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Welcome to Episode 22 of the Write Podcast! Today, I’m beyond thrilled to publish an episode with Glen Long, the Managing Editor of Smart Blogger, as my guest. (Smart Blogger was created by the amazing Jon Morrow, and it’s one of my favorite online blogs – ever. Jon has written some of the most-read blogs in the world. Here’s his story on Copyblogger.)
Before coming to Smart Blogger, Glen went to school for computer science and spent the first ten years of his career in programming and team leadership. As the internet started to go mainstream, Glen worked with companies building their first websites and launching their first blogs.
He wrote dozens of pages of marketing copy and developed a passion for comedy writing, which he eventually transitioned into, holding positions for the BBC and writing online sketches for them. He also wrote wedding speeches, professionally, before stumbling across Jon Morrow, randomly sending in his resume, and immediately getting a job as an instructor with his team.
Today, Glen calls himself the “Chief Content Monkey” of Smart Blogger. (We talk about the story behind the title in today’s episode.) And he’s an extremely intelligent one! Under his guidance, Smart Blogger gets hundreds of comments per blog, and stands out as one of the best online resources for content writers and marketers.
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The Write Podcast, E22: Advanced Blogging Tactics with SmartBlogger’s Glen Long

Glen and I cover a wide variety of points in this blogging-focused conversation, so hold onto your hats! From what he does at Smart Blogger to how bloggers can stand out in a world that publishes more than 2 million blogs each day, Glen provides tips on everything from avoiding burnout to new blogger mistakes. Here’s a recap of what to expect in the show, time-stamped:

  • 3:40 – 5:00: How he got involved in blogging. From a background in programming to master blogger, Glen provides some insights on how he got here from there. Also, why/how England doesn’t have a typical “lemonade stand” that many American entrepreneurs start out with at age 12 – and how it’s “biscuits” instead.
  • 9:40 – 14:00: Tips for bloggers who are just starting out. Learn why Glen believes the first step is knowing exactly why you’re blogging and going from there.
  • 14:07 – 20:00: The blog writing process. Glen talks about how he balances SEO, keyword inclusion, etc., with the process of writing for the reader.
  • 20:00 – 21:00: How he defines “success” for different types of posts. Glen talks about the difference between a successful social post and a successful SEO post.
  • 21:04 –22:40: The importance of topic selection. How he and Jon decide which topics to target and which to bypass.
  • 22:30 – 26:00: His balance between SEO and social and the 4 Ds. How he and Jon go about driving traffic to their posts and the 4 D’s: you either need to be better in design, detail, data, and drama than the rest of the traffic ranking #1 in Google.
  • 27:00 – 28:00: How to capture traffic driven by blogging leads. Glen talks about improving the ROI of your blog, and ensuring your efforts aren’t wasted.
  • 28:22 -32:00: His biggest success stories. What he’s learned from working with Jon and how he and his team leverage attitude, topics, and terms to engage their audience.

Favorite Quotes to Tweet

'At some point, you need to put something out and see what comes back. Otherwise, it’s just speculation.' @glenlong Click To Tweet
'If you can combine good testing with a strong sense of what you want to achieve, you’ll reach your goals.' @glenlong Click To Tweet
'If you’re only focusing on the people you’ve already got, it’s difficult to grow your audience.' @glenlong Click To Tweet
'For something to do well on social, it has to be appealing outside of your niche.' @glenlong Click To Tweet
'You need to find the aspects of your topic that have broader appeal.' @glenlong Click To Tweet
'Know your audience for each post, and know what success looks like.' @glenlong Click To Tweet
'A very poorly written post with the right topic will do better than a brilliant post with a poor topic.' @glenlong Click To Tweet
'Look at the competition that’s ranking in the top 3, 5, or 10, and ask yourself if you can do better.' @JuliaEMcCoy Click To Tweet
'Once you’ve built up enough content people like, blogging can be a very powerful strategy.' @glenlong Click To Tweet
'Don’t write off a post just because it doesn’t bring immediate traffic.' @glenlong Click To Tweet
'Have confidence in your convictions. If you thought the post was a good idea then, it probably was.' @glenlong Click To Tweet

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