I’m literally jumping up and down right now.

Here’s the exciting news I want to share with you: the waitlist & , Unlearn Essay Writing: Your Professional Online Writing Course, is live! 🎉

My new professional writing course is a pivot into a new ‘unlearn’ teaching direction.

It’s a dream I’ve had for years. I finally decided to teach this style after surveying over 50 content creators, marketers, and agencies just like you, and after watching an industry problem grow and grow over my near decade in content marketing.

I couldn’t help myself any longer—I had to pause and work to solve it.

Let’s talk about the big pain point I’m working to solve with the launch of this new course.

Exciting news! 🎉 @JuliaEMcCoy has a new course launching soon that addresses an industry problem affecting content: the essay-writing habit. Get every single detail on the beta launch 🎯 Click To Tweet
Unlearn Essay Writing is opening soon

The Problem My New Course Offers a Solution For: Academic Writing Does Not Equal Successful Online Writing

Here’s the problem I’m working to solve with my new course:
A bad habit.
The essay writing habit.
The brutal truth is that what your professor rated an A+, your online reader will rate D-. (If they take the time to stop and rate your essay.)
You may know (or not) that I’m in charge of hiring for our agency—I’ve never outsourced it. Hiring allows me to remain very close to the industry, marketplace, and our team.
Along with our fearless Content Manager, Korilynn, I hire and review every candidate that enters our doors.
99% of them don’t make it. This percentage used to be higher years ago. It’s only shrunk as time goes on. 😬 Why?
The majority of writers who don’t make it are confident they can—and their confidence is misplaced. They succeeded in school.
The problem about putting confidence there is that school does nothing to prepare you for the real world of online content. To use the words of Jason Fried, author of Rework and founder of $100M/year SaaS, Basecamp, you must ‘unlearn’ what school taught you to become a writer that online readers will—well, read.
I’m creating a writing course to change the content industry.
To, hopefully, allow us to hire even more qualified candidates, and give them paying jobs—right away.
Because once you take this course, you WILL KNOW exactly what it takes to craft content that works.
That clients will come back for. And pay you for. Time and time again.
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Truth: What your professor rated an A+, your online reader will rate D- 📓🚫 The culprit? Essay-style writing. UNLEARN what college taught you and get back to engaging in a new course via @JuliaEMcCoy Click To Tweet
In this course, I’m preparing two modules that are packing a serious punch. The lessons and intensive workshops inside will break down exactly what’s wrong with the writing style we all learned in college—and how to get it out of your system, once and for all. Then, I’ll teach you how to create content that will cultivate a relationship with an online prospect and convert them from ‘scroller’ into ‘reader,’ and possibly even buyer.
Here’s the thing.
All online content formats have the same fundamentals. Great writing. Well-phrased, creative thoughts. Unique POVs. Deep research. Non-lazy wording. Zero fluff.
From here, simply frame into the right format styles.
My new course will probably offend the essay writer.
It’ll destroy the comfort zone you have in the old playing field—academics.
And then, once you’re ‘woke,’ to use the millennial phrase, into realizing what bad content looks like — and the work and detail that goes into awesome content—you’ll be ready to learn.
You’ll learn content that will:

  • Impress your clients.
  • Build a real audience and hit those goals, in every format.
  • Gain a happy dance from your boss.

More importantly, you as a writer will:

  • Never again get stuck staring at a blank document and blinking cursor.
  • Learn how to craft powerful content that converts like crazy (whether it’s emails, blogs, landing pages, social media posts, webpages, and more!).

And finally, most importantly, you’ll UNLEARN the #1 bad habit I’ve seen even in skillful, experienced writers.
Check out this well-written paragraph.

“Although education has played an important role in society for generations, its scope and focus have always been controversial. In these articles, the authors debate the advisability of a curriculum based on the trends in the job market. While Anthony Carnevale states that such a curriculum can help students perform better in society, Philip Smith claims that it falls short of higher education’s goal to produce well-rounded graduates who have advanced critical thinking skills and finely developed morals (Carnevale & Smith, 2011).”

Sound familiar?
Yup, it’s the style of writing your stuffy college professor gave you an “A” for.
It begins with a clear thesis statement. All the sentences in the paragraph tie in to the main idea. The last sentence foreshadows the essay’s topic and points.
But. Big BUT.
Will this style of writing gain you even one email subscriber? A share on social media maybe? A comment on your blog?
Not a chance.
Because while the essay writing style worked GREAT for your thesis and college projects, it’ll get you IGNORED by your online audience. You don’t want that!
While the essay writing style worked GREAT for your thesis and college projects, it’ll get you IGNORED by your online audience. 🙅‍♀️ (Yikes.) Time to UNLEARN this stuffy, fluffy writing style. Click To Tweet
The good news? My promise to you with my new professional writing course is you’ll UNLEARN the stuffy, fluffy essay writing style that nobody wants to read.
And then you’ll LEARN the in-demand skills you need to start crafting a banquet of creative, fun, engaging pieces of content that’ll send your engagements rocketing sky high.
Feeling excited yet?

My Professional Writing Course, Unlearn Essay Writing, Opens this Month for Beta Enrollment

Here’s my plan.
I’m going to open Unlearn Essay Writing for a very limited time of five days for beta enrollment, late June.
When you enroll as a beta student, you get:

  • I’m building a course that is UNLIKE ANY OTHER WRITING COURSE you’ve ever taken. I’m building time directly into the curriculum to take potty breaks. To drink water. You’re listening to weirdly relaxing music as you write content from scratch using a real-time client prompt. You’re learning, but also identifying on your own. You’re learning from yourself. This list goes on and on. I’m even calling you out, stopping your bad habits, and kicking your booty gently into writing. What?? You might think you read this wrong. What kind of course is this, Julia? Nope. You read this write. (Right.) Every-single-thing it takes to become a great content writer, you are GETTING in this course. And some of my methods are unorthodox. But they work. Are you on the waitlist??
  • Immediate unlimited access to all modules, including the Unlearn + Learn Module – course videos, power-packing workshops, downloadable resources, workbooks, cheat sheets, and more.
  • Lifetime access to the course, including all future updates.
  • A one-time special price offer at HALF THE PRICE this course will cost when we open it as an evergreen course later in the year.
  • Your choice at two levels, one of which puts your writing directly in the scope of a personal review and critique from me. I know what clients pay for, and I won’t go easy on you. You’ll learn.

Another important thing to note is I’m only accepting 100 students to enroll for the beta version of this course. I’m going to work personally with each student, which is why I’m limiting the number of beta seats available.
Don’t miss out on the beta launch!
Sign up for the waitlist for Unlearn Essay Writing
I’ll be announcing all the important dates through email, so make sure you’re subscribed to our email list.
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You’re good to go!

Erin’s Story: Real-Life Inspiration for My New Professional Writing Course

Erin is one of my new-hires at Express Writers.
Erin, content writer at Express Writers
As early as the interview stage, I noticed her high potential.

  • She’s a history graduate with sharp research skills.
  • She has a long-standing passion for writing (she’s loved it since she was 12).
  • She’s a natural with words.

Natural talent is a rich ground for building tangible skills, so I immediately hired Erin to be part of my select team of content creators who focus on shaping my brands.
Her first project was a blog on UX writing.
After she’d uploaded it, I eagerly opened it and found this staring back at me:

“UX has become an extremely relevant topic in recent years, but it is a field that is still somewhat obscure and unknown as it is still early in its growth. Nonetheless, it is clear that this field is quickly becoming an important area of focus for business, and so there is a lot of potential in this industry.”

I recognized it the instant I saw it.
The essay writing habit.
I knew I’d have to help Erin unlearn this habit and learn how to craft impactful, attention-grabbing phrases.
The great thing is, she’s a fast learner. After two more assignments, here’s what her work looked like.

“Think of your business as a restaurant. You are the chef, and your role is to produce great food (content) that they will love. And you want them to love it enough that they keep coming back for more. …Now that you have the four-step recipe for getting past your inner critic to content that matters, you’re ready to publish great material.”

Looking much better! Erin is now on our agency staff, earning from her new writing skills.
Getting from A to Z is exactly what I plan to teach in my workshop-style writing course. Because too many writers leave school without this skill.
It’s time to fix that.

Don’t Miss Beta Enrollment for My Professional Writing Course

Unlearn Essay Writing is chock-full of goodies for the aspiring profitable online writer.
You’ll learn:

  • How to identify good and bad writing.
  • How to instantly spot stuffy sentences and mercilessly cut down on the gunk.
  • How to write from the inside out so you never feel stuck again.
  • How to research and write faster.
  • How to write with inspiration, every time.
  • How to swipe without stealing—never reinvent the wheel!
  • And so much more!

Make sure you don’t miss out on your chance to be one of my 100 beta students who enjoy the course at half the price.
Get on the waitlist today!
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