​The Write Podcast, E34: Episodic Content with Chris Strub

​The Write Podcast, E34: Episodic Content for Better Storytelling, Engagement and Online Results with Chris Strub

by | Apr 24, 2018 | The Write Podcast

How do you create content to make sure people are going to want to come back the next week? Today, I’m bringing in Chris Strub as we talk about how to create episodic content – which is content created in episodes for your audience. Creating content in this format can seriously boost your storytelling power, engagement, and your brand results.

Chris is a writer, keynote speaker, and a live streaming instructor. In fact, he is the first person to livestream on Snapchat in all 50 U.S. states. A millennial who knows his way around social media, Chris is truly leading the space in road trip marketing – a unique path that combines both storytelling and marketing – bringing in the best of both worlds.


This topic is especially relevant because it’s harder than ever to capture attention online with so much crowded content. Ready to stand out from the rest of the crowd? Then listen in and be ready take home some actionable insights!

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The Write Podcast, E34: Episodic Content for Better Storytelling, Engagement and Online Results with Chris Strub Show Notes

  • 03:00 – The Concept Behind Episodic Content. Chris defines episodic content as creating content where you “think like a fan.” Think about the pattern of content you want to create over an extended basis rather than getting caught up in creating viral content. It’s not about creating the best, but thinking about how you can make the next one better again and again.
  • 05:40 – How to Create Episodic Content. Chris outlines a plan on creating content on a daily basis. How do you create a piece that would make people want to come back for that next piece (regardless of format)? Consistency is key.
  • 07:45 – Draw Out the Big Picture First. Identify to your audience what the big picture is. Get them hooked into the big picture – that simple idea. Stories come later. In marketing, what do people identify your brand for? Then how can you branch off from there and create content that fits within that broader scope?
  • 09:02 – From 50 States, 100 Days Guy to the Road Trip Marketing Guy. Chris explains the different ways you can define road trip marketing.
  • 10:40 – Tips for Creating New Content. Chris shares some strategies for creating new content. How do you overcome content fatigue? Hint: Consistency does not equal frequency.
  • 14:00 – Simple is Everything. Your message has to be simple enough that you can actually write it on the back of a business card.
  • 15:05 – Frequency versus Consistency. A lot of people buy frequency on Facebook ads, for example, but most people aren’t seeing your content. What you can’t replace is your consistency. Instead of creating 50 things a week, create one thing a week and re-market that to your audience throughout the week.
  • 17:55 – The Real Struggle in Content Marketing Strategy. Chris explains that the real struggle in content marketing strategy and where you should put your focus is on sitting down and reexamining what that game plan is over the course of a certain period of time. Take the time to take a step back.
  • 19:45 – Batching Content Together. Chris talks about creating pieces in advance and identifying a theme to it so you can easily plug and play episodically with long term strategy in mind.
  • 23:20 – What’s Next for Chris? Check out the Social Media Strategies Summit in Chicago where Chris will be speaking at. Or catch him in Atlanta in May at the Social Shake-Up Show, and more!
  • 24:05 – Chris’ Big Picture. Chris has written two books about his cross-country adventures, and he’s hoping to find a company or multiple companies and do it again! His goal is to be the next generation’s greatest storyteller through his books, his adventures, and working with brands. Think BIG!

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'Too often in social media, we get caught up with trying to create a piece of content that's going to go viral...what's much more valuable is develop a pattern and establish a consistent theme.' @chrisstrub Click To Tweet 'When you're thinking episodically, you really want your audience to want to come back for that next piece.' @chrisstrub Click To Tweet 'When you can identify to your audience what the big picture is, that's really what they really want to know.' @chrisstrub Click To Tweet 'We get caught up in the hyper speed of our newsfeed and we see so many people creating so much that we think we need to accelerate and create more and more.' @chrisstrub Click To Tweet 'Look at what really matters. What drives you? What's your why? What is it on an ongoing basis that makes you want to keep coming back?' @chrisstrub Click To Tweet 'Your message needs to be so simple that you can write it down on the back of the business card.' @chrisstrub Click To Tweet 'Use the tools intelligently to make sure that you're very best thing is getting in front of the people that you want to consume it.' @chrisstrub Click To Tweet 'You can piece together what your plan is by understanding what success looks like in a certain period of time.' @chrisstrub Click To Tweet 'For me, the goal now is to be our generation's greatest storyteller - that includes more books, more adventures, working with more brands.' @chrisstrub Click To Tweet

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