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The Write Podcast Episode 2: Simple Storytelling Tactics & Why Your Story in Content Marketing Matters

Welcome to Episode 2 of The Write Podcast! In this episode, it’s just me, myself, and I…bringing you thoughts on a spectacular topic: the use of storytelling in content marketing.

Are you a marketer who has invested in online content marketing to boost your brand in any way (blogging, web content, social media – they’re all a part of the content marketing cycle)? Then you should be aware of how to use the essential tactics of storytelling. The amazing world of wondrous tales, stories, and deeds of lore… (stop me anytime)… can open up a whole new level of connection and engagement with your audience.

Wait till you hear Poo~Pourri’s ad – I included a clip in my episode! They’re an amazing brand that has succeeded in storytelling – to the tune of selling 4 million crappy products through a brilliant, brilliant ad.


simple storytelling tactics

In Episode 2 of The Write Podcast, Julia covers:

  • Why storytelling in today matters to content marketing
  • A story so good it sold crap, literally: Poo~Pourri
  • How to find and tell your story
  • Simple ways of finding everyday company stories
  • Examples of companies who have created a character that everyone relates to

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Full Transcription of The Write Podcast, E02: Simple Storytelling Tactics & Why Your Story in Content Marketing Matters

Julia: In today’s episode I’m going to discuss why storytelling in content marketing matters, how it is essential to 2016 content marketing in a few simple ways to integrate great story telling into your marketing. And to start us off right, I’m going to give you one of my favorite examples of entertaining storytelling and content marketing.

This advertisement is from a brand of Poo-Pourri. Here’s a clip:

“You would not believe the mother load I just dropped and that’s how I like to keep it leaving not a trace that I was ever here let alone that I just birthed a creamy behemoth from my cavernous bowels. Nothing is worth than stinking up the shared toilet at work, or the toilet at a party, or your lover’s apartment. Of course flushing removes the graphic evidence, maybe two or three flushes if your skid marks are as tenacious as mine. But what can be done about the subtle scent of a 300 cow dairy farm, aerosol air fresheners aren’t the most effective option, or the healthiest, trying to mask the stench giving you a nice blend of chem-lab carnations with just a touch of these beasts.

So how do you make the world believe your poop doesn’t stink? Or in fact that you never poop at all, Poo-Pourri, Poo-Pourri is before you go toilet spray that’s proven to trap those embarrassing odors at the source and save relationships.”

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Julia: So the ad I brought in is a great example of what I mean by storytelling and content marketing. The brand managed to come up with this unforgettable ad for their products, and what amazes me is that everything they’ve produced is consistent with the same voice, same creative, crazy style.

The copywriting in the videos every piece content piece is branded the same way. If you go and read their content you’ll be blown away by how creative this brand is. I don’t think I’d seen anything like it, and it’s unforgettable. All over their YouTube videos people are saying that this is the best ad they’ve seen all year.

Not only that, but this company has sold over 4 million products. It’s crazy because their entire product is about pop, but they have been so successful. And I think that this gives us a really good example of how storytelling can manage to sell anything. Provided you have a really, really good story.

Finding your story and connecting to your audience with it could be the biggest thing you’ll ever do for your own content marketing. When a brand can identify and tell a story that triggers an emotional connection in their consumer they have a much higher likelihood of being remembered.

I think that storytelling holds the key to the future of content marketing online because this might be the only way to truly get noticed. We are coming to an era when there is so much content being produced on the web it’s crazy. For example every single minute Google gets over 4 million search queries.

Blog writers share over 1400 blogs every minute. There are over 200,000 tweets going out every minute and get this, over 200 million emails every single minute. Those are statistics from 2015, so the amount of content today is even bigger than that. I’m not discounting all of the other practices in content marketing I’m just saying that your story should fit into everything you’re doing for a brand.

Don’t miss out on finding and telling your story.

And I wanted to share a few tips on how to do that. First you want to think about an authentic story. A story is not going to connect you with your audience unless it’s actually true and it can be easier than you think to pull out various stories from your brand.

To begin make sure that you have your foundational story hammered out such as your founding story. How your business, how your company came to be. Stories of your favorite customer testimonials. Create blogs about pages, visuals, infographics and videos out of these base stories.

One engaging way to share your brand story is through an infographic. I saw a brand that made this their entire about page. It was a visual timeline of their history. Beginning with a picture of the founder in her home kitchen starting the creation of the product. And then going down with visuals into where they are today as a big brand. It was short, concise and visual, exactly the type of format to grab attention online.

And there are so many formats online that are great for telling your story. The possibilities are endless. Videos especially seem to do really well when conveying an engaging story. As in that clip I shared from Poo-Pourri. That was a YouTube video from their channel. People love to hear your brand story and the more relatable and down to earth you make it, the more they will engage.

You don’t have to disclose everything, but remember to be authentic. And that means you can even share your failures. What made you who you are, what made your company where it is today. Once you have your baseline or your founding story hammered out, then you can pull out daily stories.

Just from everything that happens and goes on around you, what are things that happen daily in your office? Take a picture, share it on your company Instagram, talk about it in your next blog.

What are challenges you face every day, perhaps managing your team or handling a crazy workload? Or making a difficult client satisfied? All of these can be turned around into stories, as you consistently share more stories.

Another tip I share is that having a personality and establishing that through out all of your stories would be a way to make your brand more recognizable.

Go back to Poo-Pourri, everything they’ve put out is the same voice, it’s consistent. It blows your mind with creativity and every other word is a pun on their product. Dollar Shave Club is another great brand that has established a clear, consistent, creative voice that you see everywhere on their website, graphics, visuals and videos.

So think about your consistency of personality, and try to maintain and establish that through out all the content you create and produce.

Another way to nail storytelling and content marketing is to create characters that your audience will love.

One of the best examples for this is Flo from Progressive Insurance. Nearly everyone knows who Flo is, she has her own Twitter and Facebook profile created and she’s appeared in over a thousand Progressive commercials. She’s a fun engaging character that has stayed consistent throughout all the company branding. I’ve also seen companies succeed at creating characters based on their target audience, they create a persona based on their niche demographics, and type and then they launch that as a character throughout all their marketing.

It’s a genius way to truly identify with your audience. A simpler character example is from BuzzSumo, they associate their brand with a cartoon sumo wrestler, and they get a custom drawing of this wrestler with every blog post, and piece that they publish. My last two tips for storytelling and in content marketing is all about the structure of your story.

Just like a good story that you’ve read in a book, remember that every story should have a structure, a beginning, middle, and an end. Also build up on your stories, don’t share everything at once, share bits of your story and continue to publish new stories as you publish and tell consistent stories that resonate with your audience, your brand will grow and your fans will love you.

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