Way back in time, February 2011, I decided to follow my dreams and build a life and career I’d love.
And I’m so glad I did.
This is my eighth year since stepping out and deciding to be a full-time entrepreneur — and this coming May will mark eight years for my company, Express Writers.
The idea of figuring out how to make money doing what I loved came to me like a lightbulb moment, and I acted on it same-day, Googling “how to write and earn money online” and building my first freelance profile. (To the action-takers the world belongs!)
Waking up and doing something I loved gave me a brand new reason to get up every day and embrace Mondays.
I’d always loved to write, ever since I was a 12-year-old kid writing a 200-page medieval fiction. And I loved the internet. I’d made my first paycheck doing online surveys at 13.
I blended both passions, and found online content.
Within three months, I had an entire career on my hands, and dozens of clients asking me for more. I was suddenly at a crossroads: stop taking more clients (I already had more than I could handle), or build a team.
I built a team, that May. (This was just four months after making the decision to drop out of college and quit McDonald’s!)
Today… eight years later, 90+ people on staff, thousands of clients served… I am proof that anyone, anywhere, can follow their dreams. I was living in a cult when I decided to build my own life — which I later escaped, thanks to the freedom and income I’d built! That means you, my friend, have no excuse. 😉
Since this benchmark has come, instead of my typical how-to videos, I decided to film a special video for you today.
Being an entrepreneur may look pretty from the top, but it’s a hellauv a lot of hard work, especially if you have BIG, hairy goals (like me). My constant goal is to build the best content writing agency in the industry. I don’t consider my brand fully ‘there’ — but we are at an incredibly exciting place today, and I wanted to stop and celebrate that with my latest video for my YouTube channel, @JuliaMcCoy.
Without further ado, here it is.
This is dedicated to each and every one of you as motivation to never, ever, give up on your dreams. If today feels like your greatest struggle, then your greatest moment is just a few steps ahead. 💖The best is yet to come.
Don’t expect everything for nothing. Put in the work to reap the results. This and more in @JuliaEMcCoy's inspirational video, celebrating 8 years of #entrepreneurship 🥂 Click To Tweet

3 Major Lessons from 8 Years: What It Takes to Be a Successful Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is a twofold thing.
It’s incredibly rewarding, and incredibly difficult.
It’s an exhilarating ride when you win and achieve your goals.
And it’s a letdown when people desert you, things don’t work, and you get overwhelmed.
For the past eight years, I’ve been an entrepreneur. I’d never call it easy, but I call it rewarding. The process of becoming a full-time entrepreneur, learning the skills necessary to grow a team, earn hundreds of clients, and make my own living has taught me so much.
Today, I identify as a content hacker. I take online content and create it in a way that directly leads to bottom line revenue and growth, like growth hacking but with content. Content marketing is the new marketing, for today and tomorrow’s entrepreneur — it provides value to your end user and puts you where they’re already searching for answers. So, I’m a college dropout who taught myself everything simply as I went! I got out there and put in the work. Today, my methodologies in content marketing have been the sole means of growth for my agency, Express Writers — and millions of dollars in revenue.
As I go into my eighth year of entrepreneurship, with hundreds of people hired and fired, countless failures, lessons and letdowns, incredible wins and moments where it all became worth it, and millions of dollars in revenue… what are the top factors that have contributed to my entrepreneurial success?

3 Lessons that Equal Entrepreneurial Success

Here are my top three lessons from 8 years of entrepreneurship. They might not be what you think.

1. Quit Chasing Shiny Objects

If you’re chasing shiny object after shiny object, and you have serious FOMO about the things you want to do, STOP right now. Focus on one goal, and do everything in your power to achieve it. Then focus on another, and achieve that. Think in terms of single goals. And make these goals big—the bigger the better! It’s better to shoot for the stars and land on the moon than shoot for the hills and land back in the weeds.
Here’s an example of a big hairy goal: grow my business to seven figures in 12 months, or build an industry-leading course in 8 months. The how and the path will get clearer when you know and focus on one goal and what it takes to get there.

2. Getting Up After Failure is the Key to Success

Don’t expect everything for nothing. Put in the work before you reap the results. After your hard work is done, expect to do more hard work. Get up after you fail. Don’t dwell on your failures; dwell on what you’ve learned from them.
Your three best friends in success are Self-Discipline, Hard Work and Perseverance. This means not letting a failure stop you. Get back up and try again!

3. People Aren’t Unicorns

I hate to break it to you…but all humans make mistakes. It’s just a human thing. So, never put your faith in a single human. This means both your clients AND best team leader. Be ready and anticipate change, hold your people accountable no matter what, never blindly treat someone like a unicorn, a cash cow–ditch all that thinking now. It’s up to YOU and no one else to see your success through! So, make sure you consistently put in the effort, know what’s going on, and never sit by and let someone else do everything.

Exciting Announcement

This spring, I have two HUGE launches I’m super excited about (this means a few 12-hour days and late nights, but it will totally be worth it!).
I’m about to launch a new personal brand this spring, which I’m super excited about. I can’t wait to reveal it.
We’re also about to unveil a whole new site soon for my agency brand, Express Writers.
Stay tuned!
As I end… Here’s to each and every one of you, and many years of business success and happiness for you, too! 🥂
– Julia