The Write Podcast, E40: Jay Baer on Talk Triggers & How to Build Effective Word-of-Mouth Marketing

The Write Podcast, Episode 40: Jay Baer on Talk Triggers & How to Build Effective Word-of-Mouth Marketing

by | Oct 8, 2018 | The Write Podcast

Did you know? 83% of Americans say that a word-of-mouth recommendation from a friend or family member makes them more likely to purchase that product or service.
Today, for Episode 40 (already!!), I’m honored to have the amazing Jay Baer as my guest on The Write Podcast.
Jay’s brand-new book, Talk Triggers, co-written with Daniel Lemin, came out on October 2, 2018 – less than one week ago! We recorded this episode a day before his book came out.
My own copy is already in my hands, complete with an alpaca (listen for a funny discussion at the beginning about the difference between an alpaca vs. llama, complete with sound effects), cookies, and headband. (I did an unboxing video of the book and giveaway items that you can watch here.)
The book is awesome, and I was so excited to chat with Jay and get more inside details. He has tons of sage advice from years in the marketing space.
Jay is the founder of Convince & Convert, a Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker, and the best-selling author of 6 books, including The Now Revolution, Hug Your Haters, and Youtility: Why Smart Marketing Is About Help and Hype. He’s well-qualified to speak (and write!) on today’s topic.
Without further ado, here are the episode show notes. Listen carefully for lots of gems – Jay is incredibly quotable!
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The Write Podcast, E40: Jay Baer on Talk Triggers & How to Build Effective Word-of-Mouth Marketing

1:38 – Talking the Cover of Talk Triggers (Llama or Alpaca)? Before we dig into today’s topic, Jay clears up some confusion about the cover of his new book.
4:42 – Why Is Word-of-Mouth So Effective? According to the 2018 Word-of-Mouth Report, 83% of Americans are more likely to purchase a product or service if it earned a word-of-mouth recommendation from one of their friends or family members. Jay and I talk about this stat and the basic reason why word-of-mouth works so well.
8:05 – What’s the Difference Between a Talk Trigger and a USP (Unique Selling Proposition)? A talk trigger is something you do differently that gets people talking about your brand. It may be unexpected or surprising. Jay discusses how this concept is similar to but fundamentally different from a USP. (A great talk trigger example: Cheesecake Factory menus.)
10:03 – How Do You Start a Conversation Around Your Brand? Nobody has a word-of-mouth strategy. So how do you get people talking about you? According to Jay, the answer may lie between the expected and the unexpected.
12:09 – Should “Going Viral” Be One of Your Business Goals? Watch out – this is a trick question. Jay tells us why going viral could be positive or negative.
15:35 – How to Build Connections with Customers. Jay makes some great points here about how marketers rarely get insights from customers anymore. Instead, they rely on data. To create connections and nurture brand loyalty, you have to go to the source and find out what customers are expecting from you – then you can surprise them.
19:35 – Fans vs. Advocates. Jay comes up with a fantastic, off-the-cuff differentiator between fans and advocates. Hint: You definitely want brand advocates on your side.
22:52 – It’s Hard to Turn Fans into Advocates. Enter Talk Triggers. Jay gives a few great examples of how talk triggers can turn passive fans into active advocates for your brand.

Favorite Quotes to Tweet

“Word-of-mouth has always been important since the first caveman sold a rock to another caveman, and the third caveman was like, ‘Dude, this guy has the best rocks.’” @jaybaer via @writepodcast Click To Tweet
“Now, in this developed economy, we have so many choices and everything moves so quickly that somebody giving us a tip makes such a difference.” @jaybaer via @writepodcast Click To Tweet
“As the variety of options increases, the persuasive notion of word-of-mouth increases accordingly.” @jaybaer via @writepodcast Click To Tweet
“A talk trigger is a story people tell each other in a bar. A unique selling proposition is a bullet point people discuss in a boardroom.” @jaybaer via @writepodcast Click To Tweet
“Nobody has a word-of-mouth strategy despite the fact that word-of-mouth influences between 50-91% of all purchases.” @jaybaer via @writepodcast Click To Tweet
“Understand that same is lame. In business, we tend to play follow the leader. We say, ‘Who’s really good at xyz in our industry? Let’s mimic them, that’s safe” – but that doesn’t create conversations.” @jaybaer via @writepodcast Click To Tweet
“Understand what your customers expect, and then do something they definitely don’t expect. That difference becomes your talk trigger.” @jaybaer via @writepodcast Click To Tweet
“Going viral is not the same as a word-of-mouth strategy. Going viral is buying a lottery ticket. It’s a recipe of hope.” @jaybaer via @writepodcast Click To Tweet
“Today, most marketers are surrounded by data but starved for insights – and it’s partially because we don’t talk to customers.” @jaybaer via @writepodcast Click To Tweet
“Would you rather have fans than not have fans? Of course. But that’s only true because we assume that some percentage of fans will become advocates, or will give us money, or both.” @jaybaer via @writepodcast Click To Tweet

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