Ebook Writing Services

Custom Ebook copy creation, from copy to design.

Are you leveraging the power of professional ebook creation?

Ebooks are an authoritative content marketing tool that can dramatically increase the exposure of your brand. However, the chance of success with your ebook greatly depends on its content, quality, and design. Our ebook writing services can take your drafted ebook ideas from amateur to professional grade under the keen eye of our expert ebook writers. Choose copy only, or have our designer format a final product. For one price, we’ll include professional editing as well as polished, custom design for every page in Adobe Illustrator—which will ultimately make for a long-lasting impression on your customers.

The Formula for Planning, Writing, & Designing A Custom Ebook

Our ebook writing services are perhaps the easiest way to publish your own ebook. Our planning process is quick and painless with minimal involvement from you. We’ll simply need a skeleton outline, and our short questionnaire will help bring out your best ideas for our writers to run with. For an additional fee, you also have the option for a 1-hour interview so you can discuss the plans for your ebook with your writer in real time. This is especially helpful if you have a tough time expressing ideas on paper, or if you simply need to bounce ideas off on one of our expert ebook writers.

Once your writer is ready to go, he or she will begin to pen your content to your specifications—and ultimately enhance it to make it read like your perfect work of art.

Need creation from start to finish? If you want your ebook design handled by us, our expert designers can take your creative input and turn it into an attention-grabbing cover that will inspire clicks and downloads.


Top Quality Ebook Design, Custom Made for Your Brand

They say that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but the reality is that the artwork of your ebook can make or break its success. Our high caliber professional ebook designs are what you would expect to find from industry-leading graphic design firms. Express Writers might be a company that primarily focuses on the written word, but our quality ebook designs are second to none. Your ebook will be professionally designed to match your brands color scheme logo and font specifications. Our professional ebook creation services leave no stone unturned with both design and written content. We can create nearly any colors or graphics to give your ebook the ultimate custom design.

Work With a Proven, Successful Team


Our ebook writers have penned thousands of ebooks, with many recognizable authors and titles appearing on bestseller lists. Decades of experience have given our ebook writers the ability to pinpoint your voice—and it’ll put you on the fast track authoring a book that your readers will love.

For your peace of mind, our experienced ebook writers will pen the perfect ebook under your very own name. The ebook writing services from Express Writers are entirely confidential, and we are willing to guarantee that copyright is owned by you.

Our ebook writers have authored ebooks for:

  • Real estate agents
  • CPAs
  • Entrepreneurs
  • International motivational speakers
  • Marketing experts
  • Athletic trainers
  • And more

Express Writers is the go-to source for quality ebook writing and design for hundreds of industries.