The Write Podcast, Episode 41: Profitable Facebook Ads with Amanda Bond

The Write Podcast, Episode 41: How Businesses Can Set Up Profitable Facebook Ads with Amanda Bond (The Ad Strategist)

by | Nov 29, 2018 | The Write Podcast

For episode 41 of The Write Podcast, I’m getting into a conversation with one heckuva smart marketer, Amanda Bond of The Ad Strategist. In fact, she’s known as “the slayer of Facebook ad B.S.” And nothing could be truer. Amanda is a straight-shooting ad strategist and consultant who tells it like it is. She also moonlights as a HubSpot Academy instructor and a Facebook correspondent for the Social Media Examiner News Show.

In this interview I did with her, she shared an amazing amount of expertise and practical advice on how to make sure your Facebook ads are profitable. Newbies and beginners (and pretty much anyone doing Facebook ads period), this is for you.

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write podcast episode 41

The Write Podcast, Episode 41: How Businesses Can Set Up Profitable Facebook Ads with Amanda Bond (The Ad Strategist)

  • 4:05 – How Do You Build a Facebook Ad Strategy if You’re Just Starting Out? Amanda shares some ground-level steps for building your Facebook Ads strategy. The first question to ask yourself: Are you truly ready for Facebook ads?
  • 8:00 – Nailing Your Sales Process is Essential Before You Can Dig into Facebook Ads. We discuss why your sales and business processes need to be solidly in place LONG before you get started with ads and funneling in more sales. This helps with burnout, too!
  • 14:17 – The 3 Phases of Facebook Advertising. Amanda walks us through the process of warming up leads to get them ready to say “yes” to you. It involves 3 phases: Connect, commit, and close.
  • 15:29 – Phase 1: Connect. For the “connect” phase, the only goal is to get your name out there. That means branding ads with no calls-to-action.
  • 16:02 – Phase 2: Commit. The second phase is what’s being taught in the marketplace right now from beginning to end. (Hint: It should NOT be the only thing you’re doing.)
  • 19:30 – Phase 3: Close. The final phase helps your customers get over their reservations and make a purchase. These ads build on the information you gave them in phases 1 and 2.
  • 21:50 – What Are Recent Changes to Facebook Ads to Keep in Mind? According to research from The Ad Strategist, CPMs (the cost to deliver 1,000 ad impressions) are rising fast on Facebook. (It costs up to 3x more than it did in 2016!) Amanda tells us just how much costs have risen and what to do about it.
  • 25:45 – Case Study: How to Be “the Most Trusted Advisor.” Amanda talks about how her business successfully sold a digital product mainly through listening to the ideal audience’s needs and positioning themselves as their “most trusted advisor.”

Favorite Quotes to Tweet

“The foundational thing I always want people to know is you’re maybe not ready to run Facebook ads yet – and that’s okay.” @TheAdStrategist on @writepodcast Click To Tweet

“If we don’t have a sales process in place, if we don’t know how to turn attention into customers, ads are only going to amplify what’s broken in the business.” @TheAdStrategist on @writepodcast Click To Tweet

“How many times do we try and be the best at everything we do in our business, when being the best is going to take a lot more time and effort than actually allowing somebody who IS the best to take over?” @TheAdStrategist on… Click To Tweet

“Ads are touted as that magic bullet in so many places. We have to slow down and we have to build strong foundations to be in this for the long haul.” @TheAdStrategist on @writepodcast Click To Tweet

“Are ads bringing in customers? If the answer is no, STOP.” @TheAdStrategist on @writepodcast Click To Tweet

“Value first, service first. Give a crap about your audience and intimately know what they need, and then create your products and services as a solution to those needs.” @TheAdStrategist on @writepodcast Click To Tweet

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