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Recommended Content Marketing Partner

Marketing Insider Group: Get your entire content marketing campaign strategy and implementation.

You know how critical great content is to the growth of your brand. HubSpot studies have found that marketers who prioritize content marketing efforts are 13 times more likely to see serious ROI from their marketing.

At Express Writers, we write and create content, and offer one-off content strategy services.

But where do you go when you need an annual content plan, combined with paid or social media promotion?

What if your corporation or executive team is looking for the content and the entire SEO-driven content marketing strategy, execution, and promotion?

Committing to consistent content marketing with a strategy and a clear eye on the prize regarding the KPIs to track, metrics for success, consistency in posting, is more than a full-time job a content marketing campaign is the job of an entire team.

That’s why we’re proud to recommend Marketing Insider Group to you, a firm much like ours, led by a real practitioner, Michael Brenner.

michael brennerCEO and founder Michael Brenner and his team are professional, experienced, and hands-on with every project.

As a recommended partner and a solution we personally trust, Michael’s team will bring you real-world marketing experience.

His team leads and creates content marketing programs that make more than an impact.

They’ll matter to you and your business.

As an industry practitioner, Michael is a content marketing keynote speaker, author, and sought-after expert.

Get in touch and check out Marketing Insider Group’s services right here.

We can’t say enough good things about Michael and how authentic and valuable his content marketing services are.

Tell him we sent you!



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