​The Write Podcast, E32: Using Content Intelligence, the Future of Content, & Machine Robots with Guillaume Decugis

​The Write Podcast, E32: Using Content Intelligence, the Future of Content, & Machine Robots with Guillaume Decugis

In 2018, just creating basic online content has become a robot’s job. Billions of articles are written by AI. But content marketing, which drives people to action and creates relationships, is another story. This can only get accomplished with a human touch.
This is what Guillaume Decugis and I discuss along with other topics, including the launch of a new content intelligence tool, Hawkeye (which I am loving!), in today’s value-packed episode. If you’re a content creator, marketer, freelancer, or basically do anything in online content, you’re going to NEED to catch this episode.

Guillaume is also the founder of Scoop.it, and an old friend of mine in the industry (we go way back – check out another Write Podcast episode featuring his insights, episode 9).
Listen in right now to hear us talk about these of-the-moment topics and more for episode 32!
​The Write Podcast, E32: Using Content Intelligence, the Future of Content, & Machine Robots with Guillaume Decugis

Episode Show Notes

  • 1:23 – What happened to the Write Podcast? What I’ve been up to for 3 months: Creating a free, on-demand Masterclass for the Profitable Content Strategy and Marketing course!
  • 4:53 – About Guillaume. My guest for today’s episode is a Stanford-educated engineer turned content marketer. He founded Scoop.it, which is a top platform for sharing and curating content. He just launched Hawkeye late last year, a tool for discovering and researching content trends.
  • 6:00 – Content Helps Create Relationships. Guillaume and I first connected through content, and he says that aspect is one of the main reasons he loves it. Content helps you build those integral industry and audience relationships!
  • 6:44 – Defining Content Intelligence. Content intelligence is a new topic for many content marketers. Guillaume explains what it is and why we need it right now.
  • 9:24 – Content Intelligence as a KPI. How can we use competitive intelligence as a KPI for overall marketing success? Guillaume discusses how curating content (looking at what your competitors are doing) actually helps marketers get better at creating content.
  • 12:50 – Which Tools Can You Use for Content Intelligence? Content intelligence can be hard to do without a good tool. We talk about how Hawkeye is built just for making web monitoring in your industry easier (plus the inspiration behind Hawkeye).
  • 18:18 – How Topic Research is Streamlined with Content Intelligence Tools Like Hawkeye. You can only process so much information as a human. A tool can sift through thousands of pieces of content, find meaningful topics and trends, and tell you who is writing about them, which ones are popular, and which angles have been covered – which helps you avoid “me, too” content.
  • 21:17 – Steps for Better Topic Research. Guillaume lists two steps for topic research with a tool like Hawkeye. The first one: Look for topics that haven’t been covered much, but will still appeal to your audience.
  • 23:40 – Don’t Forget the Other Factors for Great Content. Smart topic research is a huge boon, but don’t forget to have the other pieces in place, like quality writing. On the other hand, great writing alone is not enough for your content marketing to succeed – you need the entire package.
  • 26:00 – Robots Can’t Replace Smart Content Marketers. Smart content marketers will use data and intelligence to empower their writing and content creation — they won’t fear content robots, because content robots can’t be creative. I talk more about this topic and A.I. content writers in a few articles I wrote for Content Marketing Institute.
  • 30:40 – It All Circles Back to Relationships. Robots can’t nurture relationships – they can only create content for content’s sake. Content marketing can build real rapport and trust between people. This is HUGE.
  • 31:41 – How Can We Sign Up for Hawkeye? Beta testing is still happening for Hawkeye, which you can sign up for at Hawkeye.ai. If you’re part of a marketing team, you can get set up, too.

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'We define content intelligence as a technology that provides data and insights on content to increase results from marketing.' @gdecugis Click To Tweet
'Even though content is fundamentally creative, it needs to be driven by objectives. There's a need to get more data and more insights to guide that creative process. That's what content intelligence is.' @gdecugis Click To Tweet
'We're not the only ones creating content. If we were, if we had the monopoly of attention from our audience, maybe we could get away with producing whatever we want.' @gdecugis Click To Tweet
'Curation informs creation. The more you curate content, the better you get at creating.' @gdecugis Click To Tweet
'Who wants to read the 73rd piece on how to do this, this, and that? You're not going to have traction with that because your content will sound like 'me, too' content.' @gdecugis Click To Tweet
'There's a lot of data out there. A.I. is the way to make sense of it and be empowered by it.' @gdecugis Click To Tweet

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