E27 write podcast gini dietrich

The Write Podcast, E27: Gini Dietrich on Why Domain Authority & Quality Content Matters to Marketers (Bonus Story: How Getting Fired Started Her Career)

Gini Dietrich is one heck of a female powerhouse content marketer.

Just check out the opening on her company, Arment Dietrich’s, About page: “Once upon a time there was a young lady who was a bit too big for her britches and had a pretty big problem with authority…namely anyone who told her what to do or that she was wrong. So she decided to leave the comfort of her big agency life and venture out into business on her own.”

Gini’s marketing blog, Spin Sucks, is a Forbes top 10 PR blog. She wrote a bestselling book: “Spin Sucks: Communication and Reputation Management in the Digital Age.” She’s also the CEO of Chicago-based integrated marketing communications firm, Arment Dietrich.

Gini knows her stuff, especially when it comes to domain authority. So, on our episode (originally recorded in June of this year – I had to pause the podcast to launch my course), I’m picking her brain and finding out why this metric is important – plus, what to do with it.

Let’s get into it!

E27 write podcast gini dietrich

The Write Podcast, E27: Gini Dietrich on Why Domain Authority & Quality Content Matters to Marketers (Bonus Story: How Getting Fired Started Her Career)

  • 1:56 – 5:13: Gini’s Story. Gini “grew up” in the global PR world, but struck out on her own 12 years ago. A big, fancy executive meeting for a big, fancy client was the catalyst for change for her, when her PR firm discovered they couldn’t translate some of their best work into revenue for that client. She thought there had to be a better way. Enter online marketing.
  • 5:41 – 6:42: What is Domain Authority (DA)? Gini explains domain authority — a Moz-created metric that looks at your SEO, links, social shares, content marketing value, and other factors and translates them into a ranked number between 1 and 100. It’s closely, but not directly, related to Google’s rankings.
  • 6:46 – 7:13: What Does a Decent DA Look Like? Most organizations fall between 20 and 40 for domain authority. However, most are not content organizations (think B2Bs and brands like Kellogg’s). For an example of a domain ranked at 100, look to The New York Times.
  • 7:15 – 8:19: How Analyzing DA Can Help You Rank on Google. Gini explains how checking out the DA for each of your competitors on Google’s first page for a keyword can help you determine if you can rank. She also explains how you should narrow down your target keyword based on what you find.
  • 8:55 – 10:13: Why Does Content Influence DA So Much? Gini talks about why content is such a big influence on your site’s DA ranking. Hint: It’s all about value.
  • 10:51 – 12:56: Changing Standards for Quality Content in the Industry. It’s much, much harder, and takes much longer, to plan and write a great blog post these days!
  • 13:00 – 14:00: How Do You Write Content That Raises Your Domain Authority? The stuff that’s easy to write and produce is not going to help you. Gini talks about how planning and research are essential to creating content that raises your DA.
  • 14:10 – 16:35: What Does It Mean When Your DA Is a See-Saw? Gini says not to panic when you notice your site DA fluctuating. She explains why this happens (one reason: Moz updates its index every few weeks) and what to do.
  • 16:37 – 17:41: How to Track Your DA. We talk about how to keep track of how your DA is doing and how to use a tool like the Moz SEO Toolbar.

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