Write Podcast, E35: Empathy in Content Marketing with Jason Schemmel

The Write Podcast, E35: Empathy in Content Marketing with Jason Schemmel (Why & How it’s Crucial to Your Online Success)

by | May 7, 2018 | The Write Podcast

Hello, listeners!
Welcome to episode 35 of The Write Podcast!
Today I’m talking to Jason Schemmel, a self-described “professional dork” who has been in the content marketing industry for 6 years.
He’s a social media manager at HarperCollins and works with brands online building content strategies. He’s a content marketing geek, has co-hosted a panel at Content Marketing World, and is the host of a podcast, GSDChat (he’s leaving it to you to figure out what the acronym “GSD” means).
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For this episode, we’re talking about a crucial component of ANY successful business or content marketing endeavor – empathy with your audience and customers.
What form does empathy take in marketing, and why should you cultivate it for better results? Find out in my fun, informative chat with Jason.
The Write Podcast, E35: Empathy in Content Marketing with Jason Schemmel (Why & How it's Crucial to Your Online Success)

The Write Podcast, E35: Empathy in Content Marketing with Jason Schemmel (Why & How it’s Crucial to Your Online Success) Show Notes

  • 2:05 – Jason’s Podcast, GSDChat. Jason talks a bit about his podcast and what it covers. He usually hosts industry guests who talk about the ups – and the downs – of working in content.
  • 3:57 – Today’s Topic: How Does Empathy Play into Content Marketing? We’re seeing a lot more empathy in marketing these days, with content marketing at the forefront. Jason says that empathetic marketing that resonates with you is the stuff that makes you pause to take a closer look.
  • 5:35 – Examples of Empathetic Marketing. Jason gives an example of how Joe Pulizzi, the founder of Content Marketing Institute, grew to his current success level because he listened to his audience and understood their wants and needs.
  • 8:31 – You Are Not Your Audience. Jason describes a big mistake many business owners and marketers make: Thinking you know what your audience needs and tailoring your marketing to that thinking. Here’s the thing – you are not your audience.
  • 9:47 – How to Listen to Your Audience at Every Stage of Your Business. I give an example of how we listen to customers at Express Writers using the live chat feature on our site. We get ideas for EVERYTHING from this, from what products to roll out/tweak to what topics we should write about on the Write Blog.
  • 11:49 – How Do You Integrate Empathy into Your Content Marketing on a Long-Term Basis? Jason shares tips for being more empathetic in your marketing. Tip number one: Do an audit of your company (and yourself) to gauge the effectiveness of what you’re already publishing and what your audience is saying about it.
  • 15:13 – Just Starting Out? Initial Steps for Researching Your Audience. Jason recommends initial steps for understanding your audience so you can reach them with empathy. Use Google Trends, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more to do your research. Dive into Facebook groups and Twitter chats that deal with topics in your industry niche.
  • 19:05 – Empathy and Generosity Go Hand-in-Hand in Content Marketing. Much of content marketing involves giving away valuable information for free. We discuss how that ties into the empathy factor, and how you eventually benefit.
  • 21:45 – The Hidden Benefits of Empathy in Content Marketing. We go further into how having empathy in the field comes back to you positively – tenfold. One example: That client you didn’t get, the one you gave some free advice to, turns around and refers you to someone else because you built trust with them.

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'When you're starting something from scratch... You get tunnel vision of 'This is what it should be because it makes sense to me.' @JasonSchemmel Click To Tweet
'Not everyone that uses your product or service thinks the way you do. That's where empathy really comes in. Take yourself out of your own shoes and into the situation of the people you're trying to reach.' @JasonSchemmel Click To Tweet
'The better you can understand your entire core audience that you're trying to reach, the better your messaging will be, the more well-received it will be, and you'll see a lot more results from it.' @JasonSchemmel Click To Tweet
'Active listening is an essential part of business success. It's like it is in the classroom: If one person has enough courage to ask the question, odds are, 75% of the room is thinking the same question.' @JasonSchemmel Click To Tweet
'Let your network work for you.' ? @JasonSchemmel Click To Tweet
'If you can get behind a message, a purpose, a mission, and you really start hitting home with that, and you find an audience that aligns with that mission, you'll be okay.' @JasonSchemmel Click To Tweet

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