Today on The Write Podcast, the CEO of CoSchedule, Garrett Moon, joins me to talk about how he’s grown a massive content marketing empire with CoSchedule, and a framework for prioritizing opportunities that equal major business growth: he calls this the 10% versus 10x framework.

I’ve long been an avid reader, listener, and subscriber to CoSchedule. Their brand is close to my own heart, and their incredible success proves that they know content marketing. Currently, CoSchedule is the fastest-growing startup in North Dakota and the #1 scheduling tool for marketers. This marketing calendar software also has an impressive 8,000 customers and 225,000 blog subscribers, and they even host their own Academy with training courses, as well as a podcast, the Actionable Marketing Podcast.

(I’ve been honored to have been a guest on their podcast, as well as on a recent live CoSchedule webinar.)

There are so many great insights shared during this episode.

Sit down and listen to our chat, and be prepared to learn!

(P.S. Quick sidenote. My apologies for the former inconveniences with the Spreaker audio stream above. We figured out how to turn off those annoying ads that played right away. Whew! So sorry again that was happening – I wasn’t aware till a few episodes ago.)

The Write Podcast, E37: Building a Content Marketing Empire and the 10% vs 10x Framework with Garrett Moon of CoSchedule

The Write Podcast, E37: Building a Content Marketing Empire with Garrett Moon of CoSchedule

  • 2:37 – The Story Behind CoSchedule. Garrett talks about how CoSchedule started. He and his co-founder were marketers who essentially “fell out of love” with the widespread tools they were using to plan and publish their content. There had to be a better way to pull all the various pieces together.
  • 5:38 – What Is the 10x vs. 10% Rule? (Hint: It’s A Major Growth Factor for CoSchedule). Garrett explains the framework they use at CoSchedule that helps them decide which content marketing projects are worth the time and effort.
  • 7:00 – Which Projects Fall into the 10% Category? Every action you take for your business can be categorized as either 10% or 10x. 10% projects increase your growth, but only incrementally. They’re good ideas, but take time to show results. There’s no huge impact once you implement them.
  • 7:48 – The 10x Category (The Big Guns). In contrast to 10% projects, 10x opportunities are ones that explode your growth. Garrett gives us an example: 10% opportunities may net you 100 clicks, while 10x opportunities will get 10x those results – 1,000 clicks.
  • 8:30 – Doing a Few Things with Great Results vs. Doing a Lot of Things with Lackluster Results. We discuss how having your hands in too many pots can add up to 10% results in everything. If you scale back, you will be able to put more time and effort into fewer things with BETTER results.
  • 10:07 – The 10x Marketing Formula. Garrett’s book dives into this topic in far more detail. Check out the “Links Mentioned” section to find where you can snag your copy (I highly recommend Garrett’s book).
  • 10:53 – How JOMO (“Joy of Missing Out”) Ties In. #JOMO strikes again! Trying to do “100 things 10% good” can hurt your business. FOMO (“Fear of Missing Out”) can fuel this. Instead, try the antithesis to FOMO and embrace JOMO, and only shoot for what will rocket you to 10x growth.
  • 11:42 – Sometimes, a 10x Opportunity for Others Is a 10% Idea for You. Garrett talks about why CoSchedule decided not to jump on the video bandwagon a few years ago – a 10x opportunity for plenty of others, but not for them as a company.
  • 13:47 – The Framework for “Competition-Free” Content: Look, Research, Strategize. The content you publish is competing with other content. The marketing sea is a crowded place. To stand out and produce content that stands alone, Garrett talks about the three things you need to do (look, research, and strategize) and how that framework worked for CoSchedule.
  • 23:10 – Two Content Traps (The Traffic Trap and Promotional Trap) and How to Avoid Them by Focusing on a Content Core. Garrett talks about two common content pitfalls: Getting traffic that engages but doesn’t convert, and focusing too much on self-promotion, plus how to avoid both.
  • 26:10 – The Traffic Trap: How Do You Fix Blogs That Bring in Traffic, but Not Sales? Often, rewriting old content that falls into the traffic trap is a good way to refocus the traffic you may be getting from SEO into your sales funnel.
  • 29:06 – How to Buy The 10x Marketing Formula. Garrett’s book is available on Amazon, and you can read the first chapter on the CoSchedule website. Check “Links Mentioned” to find all the resources to buy this essential marketing read.

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'The 10% vs. 10x framework is a way to look at what types of projects and ideas you should take action on, versus the projects and ideas you leave on the backburner.' @garrett_moon of @coschedule Click To Tweet 'In that start-up phase, if you're not producing results with the work you're doing, you're doing yourself a disservice. Your time is too limited and the risks are too high to be working on things that don't maximize your growth.'… Click To Tweet '10x opportunities are the types that could potentially multiply your results by 10 times. For instance, 100 clicks become 1,000 clicks.' @garrett_moon of @coschedule Click To Tweet 'The challenge is to figure out how to de-prioritize those 10% items and put as much energy and effort as you can into those 10x opportunities.' @garrett_moon of @coschedule Click To Tweet

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