The Write Podcast, E42: Successful Speaking with Brian Fanzo

The Write Podcast, Episode 42: How to Build a Successful Speaking Career with Brian Fanzo

by | Dec 21, 2018 | The Write Podcast

Welcome to episode 42! Today I’m chatting with Brian Fanzo, a podcaster, Millennial keynote speaker, and the founder of iSocialFanz.

Brian’s story, which we explore in today’s episode, is the epitome of “cool:” he was a helpdesk employee for the Department of Defense before his job morphed into speaking, presenting, and training others on technology. Now he has leveraged his experience and grown to be a successful speaker and entrepreneur.

In this episode, he’s sharing his journey, top tips, and everything you need to know about getting speaking gigs, speaking with confidence, and what it takes to captivate an audience. Listen in!

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The Write Podcast, Episode 42: How to Build a Successful Speaking Career with Brian Fanzo

  • 2:10 – Brian’s Backstory: Brian went from majoring in computer science in college to a helpdesk job with the U.S. government in cybersecurity. He was there for 9 years and worked with a team to train people around the world. Eventually, he realized the technology wasn’t what he loved, but rather helping people embrace technology. With this in mind, he moved from a start-up to entrepreneurship to speaking as his main source of revenue.
  • 6:15 – How Do You Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking? Brian never feared public speaking – he says he “came out of the womb talking.” For those of us who aren’t naturals, don’t worry: It’s not about skill with speaking, it’s more how you approach speaking and tell a story worth your audience’s time.
  • 9:05 – “Writers actually have the advantage”: Brian explains why writers make the best speakers.
  • 14:47 – Zigging While Everyone Else is Zagging (Marketing Yourself): Brian offers some tips for self-promotion and marketing yourself. One of his major points: Think like a fan.
  • 18:15 – Content Builds Relationships for Speaking Gigs: Putting out great content online helps build your audience relationships and your network, and brings in leads for speaking gigs. Brian himself is a prolific content creator, including videos, his podcasts, social media posts, and blogs.
  • 20:16 – Topic Niche Expert or Jack-of-All-Trades?: Brian gives talks in many industries on a myriad of topics. He explains why this isn’t a bad thing, with the caveat that having a niche you own is always fantastic.

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“Well over 80% of paid, professional speakers classify themselves as introverts.” @isocialfanz on #publicspeaking, via @writepodcast with @juliaemccoy Click To Tweet “Speaking is not really an introvert’s game or an extrovert’s game, it’s more about where you get your energy from and setting yourself up for success.” @isocialfanz via @writepodcast with @juliaemccoy Click To Tweet “More than anything else, you have to figure out how to tell a story that’s relatable to your audience, conveys the correct message, and ultimately simplifies it.” @isocialfanz via @writepodcast with @juliaemccoy Click To Tweet “Great writers have the advantage in this case. Great writers not only understand their tone and what works, but they can shape different content depending on the audience.” @isocialfanz via @writepodcast with @juliaemccoy Click To Tweet

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