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#ContentWritingChat Recap: Authors: How to Successfully Promote Your Books on Social Media with Lori Anding

Calling all authors and aspiring authors!

It’s no secret that the success of your book largely depends on how you promote it and spread the word to your audience. After all, you need to get your book into the hands of as many people as you can, right?

If you’re wondering how to effectively promote your current or next book on social media, we’ve got you covered with this week’s #ContentWritingChat.

There are tons of promotional tips that you can use, no matter what genre your book is! And there are some great tactics in this recap.

#ContentWritingChat Recap: Authors: How to Successfully Promote Your Books on Social Media with Lori Anding

Our guest host this week was Lori Anding. Lori is a frequent participant of #ContentWritingChat. She knows a great deal about how to successfully promote your books on social media so you can increase sales. Keep reading to find out her tips and advice from other chat participants!

Q1: Do you have an e-book or self-published book? What strategies have you used to get them in the hands of readers?

To kick off the chat, we asked everyone to share whether or not they’ve published a book before. And if so, we wanted to know what they did to spread the word. Here are a few responses:

Kathryn knows that building relationships is key to getting your books out there to your audience. People are more likely to support someone they know, like, and trust.

Although Lexie doesn’t have a book, she shared a great tip about contacting book bloggers. You can give an advance copy to some of the top book bloggers and have them review it. It’s a fantastic way to gain more exposure.

Although Annette said she’d do things differently now, she used to give her books away and sell them at poetry readings. That can be very effective if you attend events where your ideal reader is hanging out.

Q2: You’re in the process of writing a book. When should you start thinking about book launching strategies?

At one point in time do you start considering how you’ll promote your books on social media? Do you wait until it’s done or get started earlier? Here are some thoughts from Tuesday’s chat:

Lori said you should begin thinking about launching strategies before you start writing. This will allow you to build your audience and engage with them long before the book is available. That way, they’ll be primed and ready to buy when it launches. She pointed out that social media is a fantastic way to do this, so begin building your audience there now.

Julia said to think about how you will promote your book at least one year before you publish. Even better, she advises you to think about it before you start writing. As she said, you want to have a warm audience ready and waiting to buy your book.

Lexie said to begin thinking about your launch once you have your book topic and idea.

Maria agrees that it’s important to think about promotional strategies early on. It can help raise awareness and build engagement around the book.

Q3: What does it mean to think with the end in mind in terms of launching a book to your audience?

So, what does it mean? Check out these responses from the chat:

For Lori, thinking with the end in mind means knowing how you want to promote your books on social media. You may be relying on organic reach if you don’t have the budget to pay for promotion, which is totally fine. You have to determine what’s going to work for you.

She did share some great advice about organic promotion though. If you begin building your audience early enough, they can actually help you spread the word about your book. That can deliver tremendous reach!

Julia said it’s important to become an expert in your field and earn your authority before you start writing. People will be more likely to purchase your book if you’ve already established yourself.

Q4: Your book is finally complete! Does this mean all of the marketing is taken care of? If not, what’s left for you to do?

What happens after the book is all done? Do you get to kick back on the beach and relax? Or is there still work to be done? Here’s what you need to know to promote your books on social media once it’s complete:

Lori knows that the marketing doesn’t end once your book is on the shelves (or listed on Amazon). You still have to take action to get your book out there to the world. She suggests holding giveaways, which can generate a lot of excitement. You can also be a guest on relevant podcasts because you want to take advantage of any opportunity to talk about your book.

She also said to encourage people to pre-order your book. This is a fantastic way to boost sales and it could help get you a little closer to being on that Bestseller list.

Another tip Lori had was to record an audio version of your book as well. Many people listen to audiobooks while on their commute or when getting ready in the morning. You don’t want to lose potential buyers because you lack an audio version.

Julia’s advice s to create a specific sign-up page before launching the book. This is a great way to gauge interest. Plus, when the book is live, you can directly contact those people and let them know it’s time to buy.

She also suggests promoting a tweet or Facebook post with a video, emailing your current list, and linking to your book in all of your online bios.

Gene knows getting the word out on social is very important to your book’s success. He also suggests doing a book tour. If there’s enough interest and you have the funds, this is a fantastic way to boost sales.

As Terry said, we live in a digital age where there are so many ways to get creative with how you promote your book on social media. Some ideas he shared include: doing a YouTube series, running a contests on Twitter and Instagram, going on podcasts, running ads on social media, and doing book signings.

This is a great reminder from Zala. The networking never stops when you’re an author! There’s always going to be an opportunity to promote your book.

Q5: How can you use social media to generate more awareness of your book?

We all know that social media can really come in handy when it comes to spreading the word about your book. But how can you truly take advantage of what it has to offer? Check out these tips:

To promote your book on social media, Lori suggests holding giveaways/contests, being a guest on podcasts, and sharing the process on Instagram Stories. Giving potential readers a behind-the-scenes really helps develop a relationship with them. They’ll feel connected to you and more compelled to buy the book since they’ve followed your journey in creating it.

Don’t forget to be social on social media. It’s important to build relationships with people so they actually want to support you. Another tip that Kathryn shared is to create quote images with snippets from your book. It’s simple, but effective.

Lexie suggests using paid ads on social media to expand your reach. Just make sure you’re choosing the platforms your ideal reader is actively using. She also said you can target audiences who like a book that’s similar to yours, which is very smart.

Zala’s advice is to: build an audience, build a community, join Twitter chats, cross-promote on chats/blogs/podcasts/videos, and ask your network to help spread the word.

You can even share teasers, answer questions related to your book, create videos, and so much more.

Doing an Instagram Story where you visit book stores and find your book on the shelves in a fantastic idea that Terry shared with us. He also suggested doing a selfie contest on Instagram or Twitter where readers take a picture with the book and share it online. Give a signed copy or something else to a couple of people who participated.

You can post snippets from the book, ask readers to share reviews, and hold AMAs to generate interest. AMAs are a great way for the audience to get to know the author better.

Don’t forget to make use of trending and relevant hashtags to promote your book on social media!

Q6: What are some specific Twitter strategies you can implement to increase your book sales?

What can you do specifically on Twitter to see major results when you promote your book? Here’s some great advice from our chat:

Lori suggests creating graphics and videos to get people insight and host a Twitter chat about your book.

Zala said to include your link in your Twitter bio and take advantage of a pinned tweet for promtion. These tips are simple, but often forgotten!

Julia also suggests using a pinned tweet. She said dong a video works really well.

You can also add an image of your book in your Twitter header, plus a quote from the book or one from a reviewer.

Make sure you’re engaging with your audience and getting them excited about your book.

Q7: Once people have purchased your book, how do you get them to leave a review?

Reviews are crucial for authors because it can help them sell more books in the long run. But when everyone is so busy, how do you get readers to stop and write a review? Check out this advice:

Make sure you’re building a relationship with your community online. Lori feels this will increase your chances of getting a review. Plus, you can also send advance copies for people to review ahead of time.

Don’t be afraid to just ask people for a review. Sometimes they need the reminder and a little push!

Terry suggests sending out email reminders to encourage people to leave reviews. You can offer some sort of incentive as well.

Another great tip is to include a thank you page at the end of the book, which gives you the chance to ask people to leave a review now that they’re done reading.

Would you like to join us for the next #ContentWritingChat? We’ll be chatting next Tuesday from 10-11 AM Central! Make sure you follow @ExpWriters and @writingchat so you don’t miss anything.

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