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5 Effective Press Release Writing Skills That You Should Apply to Deliver a Compelling Message

Because the structure of a press release is pretty standard, numerous content writers erroneously think that creativity has nothing to do with first-class press release writing skills. While the format of a press release leaves very little room for surprise, its content should make your announcement truly stand out. After all, your main goal is to capture the attention of numerous media channels; to deliver a meaningful, compelling message; and to create buzz around your product release, upcoming event, and any other newsworthy element that you plan to put on full display. Are you worried that your press release writing skills might be a little rusty? Start implementing these 5 amazingly effective tips to craft informative, attention-grabbing press releases, enabling you to get a significant amount of media coverage.

5 Press Release Writing Skills

1. Keep it short and simple

Let’s face it: Journalists are always looking for newsworthy subjects and have the ability to skim and scan a press release in a matter of a few seconds and decide whether a particular Web material is truly useful and worthy of media coverage or not. Offer them concise, informative, well-written press releases; stimulate their curiosity by crafting an attention-grabbing headline. Most importantly, keep it simple and opt for a maximum length of 1 or 2 pages. The shorter the better!

2. Humanize your press releases by adding meaningful quotes

Relevant quotes will humanize your content, helping readers understand exactly why your new product, service, or event is so important. Don’t hesitate to include a couple of quotes from trustworthy experts in your niche or from the CEO of your company. Journalists are often looking for easy, hassle-free ways to find out what major players with a high level of authority think about your most recent accomplishment. Offer them pertinent quotes with real substance to make them want to publish fragments of your press release.

3. Third tip: Include numbers to highlight the importance of your new product, event, or service

We’ve all heard it before. We shouldn’t bore our audience to death with dull strings of numbers. When it comes to press release writing, however, it is recommended to forget about this suggestion. Journalists are looking for real facts, supported by real numbers, which give your story bonus points for credibility. So don’t hesitate to include hard numbers, revealing all the reasons why your new product is truly exceptional, life changing, and buzz-worthy.

4. Fourth tip: Provide contact information and make it visible

Don’t forget to add your contact information, preferably at the top of your press release. This will help you maximize the visibility of your company and help journalists get in touch with you. Some of them might have additional questions regarding your announcement, so be prepared to provide accurate answers and make sure you add your e-mail address and telephone number.

5. Guide your readers toward more relevant information

A press release should be informative, short, and concise. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to offer supplementary information to all of your readers. Direct them toward your webpage by simply providing a few links. Harness the interest of journalists and keep them on your side by showing them where to get additional details they can include in their articles, without having to waste precious time trying to come up with other trustworthy sources.

Follow these 5 simple tips to upgrade your press release writing skills in record time, or see these 7 tips how to write a press release. Keep it short and simple, and always opt for a high dosage of accurate, fresh information to cultivate the engagement of your readers and boost your online credibility.

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