and clients are topics to jot down and create website pages from. Many website owners forget to create one page per service—highly recommended so your customers can easily answer their own questions by reading your website before they pick up the phone to ask you. Your most common topics will also make great blog articles.


#5. What Makes You Different?

In your competitive area, what makes you feel you have your own edge? The values your company have above ACME in your industry will make excellent topics all day long for your blog and website content pages. For example, if your company servicemen never miss the appointment hour, you could write blogs on the value of on-time service.


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