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Hi, this is Julia with Express Writers. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


I’d like to talk to you about content strategy. You’re probably thinking how to keep up with your blogging and all your content during the holidays. It’s pretty simple to go by the seat of your pants; but that’s not always the best idea. So, let’s talk about content strategizing.


I’ve presented on the board a content strategy, which describes how to build your own strategy and how to maintain it. So, let’s first look at the purpose of the content. How do you want to establish yourself? Think of your industry, think of your niche, think of your strong point and that you want to establish yourself in that industry. And then, how do you want to educate, and who do you want to educate? You should be thinking about your staff and your clients. And then do you want to gain rankings? This can be done through the use of keywords inside of your content. And then, you want to consider authoritative links inside your content.


So that’s the purpose of your content.


Next are the 5 W’s and the one H: Why, What, Who, Where, When and How. The first three are your most important: Why, What and Who. Why will give you, again, your purpose; you want to maintain your audience, authority and rankings; what will determine your message and your tone (how do you want to deliver your message? Do you want a trendy voice, do you want a professional voice?). And then, you want to think of who. Who is your audience? Think of your clients, your writers, anyone who could benefit from reading your content.


And then, where, when and how. Where: you should be blogging, for sure; when: how many times: once a day will be a huge help to your rankings and your authority in your niche.  And then how. How do you want to structure it? Typically, it’s 500 to 1000 words; to be an industry leader, you want to think more along the lines of 2000 words. And then you want to consider sub-headers and interlinking inside your content.


So from everything presented, which is your foundational content strategy, you can get your client topics of interest and your staff topics of interest. For us, that’s our clients and our writers. So we want to think of topics that will interest our clients, like relevant SEO tips for today, maybe specific writing tips for their service or industry. For our writers, what will help them grow? What will help them increase in their knowledge, and benefit our clients? So together these present us with topics for our content.


And lastly, remember: you and your company present the biggest ideas for all of your content. That’s how you get your 5 W’s, your one H; your purpose, your message, your audience; this is the foundation of all your content. You can build some great content with these ideas.


We will list below our content strategy blogs to further help you in this direction.


Thank you for watching! Have a great holiday, and Happy New Year!

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