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I’m Launching a New YouTube Show! Tech List & DIY Story Behind The Content Marketer’s Café with Julia McCoy (Episode 1 Live Today!)

While at CMWorld two weeks ago, I decided to launch a YouTube show!

Inspired, I brainstormed my topic all week…and last week on Thursday, inspiration struck.

Mandy, one of my three go-to EW copywriters to support me on our branding content, brainstormed with me.

The Skype thread we started began filling with all kinds of awesome ideas…

Including coffee, one of my favorite things in the world.

youtube show is live express writers julia mccoy

With Mandy’s help, I decided I’d call my show The Content Marketer’s Café with Julia McCoy.

Psst. You can request Mandy on YOUR projects. She’s available at the expert and marketing level copy services in our Content Shop. Just put her name in the input form.

For my first episode, the topic I had in mind was originally an idea for a long-form blog post.

It was a topic I’d been thinking about, and wanting to write on for weeks.

So – I translated it to video, for my very first episode on my new show.

Last Friday, I filmed.

And, actually, had a lot of fun!

I’m an introvert by nature, but I’m putting myself out there to grow in my industry. I was surprised how much this first episode felt natural. I think it has a lot to do with seriously loving this topic. If you feel completely comfortable with a topic, there are no limits to how much fun you can have with it. At least, that’s how I felt.

But you’ll have to tell me what you think… Subscribe to me on YouTube and please do drop a comment on this week’s episode to tell me what you think!

And YES: Episodes will include a feature of the kind of coffee I’m drinking each week. (Sometimes, it’ll be tea. Maybe a latte. Iced. Maybe hot. You’ll have to tune in. 😉 )

Without further adieu, here is Episode 1 of the Content Marketer’s Café with Julia McCoy. This is for the freelancers that love writing but dread pitching new business: How to Easily Win More Freelance Content Marketing Clients (Without Selling Your Soul or Losing Your Dignity).

Below the video, for our first-ever episode, I’ve included a list of the “tech” I used to set up the show, and the cost – since a lot of you geeks like that kind of stuff. Weekly, there will be written show notes for the readers among us with every episode. Those are below, too, for E1.

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youtube show

How I DIY’ed My New YouTube Show, The Content Marketer’s Café with Julia McCoy

When I decide to do something, (i.e. launch a business, write a book, launch a course, create a podcast, or even a Twitter chat – yes, yours truly has done all those things), I always go by the following rules of thumb:

a) plan all my setup at the lowest possible costs, DIY as much as I can.

b) make sure I have the right support to make it happen consistently and at a high quality level – i.e., hire a few extra people, or pull in a few from my existing team.

c) lastly, GET IT DONE.

So, following that super-simple method, here’s what I did to make my YouTube show happen.

Total costs behind the first episode: 7 hours of my time, total costs with a custom animated intro, and all my one-time setup costs (mic, stand, software), $593.

Recording (Pre-Production/Recording)

Video content concept and script: I wrote the script for the first episode inside a day. Time: probably 2 hours.

Copywriter with a conversion brain to help me with titles and content: Mandy, an amazing copywriter from our team! Cost: Staff hourly time. For my first initial show, it was just a few minutes of her time to help me hammer out the headline. She was working on the clock creating other course email copy that I was paying her to do.

Used my iPhone 6s Plus to record all shots. Time to shoot, about 20 minutes including all the takes. Total video time is around 10 minutes.

Lavalier Lapel Microphone: plugs straight into my iPhone, and clips right onto my shirt. This is necessary for better, clearer audio. $16.97 on Amazon.

Tripod & Stands: Eocean WF-3130 50-Inch Tripod, $22.99 on Amazon, and a tripod adapter mount for my giant iPhone for $8.99.

Lighting: zero costs! I have professional filming lights, but I used 100% natural lighting for my show. I simply opened the blinds to my double windows in my office (luckily, they stretch from floor to ceiling) and faced them to film. I filmed when the light was most warm and natural – on a sunny day around 3 p.m. Here’s a picture:

camera setup

Here’s another shot, capturing the wide angle of my office.

diy youtube show

Animation designs for intro and inner slides. This was roughly $270 between my in-house designer and an animation team, and will be a one-time cost. Designing each episode slide in the future will be only $20-30.

Props (which I’ll use later): this funny “expert advice” mug for $10.99.

Video Production (Production)

Camtasia Video Editor for Mac: Great video editing software, one-time $199. I’ve played around with other software, and if you’re looking to DIY, this is the easiest program – or at least I think so.

Music tracks: Melodyloops, $25/3 tracks.

Production time: 4 hours per episode to plug in graphics, some subtitles, add in effects, add music tracks. I will be hiring a video editor for my next episodes, and already found a freelancer from Upwork for $15/hour. Weekly, this will be $60.


Email marketing: I emailed the episode to my list, using ConvertKit. I will bring in someone else to do this weekly, but for now, this was my time.

Launched to my group: I spent a few extra minutes creating a video clip from the episode just for my Facebook group Content Strategy & Marketing, and launched it within the group on Saturday morning.

Social media promotion: I plan on trying a $50 Facebook promotion on this video and see what happens. I’ll send the viewers straight to YouTube.

The Content Marketer’s Café E1: How to Easily Win More Freelance Content Marketing Clients (Without Selling Your Soul or Losing Your Dignity) Video Show Notes

STOP sending cold emails!

I’ve had a non-native Indian writer pitch me on content creation services.

I’m the creator of a content agency where I have more than 40 handpicked, native English speaking writers.

What was he thinking?

Think about this…

How okay is it to be approached by a stranger who in their FIRST BREATH of conversation, asks for your business?


Here’s the reality about the state of email. It’s pretty dire, especially if you’re soliciting people you don’t know.

  • Around 9 out of 10 of top-level B2B decision-makers simply do not respond to cold outreach anymore, reported LinkedIn’s Head of Sales Kevin Scott.
  • Salesforce has reported that 90% of email is now considered spam.
  • 84% of B2B leaders start their individual buying journeys with referrals, according to OpenView Labs. Cold outreach cannot reach the vast majority of B2B decision makers.

I get, on average, 10 cold emails (per HOUR). And those are the ones that make it to my inbox – there are hundreds more in spam daily.

Do you know how many I ignore and mark as spam?

100% of them.

So how do you do your outreach and find new clients when cold outreach is nearly dead?

3 Simple Ways to Get More Clients and Avoid Getting Ugly, Selling Your Soul or Losing Your Dignity

Here are three simple ways you can get more clients and ENTIRELY avoid the ugly cold email solicitation – each of these have worked tremendously well for my agency and I.

1. Hitting up past clients consistently.

As simple as it sounds, this is the #1 way we have boosted our income by almost double every month.

This works for you if you have an existing customer list of any size. Don’t stop at just one or two followups. Constantly sending in a friendly greeting to see how you can help is key.

Don’t overdo it: we recommend a followup every week to each customer on your old list, and be sure to add a line asking them to let you know if it’s too much.

You will be so surprised how many clients say “actually, yes, I DO have some work for you” if you just ask them. The prior connection of working with you before makes it 1000% easier for you to gain their business rather than get new leads to give you theirs.

2. Ask for referrals every chance you can get.

Capitalize on moments when clients love your service! This can send a huge amount of leads your way.

Hubstaff says prospects that come through referrals were by far the most likely for freelancers, at a 30% conversion ratio.

Don’t have a customer list?

3. Use LinkedIn!

LinkedIn’s business blog reported that prospects are 5x more likely to engage with sales professionals who share a second-degree connection. We’ve seen much better response rates to messages sent via LinkedIn connections than reaching out to a cold lead through email.

Find the agency, brand or business you want to work with, and then find their associated VP on LinkedIn. That’s the person you want to contact. Avoid paying for InMail by sending a no-cost connection request and adding a couple one-liners in ‘add a note’ section.

And there you have it!

I hope you enjoyed the first episode in my new show.

Come back every other Saturday for a new, short video where I teach one content marketing tactic you can start using today! Follow me on YouTube.

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