In today’s infographic from Express Writers, we’re taking a look at the hottest social media posts in history – and how you can be inspired to run a more successful social media campaign yourself! Enjoy, and don’t forget to share and leave us a comment! Full transcript is below.
science of social media infographic

The Science Behind the Most Successful Social Media Campaigns & Sharers

Social Media Shares: Why Do They Matter So Much?

  • 53% of Americans who engage with brands in social media become more loyal to those brands
  • Interesting content is among the top 3 motives for consumers to follow brands on social media
  • The majority of brands measure content success by social shares
  • 47% of B2B marketers cite creating engaging content as their top marketing challenge

The 3 Most Re-Tweeted Tweets in History

What’s the secret to the sharing power of the top tweets? Let’s take a look at which tweets made it to the most re-tweeted list.
Ellen de Generis. 3.3 Million Re-tweets.

Ellen de Generis breaks Twitter with this iconic tweet. Leverages the “buzz” around the Oscars, making this tweet the most shared in history.
Louis Tomlinson. 1.4 Million Re-tweets

Louis Tomlinson shows just how a simple, sincere tweet can capture the heart of millions, especially thanks to their passionate fandom.
Barack Obama. 700,000 re-tweets

Barack Obama’s social media team captured a moment of human emotion and celebration that followers can relate to: and, keep in mind, it’s also news to share.

Facebook Posts That Had the Most Shares in History

What’s the magic formula for the most shared Facebook posts? Here’s who and what really hit it out of the park on Facebook. “This would have legit traumatized me as a kid! Heck, even now!” 4.4 Million Shares.

We love to share videos that make us laugh. Perez Hilton shares this stunt video promoting a horror movie, proving that humor is always a good idea.
AMC Theatres. Minions Preview Video. 3.1 Million Shares

AMC Theatre demonstrated the power of video for Facebook sharing, particularly when tapping into a community of fans who love the brand. “Why We Need Best Friends” Image. 1.7 Million Shares

Facebook users share posts they relate to, and they think their Facebook friends can relate to. The posts they share are also social currency: to show their friends what they care about and who they are.

5 Techniques For Successful Social Media Campaigns: Inspiration From the Best Brands on Social

Here’s how businesses succeed in increasing engagement and promoting shares. include the company logos with the mentions (Autodesk, Whole foods, etc.)

  1. Genuine Value. Autodesk shares social content that offers genuine value to its niche target market.
  2. Be Personal. Whole Foods Market makes their customer service personal leveraging their local profiles.
  3. Authentic Conversation. Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants gets personal, engaging with its guests through real, authentic conversation.
  4. Contests. Intuit rolls out a year-long contest that their target market loves to engage with.
  5. Transparency. Mars shows a behind the scenes peek of its businesses, offering greater transparency of its business practices and ethics to their intrigued followers.

5 Steps to More Engagement & Shares for Your Content

Follow these simple steps to gain a successful social media campaign and inspire more shares for your content.
1. Listen to Your Fans. One of the best ways to increase your engagement is to look at what your fans already like to engage with and duplicate their efforts with your own, unique spin.
2. Post More Photos. 87% of a Facebook page engagement occurs on photo posts.
3. Take Your Own Photos. People engage with authentic, human social media brands. Take your own “candid” photos to show your followers into your world. Don’t be afraid to be personal.
4. Get Your Own Custom URL. When a URL is shortened, it looks less cluttered, making your post more appealing and easier to read.
5. Post Evergreen Content. Evergreen content is timeless. Focus on creating posts that can be shared over a long period of time and still remain relevant. A great way to do this is to create evergreen blogs that can be shared, and re-shared, on social media.


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