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The Write Podcast Update February 2017: New Look, Updated Schedule, & Favorite Recording Tools

The Write Podcast got a (minor) facelift this February! New cover design and style, now live in iTunes, Spreaker, and Soundcloud!

It was a big internal debate for a while about updating the look, since, you know, I have 18 episodes out that have the same exact image on all of them. But I did it.

It came down to which of two important questions I answered with a bigger “yes”:

  • Will this mess with my podcast “brand” too much?
  • On the other hand, will I benefit from updating the cover “image” to what I currently look like if you met me on the street today and align more with?

It’s no secret — I do change styles a lot, it’s the creative chameleon in me. I finally went with a “yes” on the latter question.

I haven’t changed the actual colors, but my designer changed up the overall style for me and added an updated headshot of me. It’s not a complete re-brand or re-haul, but rather an updated look. We went back and forth on ten revisions to get the final new images.

new itunes cover write podcast

Why I Went With a (Somewhat Scary) Near-Rebrand Decision for The Write Podcast

[clickToTweet tweet=”Sometimes, accommodating change and growth is more important than “staying in the lines” of branding. – @JuliaEMcCoy” quote=”Sometimes, accommodating change and growth is more important than “staying in the lines” of branding. – @JuliaEMcCoy”]

That’s a careful edge to work on, beyond a doubt, but when you evolve and grow, why not show that transparently, authentically to your audience? – instead of sticking with the stale look you launched with but don’t like or identify with anymore (yes, speaking of myself here). You know, I used to just hear this, but now I believe it. Showing up 100%, not 99 or 98%, to everything you do will result in your greatest success.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Showing up 100%, not 99 or 98%, to everything you do will make everything you do successful. – @JuliaMcCoy” quote=”Showing up 100%, not 99 or 98%, to everything you do will make everything you do successful. – @JuliaMcCoy”]

The evolution of the Write Podcast has been serious. I was a complete novice when I launched mine, and the picture was shot exactly a year ago – last February, 2016!

Fun fact, I was very, very sick when the picture in the suit was taken (let’s all just stop for a moment and appreciate what a lot of good makeup can do). I had a respiratory, stomach, and sinus infection, built up from a serious reaction to allergies in Austin. No one else knew that, but every time I looked at the picture, I sure did, and always sighed internally. The new picture, on the other hand, couldn’t be more opposite. It was taken in a photoshoot paid for by Mailchimp (more on that here) – I felt so strong, confident, and happy during that shoot! It aligns with the huge strides in progress I’ve made now in 2017, vs. where I was in early 2016.

Going with the updated image fits. It’s the current “me,” who has grown a ton from the last “me.”

My podcast has evolved this much since launch:

  • I’ve learned a lot about how to create a great podcast. I know exactly who I want on my show now (when I started, only three out of five guests actually made it live—I realized after recording a few that they weren’t a good fit for my audience).
  • Halfway through the last eighteen episodes, I ditched a cheap intro and went for premium music (purchased royalty-free) and recording my own intro. I feel it’s so much more authentic and resonates more with the audience.
  • I got my first sponsor in October, six months after launching!
  • I have re-occuring guests planned out that will add high value to the audience.
  • I have a backdated list of topics and guests now.
  • I’ve decreased my editing time greatly because I don’t have to cut as much. I’ve improved as a podcast host! Fun fact: 30 hours went into recording, editing, writing show notes for, and publishing the first 3 episodes. One episode now takes me two hours tops, from recording to editing and even publishing. Whew!

New Schedule for the Write Podcast

Due to a careful survey of my commitments, and a ton of over-commitments last year (read my Medium post about saying “yes” to opportunity for more about that), I’m changing the podcast schedule from my over-eager early promise of “1x/week” to “1x/month.” This is now reflected in my new intro.

Some of the things I’m working on day-to-day, besides podcasting:

  • Two books! (Life story and lessons for female entrepreneurs, and a second book which I can’t disclose just yet.)
  • Courses – for MarketingProfs (on invitation), and my first course ever for my own community here at Express Writers!
  • Inbound and content marketing – Guest blogging at Content Marketing Institute, Huffington Post, Search Engine Journal, and of course, lots of blogging over at the Write Blog.
  • Internal Express Writers improvements – this can take up to 80% of my work week. We just launched new services like project management, involved copy editing, and more in the Content Shop, and my days are filled with Skype conversations, sales meetings, hiring, writing new standards and training, and much, much more.

I’m also excited to announce two re-occuring guests this year:

  • Sujan Patel, entrepreneur, content marketer, keynote speaker & serious online marketing genius.
  • Tara Clapper, my agency’s Content Development Specialist, Founder at The Geek Initiative, and a real content marketing gem.

Look for them to appear (and reappear this year!) The next episode out in a few days, E19, will feature Tara Clapper’s first appearance on the show.

My Favorite Podcasting Tools

Lastly, since several people have asked me, I thought I’d share this list.

My favorite podcast tools (this is all the equipment I use to podcast!) and the prices of each are below. It can be cost-effective to produce a high-quality podcast—together, all this equipment cost me less than $120!

Here’s my setup, in the office, with Audacity open…

julia's podcast setup

I’ve even packed it all up for an airplane trip and taken it to an Airbnb to record an episode!

podcast setup

Thanks to all of you who have subscribed and shown love for the Write Podcast! I appreciate each and every one of you – you’re the reason I do this and press forward.

Subscribe, follow and listen to the Write Podcast!

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