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#ContentWritingChat Recap: Let’s Talk Epic Content Marketing with Tor Refsland

Did you miss #ContentWritingChat this week? There’s no need to worry because we have a value-packed recap for you to check out! Keep reading to find out what you missed from Tuesday’s chat.

#ContentWritingChat Recap: Let’s Talk Epic Content Marketing with Tor Refsland

Our guest host this week was Tor Refsland. He’s an award-winning blogger, a productivity coach, and an entrepreneur. Tor joined our #ContentWritingChat to talk all about content marketing and he shared some amazing tips with us!

Q1: What do the words “epic content writing” mean?

What does “epic content writing” mean to you? Our chat participants had their own interpretations of the phrase, which they shared with us. Check it out:

Pamela said epic content is in-depth and high quality. She knows how important it is to provide useful and accurate information for your audience to consume.

Epic content is content that’s created for your audience. If you don’t write with your audience in mind, how can you ever expect them to read it?

Your content should be engaging and tailored to your unique audience. That’s the key to reaching them and drawing them in!

Julia knows epic content writing will evoke some sort of emotion within your reader. It may shock them, or leave them in awe or utter gratitude after reading what you’ve written.

Q2: Why is it so important to make your content epic?

Now that you know what epic content is, you might be wondering why it’s so important for you to create. Let’s find out:

As Tor said, you only have one chance to make that first impression online. You should strive to over-deliver with your content, which is sure to make your audience fall in love.

Tara knows that we all want our content to be seen! If you spend a bunch of time and effort creating something, you expect great results.

Epic content can build your authority in your field. As Pamela said, you should ask yourself what you want to be known for. Then, choose your content topics accordingly.

Not only does great content build your authority, but it also helps establish trust with your audience. Through your content, they start to see that you really know your stuff.

If you consistently produce epic content, it’s going to help you stand out and get noticed by your audience. And they’re sure to keep coming back for more!

Q3: What can epic content do for your brand and business?

So, what exactly can epic content do for you? We have the answer! Take a look at what some of the participants in Tuesday’s chat had to say:

Tor said epic content can position you as an authority in your niche. Once you’ve proven yourself as an authority, you can influence more people and it allows you to charge a premium price for products and services.

Katria said your content can give your brand credibility, a human voice, and a reason for people to keep visiting your site.

Creating epic content on a consistent basis can help generate awareness for your brand, establish you as an authority in your field, and help you build a connection with your readers.

Do you want to be the go-to person in your field? Of course! Brittany knows your content can help establish your brand’s presence and position you as a leader in your industry.

Great content can also become amazing word-of-mouth advertising for your brand. When people read something epic, they can’t help but to share it with their friends.

When you put the time and effort into crafting amazing content, it shows your audience you care about a particular topic/industry as much as they do.

Here are Express Writers, we know just how important epic content can be! Julia shared a link to our recent case study all about how content fuels the Express Writers brand.

Remember that your content is an extension of your brand, so make sure you’re only publishing the best!

As Bill said, holding yourself to epic content standards will keep you accountable to your followers. You don’t want to let them down, after all!

Q4: How important is it to find your voice when it comes to creating epic content?

Finding your voice and injecting that into the content you create is so important! Here’s why:

Tor said the only way to truly stand out and attract people to your tribe is to write in your own voice. That’s what will draw people to you and make them like you and your brand.

Julia feels it’s crucial to know your voice. She said to be confident in using it!

As Megan said, your voice is what makes your content unique. It provides that human connection your readers are seeking.

Once you have found your voice, you should stay consistent by using that same voice with every piece of content you create.

Q5: Why do you think most people are struggling with creating epic content?

Why do some people struggle with creating epic content? Find out:

Don’t take shortcuts. Epic content takes time and effort to create. There’s no way around that, friends!

Tara said to ditch the imposter syndrome if you want to create epic content. She encourages everyone to own their expert status!

Many struggle because they don’t know their audience well enough. You need to know and understand your audience in order to create the right content for them.

It can take time to understand your audience and figure out what they truly want. If you aren’t sure what to write about, ask them what they’d like to see. They’ll tell you.

Remember: Writing is hard and it takes practice to create something great. You need to keep working at it and your skills will get better.

Q6: Is epic content enough to stand out in the overcrowded marketplace?

Is amazing content enough to help you stand out online? We asked and you answered! Here’s what some participants had to say during the chat:

Tor knows it’s all about a combination of epic content and epic promotion if you want to stand out online.

Epic content requires epic marketing! To get more eyeballs on your content, you need to spread the word about what you’ve created.

As Lex said, epic content gets people through the door. You need to provide a great product and an amazing customer experience if you really want people to take notice.

Zachary agrees with Lex. Customer service is so important when it comes to your brand.

Tony knows epic content is great, but engaging your audience is one way to truly stand out with your audience.

People need to like you if you want to succeed as a brand! Focus on making that personal connection with your audience.

Jessy got it right with her answer. You need to be human, engage with your audience, and provide help when they need it. Don’t forget that excellent customer service is a must, too!

Q7: What is the best way to get more eyeballs on your epic content?

So, you’ve created this amazing piece of content. Now what? You need to get people reading what you’ve created! Here’s how to do it:

Tor suggests promoting like your life depends on it! Start spreading the word about your epic content.

Promote, promote, promote! Don’t forget to spread the word about your own content.

Have a promotion strategy in place so you can test to see what works and what doesn’t.

Get to know your audience and figure out where they’re spending time online, what makes them convert, and more. Understand them so you can create and promote with them in mind.

Make use of social media and your email newsletter for promotion. You can also help spread the word through speaking engagements and conferences.

When scheduling for social media, make sure you’re hitting multiple time zones to reach extra eyeballs.

You can use influencer relationships as a way to spread the word about your content.

Zala said sharing is caring! Make sure you’re sharing the content others create and they’ll be more likely to return the favor by sharing yours, too.

If you want people to share your work, make it easy for them to do so. Providing great content will keep them coming back.

Zachary said to become a valuable member of your community. Contribute and be of service instead of only promoting your own content. That’s a must!

Q8: If you have epic content and PR, is that enough to run a profitable business?

Is epic content and PR enough to succeed? Here’s what we found out in the chat:

Tor said to know how to monetize in order to turn a profit. You have to start by connecting with your audience and serving them.

Julia said YES because that’s exactly what she’s been able to do here at Express Writers.

If you’re a service-based business, you probably need some clients to make a profit!

Debi said everything needs to be in synchronicity in order to run well.

Your product has to be as good as your promotion. User experience and quality make a huge difference when it comes to business.

We look forward to seeing you at the next #ContentWritingChat! Mark your calendars weekly for Tuesday at 10 AM CDT for great chats centered around content writing and marketing. Follow @ExpWriters to stay updated on our new topics and guests!

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