Publish a beautiful, comprehensive blog post 2x a week and you’re on your way to content marketing success.

Wait, what?

It’s a myth?

Quality content isn’t enough to bring you a ton of traffic, gain you a legion of fans, and blow your content marketing ROI through the roof?

That’s right.

It’s not.

I know because I’ve been there, done that.

Two years after starting my business (2013), Express Writers was a young, promising content agency. And although I’d published 215 blogs and was getting around 500 organic visitors, I felt stuck and unable to scale higher.

All this changed when I realized I needed a strategy. I needed to STOP the cycle of creating, creating, creating content without a clear strategy and end goal for each piece.

What I’ve learned since: Our content will only work when we have clear goals, topics, and a mapped-out topical content strategy to back us up.

Let me explain.

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What Is Content Strategy? 3 Reasons You Absolutely Need It for Content Marketing Success

Content strategy is the engine that enables your content marketing vehicle to run.

It’s the blueprint that guarantees you know where you’re going as you build your content house.

Here are three reasons you need it.

1. Content Strategy Allows You to Strategically Plan Your Way to the First Page of Google’s SERPs (Plus More)


Do you dream of waking up one day and seeing a random piece of content you created ranking #1 on Google?

Dream on.

Chances are, it’ll never happen.

To be seen on Google, you need to target high-quality keywords that match your niche perfectly. It can take months of strategic planning to finally land on that sweet page one of the SERPs.

This is what content strategy is all about. It’s a detailed blueprint including topics, keywords, and goals for each piece of content you publish.

Sounds complex, but it’s worth it.

For example, ranking #1 on Google can get you 515,640 clicks (and a CTR of 29.76%).

rank #1 on google - outcome


On the other hand, ranking #20 on Google only gets you 177 clicks and a 0.38% CTR.

rank #20 on google- outcome


And content strategy isn’t only about ranking on Google.

It’s also about engaging your audience. Gaining trust. Building authority. Increasing sales.

3-bucket topic strategy

2. Content Strategy Gets You from Ignored to Adored by Your Audience

Have a passion for cultivating square-shaped onions?

Bad news.

Nobody else does.

Meaning, when you publish blog after blog of outstanding content about these never-before-seen onions, nobody will care.

To be adored by your audience, you need to give them what THEY want. It has to be about THEM.

Of course, you need to write about something you’re an expert at too. (You can’t randomly decide to write about NASA space missions if you know nothing about them.)

To find balance, follow the unique concept I call the Topic Circle Concept. Find the sweet spot between what your audience wants and what you specialize in.

Since part of building your content strategy is creating audience personas, you’ll never again have to guess who your audience is when writing any piece of content for your brand.

3. Content Strategy Gives You Direction (and Saves Time)

Initially, coming up with a content strategy is tough work.

But once you have one in place, it’ll be smooth sailing forward.

Having a content strategy means:

  • No more scrambling for quality keywords to target.
  • No more wasting time targeting keywords you’ll never rank for.
  • No more guessing who to “talk” to when you write that blog, email, or social media post.
  • No more wondering what goals you’re trying to achieve with your content.
  • No more speculating where your content will have the most impact. Blog? Social media? Somewhere else?

Having a content strategy is like starting to use a map after years of wandering around in circles.

And if you ask me, it’s worth it.

'Having a content strategy is like starting to use a map after years of wandering around in circles. And if you ask me, it’s worth it.' - @JuliaEMcCoy Click To Tweet

Back to my story:

When I put my content strategy to work, I:

  • Increased my site’s organic traffic from 500+ to 50,000+.

organic traffic trend via SEMrush

Source: SEMrush

  • Ranked for 13,000 keywords on Google (400 of which are in the top 3 positions).
  • Turned Express Writers from a small business earning $29,000 a month to a thriving seven-figure brand.

Now, we at Express Writers are here to do the same for you with our updated content strategy services.

Would you rather learn to DIY? Check out my practical, actionable Content Strategy & Marketing Course.

Announcing a Major Update to Express Writers’ Content Strategy Services

I know, building a content strategy for your brand sounds like a big deal.

And it is. (It took me years to perfect my own strategy to the point where it could run like a well-oiled machine.)

But we’re here to build yours for you, so all you need to do is sit back, relax while we work, and then implement our findings to see your brand’s content marketing success soar. (Or, you can have us implement for you in one of our consistent blog plans.)

Here’s what you can expect from this year’s new and improved Content Strategy Plan service we’re now offering our clients.

First things first, though.

Why did we update our content strategy services?

It’s not because the old one didn’t work. It’s because the web is constantly evolving. And since it’s our mission to deliver the best quality on the web, we evolve with it.

Now, here’s what you can expect with our new Content Strategy Plan.

1. In-Depth Site Audit, Hot Topics, and a Full Content Strategy Plan (Deck)

Our brand new Content Strategy Plan is a detailed deck containing all the strategic steps towards content marketing success.

In the old plan, we merely gave you suggestions on the best way to take your content strategy to the next level.

Now, we give you a complete Content Strategy Plan Deck, including a complete SEMrush site audit, site health analysis, Google Trends analysis for your industry, and hot topic categories to target.

Here’s a few screenshots from the deck we recently completed for a client, Bogdan at Thanks for using our new Content Strategy Plan, Bogdan!

EW content strategy plan

content strategy plan audit

content strategy plan audit

content strategy plan topics

content strategy plan topics

Everything inside our Content Strategy Plan has been customized for the client that buys this plan, by a human Content Strategist on our team that I personally mentor. We use top tools including SEMrush, Mangools, and Ahrefs to build strong data points for our clients.

Our deck is the answer if you need to build a strong content marketing foundational direction. You’ll know exactly where you are, where you want to go, and each step you need to take to get there. The deck even ends with a recommended monthly budget for content that will build traffic and results.

Ready? Consider investing in your custom Content Strategy Plan today.

2. A Recommended Keyword List

Not sure which keywords to target?

We’ll even supply you with a list of the best keywords in your industry. With the help of our paid tools, SEMrush, Mangools, and Ahrefs, our strategists will pick keywords that are the perfect blend of high competition and low search volume, so you gain exposure without wasting time trying to rank for difficult keywords.

Grow Your Brand with Our Updated Content Strategy Plan

Since we at Express Writers started offering content strategy services, it has been our mission to see our clients grow.

And our new Content Strategy Plan continues to uphold that standard. You’ll receive:

  • A full-size DFY Content Strategy Plan.
  • The strategic steps for knowing EXACTLY what kind of content to create, every single time.
  • A full set of the right keywords to target.
  • A complete site analysis, so you know how to tweak and fix problems that are preventing you from ranking.
  • And more!

Check out our updated Content Strategy Plan options here

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