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Welcome to Episode 20 of the Write Podcast! I’m thrilled to have on my show today the amazing Mark Schaefer, a globally-recognized social media keynote speaker, consultant, and the author of five six best-selling marketing books. (Listen to the first few minutes to catch that joke.)
As a blogger, I’ve been inspired for a long time by Mark—he actually runs one of the top five marketing blogs in the world! He also runs the Marketing Companion podcast, and is a college educator who enjoys teaching social media marketing courses.
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The Write Podcast, E20: Influencer Marketing – Why it Matters Today More than Ever & How to Become Known Online with Mark Schaefer

Mark is a “celebrity” online in every sense of that word, and I’m honored he came on my show! Here’s what we discuss in this episode:

  • How Mark got into marketing. A nutshell telling of his story.
  • The process he went through to start his own company 9 years ago. And how he knew he wanted to leap out on his own.
  • How his podcast came to be, and how that was a pivotal point in content creation. For a couple years, Mark focused on growing his audience instead of adding a new channels just because he could.
  • What influencer marketing is. A great explanation by Mark!
  • How connecting with influencers can overhaul brand marketing. Influencer marketing is one of the hottest things in content marketing right now, and Mark has some great tips about how to access and capitalize on it.
  • How small businesses can access influencer marketing without going broke. Mark offers some great tips for small businesses and individual marketers who don’t have huge budgets.
  • How marketers can get known and in front of their audiences. Mark offers actionable tips on how you can still build a following without the traditional model and trappings of publishing,
  • …And more! Listen in to catch it all.

Favorite Quotes to Tweet

'It’s not about broadcasting, it’s about building relationships.' @markwschaefer Click To Tweet
'Through social media, we have a historically important opportunity to connect.' @markwschaefer Click To Tweet
'Pick one social platform and do it well for a period before moving on.' @markwschaefer Click To Tweet
'You have to become known. You have to do it yourself.' @markwschaefer Click To Tweet
'Brands become people that we love.' @markwschaefer Click To Tweet
'People have always wanted to buy from who they know, like, and trust.' @markwschaefer Click To Tweet
'There is an interrelationship between branding, connecting, and influence.' @markwschaefer Click To Tweet

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