Marketing Writing Services

Elegant, compelling writing for all your marketing materials.

Behind great brands is great writing.

We know how much marketing writing can lead to the success of your company, services, and growth. We have the talent and the expertise in the area of marketing writing to give you what you need. Our marketing copywriters can write and create your company presentations, whether from scratch or editing your drafts; we can come up with great slogan ideas for an impactful brand message; and we can create your company letters and whitepapers. From top to bottom, big or small, we can have your marketing writing needs covered.

Results Driven Writing

Your brand’s messages are all about impressions, ROI, and results. It’s essential to make your first impression count. In marketing content, the end message you present, whether to B2B or B2C, should get you the desired results. That’s why you need a copywriter. For the in-between of successful marketing—that gray area when you have the message, and the clients are out there, you need someone to tweak your ideas into a deliverable, ready brand statement with strong copy. We can present your brand message and voice in the right way that will position you as a leader with an impressive array of services to your clients, visitors and prospects.

Qualified In Marketing Writing

Our marketing writers hold varied degrees and experience from a background in politics and public relations campaigns, to direct mail campaign experience and years of success in copywriting. We have the qualified marketing expert to fit your marketing project, no matter the size or the shape.

Besides writing, our editors have marketing knowledge and will double-check and Copyscape your work for 100% originality, accuracy in writing, and good grammar. Not only will you get a dedicated writer, you’ll get a dedicated second eye on your content as well. We know how essential a marketing project can be, so we’ll get nothing short of our best back to you.

Need Privacy?

We understand that confidentiality could be crucial to your marketing content and projects. All rights to the copy, including the copyright, transfer to you upon paid receipt for the copy. Our marketing writers have each put their signature to our company privacy policy directly upon hire. We also file a company NDA for Express Writers’ clients ready to send you electronically at your request. If you need us to add a signature to your company NDA, we’ll be happy to do that too. Your privacy is our concern.

High level marketing copywriting for your online and print marketing materials.